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Default Spoiler Alert for last night's show

I was so sad to see Dr Jeff go! But I was thrilled to see him reunite with his girls. and WOW--does he look GREAT today! Can't wait to see him on the reunion show--I miss him already!
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Hi Jen,

I cried when he was voted off, but of course expected it. He seems like the nicest man, doesn't he? It was great to see his homecoming. I cried again! SIGH - what a big baby I am!! Matt was kind of mean to shake that whole thing trying to make the others fall! I guess it's part of the game, but it didn't work! HA!!
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Default Can someone recap eposide 10

HI everyone-

can someone recap last nights show. My BF showed up at my apt, and i had to help him. I lost track of time and before i knew it, it was after 9. I see from the previous post doc jeff got voted off. Not even seeing that makes me sad. To me he is the biggest loser!! He not only worried about himself on the show but others. He is a sweet man!!

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My jaw DROPPED when I saw his after picture. He looks amazing! I'm sure he'll need some loose skin removal, but wow! I am so impressed to by the love he has for his wife and his daughters. I'm really glad such an obviously amazing person got a great opportunity and ran with it. Definitely an inspiration.
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Default Week 10- November 15th

Sorry I couldn't post this last night- my cable line was down due to the storms that went through...luckly it didn't happen until after The Biggest Loser I think I may have gotten too detailed- I didn't want to leave anything out-lol. Here it is:
Recap of last week....

Now in week 10, 5 contestants much more weight can they lose this week on the way to becoming THE BIGGEST LOSER?

Bob sitting on the back stairs talking to Andrea with Suzie looking on: “So what Happened?” she's like, ummm. Bob (in total disbelief )- “I mean I walked in here not expecting to see you...”, Andrea replies that she didn't either- “I want to be here but I didn't expect to be here. Its like I'm along for the ride, ya know..its, its...I've been on this side of the table, up for elimination how many times- its exhausting.” Bob is still trying to figure out why she's here, interjects “I can imagine...” Andrea add that she feels “bad for her (Suzie), I try to give her her space and let her do what she needs to to mourn the loss of Shannon and I've have done that as well...”. Andrea narrates that it sucks to be in the position I'm in. “Ya know, every time I turn around they like let's just keep here her because she's not a threat. But the fact of the matter is that I'm still here and I'm going to make the best of it.” Cut back to Bob & the girls...poor Suzie looks like she's swallowed her entire lower lip...Bob, still not sure why Andrea is here and Shannon is gone “...because walking in here, know how connected all you guys are, I mean the game is on...I MEAN THE GAME IS ON!...thump, thump thump building anticipation music is playing the background as he says that.

Cut to sweeping view of the ranch with the music crescendoing... and now we're a fly on the wall with Jillian coaching the guys in the gym. Okay guys, heres the deal, this is what I know: endurance, strength, balance, focus........suspense filled pause .........all in a bathing suit. All the while we can see the guys on the treadmills though they didn't show their faces when she said 'all in a bathing suit, unfortunately. Seth narrates that Jillian had let them know that she was preparing them for the challenge, so all the workout that they did had to do with the challenge. (cutting to shots of Seth in the gym- doing a yoga pose with balancing on one hand and foot (sort of like a sideways push up)...and falling over; laying face down on Swiss ball, lifting hand weights; standing on wobble ball board with weights) ...and all the workout we had, had to do with balance or strength.

Back over to Jillian coaching Dr Jeff, who is trying to balance prone on one hand & one foot and making a lot of grunting noises as Jillian reminds him “to drop your tush & one arm off the ground.” Dr Jeff narrates that he wants to win a challenge, I don't go there saying I want to lose. I don't want to embarrass myself, but I'm a realist & balance is not my thing...Showing Jeff laying with his back on the Swiss ball, and Jillian offering him her hand as he lifts one foot. Dr Jeff says “I got it”, Jillian: “No you don't”, Dr Jeff snaps “I got it”, Jillian gives him a look of 'right, sure you do buddy' and Dr Jeff yells “Just count!”

