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Here's a fast workweek breakfast

1/4 c ground flaxseed (194)
1 T almond butter (90)
1/4 c frozen blueberries (20)
1/2 c boiling water

Mix everything together and it makes a Cream of Wheat like porridge that tastes delicious and is just over 300 calories! Add a half scoop of protein powder to make it 350.
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I eat some variation of this open-faced breakfast sandwich every day:

1 TJ's multigrain "British" muffin: 160 calories
spread with 1 wedge of Laughing Cow cheese: 35 calories
covered with 1 scrambled egg and a ton of fresh tomatoes: 95 calories
with a side of broccoli slaw (w/a bit of olive oil, apple cider vinegar, salt, and pepper to taste): 35 calories

Total: 325 calories

Always leaves me full, never disappoints. I call it my "Breakfast of Champions" and I love that I can change it just a bit for a little variation (Ex: today I substituted raw cabbage for the broccoli slaw and used a little lemon juice instead of the cider vinegar.) Also loving the new Laughing Cow flavors for variety.

Oh- how could I forget?! And a liberal sprinkling of Chipotle Tabasco over the tomato scramble! This is key!

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Thumbs up Yum Yum for My Tum Tum

Thanks for all the great breakfast ideas. Made me hungry just reading them!
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Default My Breakfast Addiction!

Less than 400 Calories? Easy:

Sweet PB&A

Spread 1 tbsp peanut butter on a whole-grain English muffin. Top with 1/2 apple, thinly sliced; 1 tbsp honey; a sprinkle of cinnamon. Serve with remaining 1/2 apple. Only 387 Calories! With the added bonus of adding the apple, a natural fat burner Thank you Self Magazine!

I eat this EVERY MORNING... practically.
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Berry yogurt smoothie (I had this for breakfast this morning)

1/2 cup skim milk
1/4 cup raspberries or other fresh berries
1/4 cup plain yogurt
2 tbps splenda/stevia sweetner. This is optional. This is plenty sweetned by the berries, if you are sensitive to sweetness.


This comes in at about 100 calories, give or take a bit.

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2 slices hearty whole weat bread toasted: 200 cal
1/4 cup egg whites "fried" with cooking spray: 30 cal
1 oz smoked lean ham: 25 cal
1 laughing cow cheese wedge: 35 cal

Total = 290 calories

You can lower it more by choosing a different bread, but what I liked about it was that the sandwich felt very hearty and it made me feel full and very satisfied.
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Not healthy, but it satisfies my need for a 'heavy breakfast' craving:

1 big Aidells smoked chicken apple sausage, sliced into little rounds and 'fried' with cooking spray until brown and juicy.
180 calories

1 half Sara Lee pita bread, toasted.
45 calories

I just tear off little pieces of the pita and eat it with my fingers with little bites of sausage. 225 calories total.

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I have several:

1 medium banana
2 slices wheat toast with lemon curd (love lemons)
Total 280

1 package Kashi oatmeal (made with water)
1 banana
Total 280

My favorite:
2 flaxseed waffles (apple and cinnamon flavor) 140
1 banana
Total 250

As you can see I eat low calorie breakfasts...I like to save the majority of my calories for dinner so I can have a bigger meal. It works for me that way. But with these breakfasts you could add a cup of milk or have an extra waffle (70 calories each). I also eat bananas with breakfast and do some kind of berries/orange/peach or whatever looked good that week with lunch.
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I LOVE this thread!

1 weight watchers brand sandwich roll (130 cal)
1/3 cup of egg beaters (45 cal)
1 piece of fat free cheese (25 cal)
1 cup orange juice (110 cal)
1 cup coffee w/splenda and half&half (40 cal)

That's 350 and I do it every day. If you don't like egg beaters, you can use an egg and it's still under 400 calories.
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Height: 1.74 or 1.77 meters, not really sure haha :) think that's around 5.8 feet or something.


I usually eat crispbread ( with some butter and cheese.

I usually drink tea with that and preferably eat an orange.

I don't need much for breakfast, I'm more the lunch-type.
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Plain oatmeal 100 cals
Blueberries 25 cals
Trop 50 50 cals
Pep Far Cinnamon Raisen Toast 80 cals Spray Butter 0 cals
3 egg whites with fat free cheese slice 94 cals (spray butter or cooking spray)
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My top three:
1) 1/2 thin bagel dry - (55 cal), 2 eggs scrambled with spinach and feta (220 cal) total calories = 275
2) 1 cup Fage o% (120 cal), 1 Cup macerated strawberries (75cal), 1/2 c Natures Path Granola (175cal) poured over top or underneath if I was it softer. Total calories 370
3) Full thin bagel (110), slice low fat sharp cheese (45cal), 1 Low Fat Turkey Sausage (40cal), egg fried medium (80). Total calories 275
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I'm not a big sweet-eater, especially in the morning; I go for savory tastes. Here is my 305 calorie "Power Breakfast Scramble."

Various diced veggies--my mix of onion, tomato, & mushroom is about 50 cals

1/2 pat real butter to grill the veggies

2 slices of lean ham

2 lg whole eggs

1 Babybel cheese round sliced

I grill my diced veggies in the butter, dice my ham and add that, scramble my eggs in a bowl with a tad bit of cold water and mix that in, and right at the end, I melt in the Babybel cheese. It comes to approx 305 cals (based on the brands I buy), so you could even add a slice of toast!
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Hi Pro Pancakes

1/2 cup oatmeal (process in blender until mostly flour, you'll want a few flakes for "nuttiness")
1/2 hot water

Soak oats in hot water for 5 minutes or so

1 scoop protein powder (I used GNC Lean 25 shake chocolate flavor)
1/4 cup egg whites
1/4 tsp baking powder

Mix into oat mixture and allow to sit while you heat a skillet with a spritz of cooking spray in it. Pour batter into pan to make up to 4 pancakes.

This is approx 300 calories (depends upon your protein powder) before toppings or any additions.

Very good served with fresh fruit and/or peanut butter. They are VERY filling and satisfy that carby breakfast craving I get once in a while but also super high in protein (24 grams protein before toppings as I made them)
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My fav bfast is 300 calories:
FF Greek Yogurt cup-depending on brand calories vary - roughly 110 cal
Nature's Path Pumpkin Flax Plus Granola - 1/4c - 90 calories
Piece of fruit or some berries - approx 80 cal
Some milk and stevia in my coffee - 20 cal
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