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eh, here goes
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S/C/G: 190/see ticker/125

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Question what did you weigh in high school?

hey there
i was wondering what everyone weighed in high school and what did you think of yourself and how does that compare to your current goals.

i weighed 165 forever. i was always the fat kid.
then i went to college and got married and gained 45 lbs!
i got divorced and lost to 180
i wasn't paying attention and gained back up to 190
so now, to make me feel totally awesome, i want to weigh less than in high school, and to be healthier too of course

so what about the rest of you?
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Finding My Bliss
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I really don't know. I know that I thought I was fat and everyone told me how fat I was at school, regularly.

I know that I was taller and bigger than everyone. I know that when I look back at my pictures and remember the clothes I wore, I was a very healthy size even though I was gigantic compared to the short, thin girls who ate Doritos, Twix and Pepsi all day, every day.
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I weighed about 225. Gosh it'll be exciting to weigh less than what I weighed in high school
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I weighed between 130 and 135 in HS, which is now my goal weight.

I remember thinking I was fat (and for my height, 135 is at the high end of what I should weigh) and wishing I could lose 10-15 lbs. I desperately wanted to weigh 110.

Now, I weigh 168/170 (depending on the day) and I desperately want to get back to 135.

How things have changed.

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S/C/G: 185/see ticker/135

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I weighed 185 through most of high school--I was up to 210 my Freshman year, but I was being home schooled at the time because of medical issues. I had been diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis and Prednisone caused my 185 to jump to 210 (in record time, too--just a month!). I lost back down to 185 once I was off of it, but stuck there through the rest of HS.

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I weighed around 140, probably a little shorter than my current 5'7". So many of my female classmates were tiny tiny tiny slender beanpoles. Since I never had that body shape, I thought I was hugely fat. Looking back at pictures, I looked just fine. Wish I had just made some minor healthier changes at age 15/140 lbs instead embarking on a series of restrictive diets, I managed to diet my way to 200 lbs by age 35.

I currently weigh less than I did in highschool, around 130 lbs but my body is definitely different - more hips, thighs, etc.

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Depends- winter, I would "let myself go" and "balloon" up to 125 pounds. Then, I would use horrible techniques (tomato sandwiches once a day, anyone?) to get down to a "reasonable" 100-105 for the summer and bathingsuit weather. Mom always agreed that you can't be too thin. Where was the "Hairspray" musical when I needed it?
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S/C/G: 200.5/160/130

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I could only weigh myself at my grandparents because my mom thought scales were evil ( and she still does). We're were constantly over there, and I had a routine where I'd go weigh myself first thing when we got there. I remember that once my Grandpa set the scale to weigh higher than accurate. I freaked out because the scale said I weighed 112. I'd freak out if I weighted that now too, but only because I'd feel skeletal.

I remember buying a skirt the fall I started college in the little girls department, it was a 12 Slim. I remember looking at myself in the mirror in a swimsuit and thinking I just wanted to gain a little padding on my hips, so my hipbones didn't stick out so much. Classic case of be careful what you wish for.
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Vegetarian Cal Counting
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Height: 5'8"


I thought I was huge in HS! I would say I weighed between 180-190, lower during softball season. Looking back I was slightly overweight but not as large as I saw myself then. In college I hit 205 and freaked out about being over 200, lost 60 lbs, which lead to gallstones and my gallbladder being taken out. Went back up to the 170s for the rest of college, graduated in 2002. Slowly gained weight until my job moved me away from friends and family. Then I really started gaining fast, after 3 years away ended up at 269. I don't know how I went from thinking 180 was obese to being 269, but I do want to get down to a healthy weight now. Right now I'm thinking 140-145.
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S/C/G: 221/see ticker/130

Height: 5"2


I weighed about 150-160 for grade 9 and 10 and grade 11 and up I was 170-175. Before I got pregnant I was 191. so I am almost at the weight I was when I met my hubby (I was 17) I weighed about 172-175.
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I'm not sure and now I wish I knew. All I know is that I was always fat. We never had a scale at home, but I remember one time I was at the mall with my mom and got on one of those "coin" scales. I remember being 105 lb, I was a kid! Probably 11 or so and I was devastated to know I was over 100 lbs. I was always taller than everybody else. It didn't feel good to be not only huge vertically but also horizontally.

When I moved to the US (almost 16 yrs ago) my weight was around 185 lbs, then gained more and went up to 205 lbs. Lost some, then gained to 222 lbs, lost again, went up again. Then I went thru a really tough time emotionally and went down to 155 lbs, that's the smallest I remember being as an adult. I was wearing clothes size 8 or 6. I had never seen single digits on my clothes before. But that's also when I started developing some very scary eating disorder (anorexia). I was able to pull myself out of that, but along came the weight with a vengance. My highest is 256 lbs. I go up and down, up and down, and I haven't been under 200 lbs in over 5 years.

I'm so glad I found 3FC, I've found so much information and support here! I wished I had found it sooner.

Originally Posted by Switzie6 View Post
I don't know how I went from thinking 180 was obese to being 269, but I do want to get down to a healthy weight now. Right now I'm thinking 140-145.
I know exactly how you feel, I remember feeling huge when I was 185 lbs. And now that I've been all the way up to 256 lbs I wish I were 185 now.

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High school was when my polycistic ovarian syndrome really reared it's ugly head and I gained 10-15lbs a year WITHOUT CHANGING ANYTHING. I course, I thought I was totally fat at a size 8/10!
Freshman: 135
Sophomore: 150
Junior: 165
Senior: 180
I wish I knew then what was wrong with me! See, my mom is naturally 110lbs, so when I hit 135 as a freshman I felt like cow!! Now my goal is a muscluar 125lbs.
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Mini-Goal #1: 160 by 4/14
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S/C/G: 185-ish/ticker/150

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I weighed about 127 until I got H.S., but that's another story....I was 185 the day my son was born, and back down to 130ish within 6 weeks. I gained about 20 pounds right out of H.S. and stayed there until I got a desk job and I gained another 35 over the course of a couple years. I was 155-ish when I met my husband...I'd LOVE to be 145 or so. We'll see
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Ann Marie
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I weighed 105 lbs. and believe it or not I was picked on for how thin I was more than the heavier kids were picked on for being heavy. I was called a skeleton, stick, twig. Thing was I wasn't trying to be that thin, just didn't put on weight (I lived off of junk food), until of course after I had my daughter at 18, 3 months after graduating high school. Weight slowly crept up over the last 20 something years. Now, trying to get to a comfortable size, not weight.
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The Radiant One
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Height: 5'2"


I weighed 160 in high school - and was the fat girl. There weren't as many fat people in high school in the 80s, so everyone knew who those people were.

I felt really fat because I was constantly teased. Funny how thrilled I am now to be in the 160s!!! How perceptions can change.
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