Cut to quiet, relaxing music and the girls doing yoga outside with Bob reminding them to breath. Bob narrates that he chose yoga to prepare for the workout before the challenge because yoga is all about working your core strength, balance, kind of going into quote-unquote third eye so you get yourself more centered. Back to the workout and Bob is getting after them to breath again....{which is so ironic- I love yoga & Pilate's & I'm pretty good at remembering to breath while I do it, but once I fall asleep my brain totally forgets to breath more then once a minute...and even with a machine it still happens once every two minutes...and here we thought the only time we forget to breath is when we exercise...} Suzie narrates that she hated every minute of yoga- my mind just races all the time and for me to get it to stay on one thing is really difficult (sounds like someone needs to take some relaxation classes if you ask me...) cut back to the yoga session & Suzie slipping until she realizes that Bob is using his other foot for balance...ooops.....

Back to the rough & tumble gym with Jillian & the guys Jillian barks Guys, incline 10, speed 3-4. Stop, let go- you to. Dr Jeff narrates that “ While we were in the big gym, Jillian starts going after Matt because he wasn't going at the right speed or something”...looking totally oblivious to what happened next.... Jillian is still pissed about Matt and his scheme that caused him to gain 12 pounds- “ don't get to around this week at all...”, Matt responds that “I haven't around at all” Jillian retorts: “ Maaaatttt- come on, holding on to that thing” in reference to holding the bars while on the treadmill. Matt's all “ oh, big deal...”, to which Jillian adds: “ then don't hold onto it anymore...” Matt narrates that he's really bleeping irritated, right now I've gotten to the point I can't stand the treadmill, the stair master. We're back in the gym and Jillian is still going after Matt...come on, we all knew there was going to be heck to pay after what he did last week: “honey, I mean it. I need you to be into it- am I dreaming it? , Matt snaps, “Yes, you are.”. Jillian sarcastically says: “Good, then I expect a kick *** workout, right?”, to which Matt says “I wouldn't count on that”....what did he just say!?! that boy is out of his mind! Jillian and Bob are two of the people you really don't want to piss off....Jillian narrates that Matt really has some issues- he's unraveling a little bit...a little....much more and he'll have to be all re-knitt! The bickering continues and Jillian eggs him on with “So am I dreaming it or what?”, to which Matt so wisely says, “yeah, probably?” Then Jillian asks: “dreaming that you're not focused?” ...or what...Matt is really getting pissed off...I think he evaporated a couple pounds of that water weight by the looks of the steam coming out his ears...

Jillian narrates that the thing is, this is his story. Matt has all the potential for greatness, but he sabotage's himself at the very end. Ya know, he could have been a national champ in wrestling (show clip of Matt in wrestling ring)- he tells me all the time. And he could be THE BIGGEST LOSER, but then he gets right up to the end and then he shoots himself...Back to the action in the gym, were Jillian has had it and demands that “anyone who doesn't want to be here can go away...”; to which, Matt, with a total look of bewilderment on his face , thinking she couldn't mean me, could she? At this point, Seth glances over at Matt, thinking he's not stupid enough to fall for that one, is he? Dr Jeff- trying hard to keep his tongue from hanging out as he jogs on the thread mil is not really sure what he's seeing as you guessed it, Matt gets off the and walks off to pout...didn't he do this a few time before?

And now we interrupt with a commercial break....

Matt narrates over a clip of himself walking that “this morning I was ready to pack it in, but you know what? That's how I got in this place the first time, is quitting. But I also had to understand it wasn't a think of 'hey, lets just go back to the gym and jumping on the treadmill and acting like you love & everyones happy. I don't do that (...maybe because then he'd have to admit he was wrong?). It was get out, go for a walk, do a 2 hour hike this morning, get your head clear, talk with Jillian and let her know I wasn't quiting on her or anything.” We now see Matt meeting with Jillian as they discuss his temper tantrum Matt- “It was one of those days were I was better off leaving the gym and going on a hike before I flipped over the treadmill...(did he just say 'flip over the treadmill'? Okay, let's sign him up for an anger management class...maybe we can get a two for one special to go with Suzie's relaxation seminar) know how I am...”. Jillian grabs as Matt as if she would like to shake him up and maybe slap him upside the head a couple times, admits that 'its taking every ounce strength in my body not to be like' while grabbing him, ' but he needs to come & talk to me and tell me what is going on.

Matt, realizing how he screwed up and that he's lucky Jillian really isn't pissed off, “ yeah, its the treadmill (yep, the poor innocent treadmill), its all this stuff....the honest thing is, I'm know I'm going home”...Jillian- 'true'..., and I know I'll be wrestling (in reality or figuratively?), Jillian agrees with him...I'm going to be doing things...At this point, Matt narrates that “I'm going to have to go home and face everything that got me here. Being able to walk into a bar, being able to see restaurants were you can go and eat disgusting amounts of food, I am terrified of going home now. Cut to clips of Matt's home (parents home?)- he's guzzling a beer in the kitchen. M- I've battled alcohol for a long time and its something that has destroyed me- I can pin point numerous times were it has cost me dreams & goals.” Jillian congratulates him for 'instead of walking away and being pissed & irritated & pulling up the covers, you went for a hike, so you're like, taking care of yourself.' Jillian adds via narration that “I'm trying to teach Matt is to manifest his dreams, to make his dreams a reality. Your dreams are your dreams because they are your destiny, but the fear is affecting him.”{Side Note:It was a really touching scene, but as a counselor myself, I have to wonder why they don't offer assistance other then the trainers? I think any of us know that there is a lot more to losing weight then just exercising & reducing calories- its changing our habits & our way of thinking about food. All of the contestants have done well at the Ranch, but what about when they return to the real world- like Matt was talking about? I didn't watch last session to see if they give them any support once they leave, but just like with other addiction, it can be easy to follow the program in a sheltered environment but a whole different story when faced with reality.}

TEMPTATION TIME: They have a mini-fair set up with all the usually tempting foods- funnel cakes, cotton candy etc...and a skeeball machine. Dr Jeff narrates that it "was temptation day and before I could ever see anything I could smell something that smelled really good"...I think we can all imagine what that had to be like....We see all of them checking out the temptation as Seth narrates: "You walk outside and see popcorn, funnel cakes, cotton candy...and a skeeball machine". Dr Jeff reads the large sign with the instructions: “Take a chance to win a vote and the place it nest to a players name. The one with the most votes will sit out the challenge. Remember, anything else you have to eat. Andrea narrates that its a skeeball game and you could have an option, basically, if you got it in the right hole to keep them from being in the challenge. Whoever had the most votes sat out the challenge. Dr Jeff pipes in, via his own narration that 'if you miss, you have to eat whatever you get in that other hole.'...gee, maybe that why its called a temptation? Andrea reads the temptation foods: cotton candy, hot dogs, popcorn, funnel cake (Poll time- which one would you go for? For me, its the cotton candy & the funnel cakes...they can have the hot dogs & popcorn & soda). Dr Jeff admits the problem would be that he'd aim for the funnel cake {tell the truth- how many of us would have been thinking the same thing at that moment?}Seth narrates about his first true love- funnel cakes: “Growing up we went to the fair & my personal favorite thing that I would eat at the fair is funnel cakes. I LOOOOOVE funnel cakes- its probably part of the reason I'm here, I would make actually make trips to go to the fair to eat funnel cakes.” While looking around and laughing, Matt stategieses and says, somewhat under his breath “That's a lot....”, to which Seth, egging Matt on of course (did we expect anything else): “Are you going to do it?” Matt, laughing & walking away, “Its a lot of calories.” Andrea strategies: “Obviously we've had immunity in every challenge & it would make it so someone couldn't get it.” Cut to Andrea narrating: “Having control over the challenge and having control over the weight in- I think to me that is more of a temptation then the food. But the food is obviously what we have to take into consideration with our diets.”

Back to scene of the TEMPATION were Andrea looks like she might do it- she is definitely weighing the options. Suzie “Is anyone going to do it?... Andrea, are you going to do it?” Seth adds “I have a feeling she is.” Seth really wanted someone to do it so he'd have an excuse...then him and Dr Jeff could have gotten into a competition to see who would get the funnel cake Suzie narrates “Out of everyone, it looked like Andrea was kind of pondering it a little bit” There were all figuring out their options and what they would do if any one of them stepped up- looking at each other and trying to figure out who might go for it.. Andrea narrates: I'm all for taking a risk, but nobody else was really to participate” Back to the group- Andrea: “What do you think, Matt?” Seth answers, “I love funnel cake, but not here and not for that, probably not ever again”...gee, do you think Seth likes funnel cake much? Suzie narrates as they all walk away from the temptation that “It is getting easier & easier to resist the temptations...because I think this is becoming more of a lifestyle for us. And its a good thing to know that when I get out of here that it will be easier to resist the temptations in the real world too.” {I certainly hope she is right, but its one thing to resist when everyone else does and there is the risk of pissing someone off who could vote you off if you target them to sit the challenge out.}

Start dramatic music as we see all the contestants coming into the pool area as Caroline states, “Believe it or not, you've been at the ranch for almost 3 months. So wouldn't it be great to get away?” Camera scans their faces- Dr Jeff is shaking his head no, Suzie speaks up & says “Yes!” Caroline continues, “Well, I have great news, the winner of this challenge gets to spend the night at the beautiful new Sheraton Delfina Hotel in Santa Monico. (one night alone? that doesn't seem like much, does it?) I also have some bad news- you will all be vulnerable at the next weigh in. Immunity is no longer up for grabs, but something is. Something that carries a little more weight- 2 pounds to be exact. At the next weigh in, the winner of the challenge will be able to give the 2 pounds to anyone they chose.” Seth narrates that “...winning the two pounds is crucial, you could potentially take away a percent from somebody and ultimately safe guard yourself yourself from being below the yellow line.”

Time to start the challenge- Caroline explains that “Here's how it works- you each are going to grab one of those poles and hold on tight. When I say go, your poles will rise into the air, leaving you dangling over the water. The player who hangs on the longest wins. Ready, set, go” as they climb on and hold on tight as the entire bar with the poles hanging off like wind chimes goes up and over the water Fear Factor style. There is a small lip at the bottom for their feet grip and other then that they are smooth metal poles, about 1 foot in diameter.

The poles sway somewhat and any major movement affects everyone else. Dr Jeff is just barely hanging on right from the start and is the first one in the pool. It is almost as though he thinks he can't do it so he doesn't even try. Caroline of course tells him he did a good job and reminds everyone that there are 4 people left, in case you couldn't count. She also reminds the contestants to think about those two pounds and what you would do with them...just in case the contestants were too busy thinking about spending the night alone in a fancy hotel.

Matt starts bouncing up & down with shakes everyone else as he does. When he realizes this, he does it even more but the only result he gets is a bunch of dirty looks from the other contestants. He looks like he is in big time wrestling competition mode- GRRRRRRRRRRRR!, as he shimmies back up to standing. A few minutes pass (I can't see the minutes lapsed because we have a tornado watch thingy dare they put something silly like that up with Biggest Loser is on- don't they know how important this is? and no big worry...just lots of winds and a couple thunder storms that sent my otherwise fearless cat into hiding and my dog, well she's not sure what to do during storms anymore). Matt says somewhat weakly that ,“its getting slippery here”...maybe all the bouncing he did made him sweat too much because no one else seems to be having a problem yet. Caroline tells them they are doing great and once again reminds them of the two pounds to do whatever they want with. Suzie is looking good- very focused. Suddenly Matt says something about tomorrow being another day (not exactly sure- I replayed it several times and it wasn't clear). As soon as he says this, everyone looks at him as he literally jumps in the pool...guess he didn't want to 'hang around' anymore

Caroline of course points out that Matt is out of the competition (what, you mean he can't climb back on?) and that there are 3 people left...just in case you weren't paying attention. More dramatic music, focus in on Suzie taking a big sigh and leaning back slightly to stretch. Seth asks Andrea how she is doing to see were she is at and if he has a chance of beating the girls. When she doesn't answer, he asks if she's thinks the yoga Bob had them do is paying off for Andrea & Suzie. A few more minutes pass and Seth is hurting- he is squatting at the bottom of his pole while both women are standing strong and extremely focused. Seth decides to see how Suzie is doing and asks if she's about there. She responds she has another 45 in her. Caroline announces they have been up there for an unbelievable 25 minutes & Seth is hurting. She reminds them it is a very important prize these two pounds...guess the night at the hotel is nothing.

Seth is barely holding on and slips off shortly after that. Caroline figures everyone can count to two so she states the other obvious thing- that whoever wins will be woman...go figure! Suzie narrates that after the guys dropped out, she was just hoping Andrea would fall off. Andrea counters in her naration that it was shear determination that kept her on and that she was not going to let Suzie win, that she had to win no matter what.

Cut to knew they couldn't let us know who wins until we sit through a couple commercials....

Caroline: “Ladies, you have been on those poles for 50 minutes, hang in there” Guys cheering them on form the pool deck. A few minutes later, Suzie looks like she might be in trouble when Caroline announces they've been on for 1 hour. Guys again, telling them how well they're doing. Andrea looks good, Suzie is really struggling, Caroline reminds her to focus & breath but she is to exhausted to hang on any longer and she slips off; Andrea lets up a big WooHOOO! as she realizes she has won. Caroline congratulated her on doing so well and then turns her attention to Andrea to tell her she has won it and Andrea finally lets goes and jumps into the pool.

Andrea narrates that the other players underestimates her potential and that the competitor want to win it all. Caroline goes on about her prizes- the night at the hotel tonight in a 'fancy smancy suite' and the 'very important' two pounds. I hate to say it, but the night at the hotel almost sounds like punishment at this point...solitary confinement or something. Andrea tell everyone that “finally I have a little power”, which Caroline states the obvious, “Yes, Andrea, you have a little power,” and then congratulates everyone on how well they did and that she'll see them at weigh in :

Andrea narrates about going to the hotel, and how she will enjoy the time alone and all when they cut to her husband preparing the hotel room He narrates about how hard it was to be away from each other for this long because they always do everything together. She is checking out the room when he surprises her...though she doesn't look too surprised and says that she knew he was going to be there. He makes a toast to her the most beautiful woman, and wife, you're my best honest, respect, and eternal love. He narrate again about how hard it was to be away from her when they cut back to him giving her an eternal love necklace He narrates that she looks assume and that he would just as soon take her right now, but that she needs to stay for her self esteem & well being. She has this fighting will- she is not a quitter. I have no doubt she will be there until the very end.

Cut back to the ranch & the gym were Bob announces “Last Chance Workout” Suzie says something prophetic about it being 'so important because it is the last chance they have'...gee, do you think that is why they call it the last chance workout?. They are all working very hard since no one has immunityThe camera focuses on Matt & he narrates that he is nervous about the 12 pounds he gained last week. He goes on to say that the best case scenario, he loses 12 pounds, worst case scenario he loses 0. He says he feels pretty confident. Seth narrates that he's worried- he had a big loss last week and feels this week he probably won't lose as much. Jeff narrates he's worried since he has had so many weeks with double digit losses and knows that it has to slow down as some point. They are all working very hard in the gym to do the most they can with Bob & Jillian busting their butts. Andrea narrates that being below the yellow line just motivates her to work that much harder.

Night time, clouds over ranch...Caroline: Hi everybody!, everyone- Hello!. Reminds Andrea that she has those 2 pounds to give someone. She gives it to Dr Jeff- Caroline tells him he should take it as a complement and he says he will.

Weigh ins

Suzie Starting 227, Current 166, lost 4 pounds this week, 61 pounds total; 2.35% loss for the week. **Seth Start: 291, Current 219, loss of 8#s this week, 80#s total, lost 3.65% this week- 1st place . He narrates that he hasn't weighed under 219 for years & that people really notice that much of a loss & that he feels better too.

Andrea starting: 220 current 176 loss 3#s this week...she says something about it being frustrating. Has had a total loss of 44#s; 1.68% loss this week- 3rd place so far

Matt- in confessional talking about last week, that he gained 12 pounds that it didn't work so good so if he doesn't lose at least 12, he going to be in trouble. Starting weight 339, current 240, lost 26#s this week 99#s lost so far for a 9.77% loss this week (guess his scheme worked pretty well). - first place, moved Andrea below the yellow line. He is so excited about his total loss of 99 more and he joins the 100# club, with Dr Jeff.

Dr Jeff- six weeks of double digit weight loss- has 2 extra pounds from Andrea. Has to lose 8#s to stay above yellow line....can he do it...can he pull out a 7th week of double digit loss? He narrates that he can't afford not to, that he knows he is the biggest loser and that the others will want to vote him out. Suzie narrates that of course he lost more then 8 pounds- there is no way he didn't and they she's going to be below the yellow line. And cut to commercial.....

Recap that Dr Jeff needs to lose 6# plus the extra 2, so a total of 8 pounds...ya know we all have such short attention spans. Starting weight:370, current weight:267, only a loss of 3 pounds for the week for a grand total of 103 pounds off.

When he saw the 3 pounds he said that he lost weight...and that is what we're here for...Everyone is pretty shocked and realize what this means. Matt narrates that the 3 pound loss for Dr Jeff is unreal and couldn't have happened at a worse time.

Back to weigh in..Caroline explaining the board. Jeff below with 1.11% loss, but then the extra 2 pounds bring you down to 0.37% for the week and last place. Andrea was in 4th, Suzie in 3rd, Seth in 2nd, and Matt in 1st. Andrea & Dr Jeff are below the yellow line...and she points out if Andrea would have given the extra weight to Suzie, she would have been below the yellow line and Andrea wouldn't have- whoooops.....Andrea narrates that it sucks that she could have been safe but she has to pick herself up tomorrow and go doing what she has been doing.

Cut to the next day in the gym with Bob giving Andrea a pep talk with Suzie looking on. Bob tell her that he believes in her- if he walked in tomorrow & you're not here, I'm not going to worry about you. But I was before- every other elimination I was worried that you would walk out of here and gain the weight back, but now I'm not. I know you can do. I hope you are here tomorrow when I walk in, but if you're not.... Andrea interrupts with “Is this a bad time to tell you I ate brownies last night?” Both Bob and Suzie look at her in disbelief and ask “you ate WHAAAAAAAAT?” in unison. Bob asks if she is kidding. Cut to clip of her eating brownies in the middle of the night. He asks how many and she says a couple. When he looks as her in disbelief and says “WHAAT”, she counters that there were little- they were bite sized. Matt walks in and smugly says he knows how many- Bob is game & asks how many. Matt calmly says 9- Bob is shocked and Andrea sheepishly denies it while you can see her counting in her head & realizing Matt is right, though she isn't going to admit it of course...Suzie is looking at her like what the heck did you do that for after everything you've been through? Bob narrates that earlier, before he knew she was eating the temptations that he was saying he wasn't concerned about her but then she tells him that and he has to wonder. He even says he's pissed off. They go back to Bob talking to Andrea saying that he thinks she is phenomenal & fantastic and that she needs to she herself as he does.

Jillian talking to Dr Jeff- he goes on about how he's lost 103 pounds, its a phenomenal number. That it so amazing all he's done, how he couldn't hardly walk up stairs, couldn't hardly walk, etc. Jillian narrates that he broken so many records- the first to lose 100 pounds... He goes on about how he gotten his life back, that Jillian got him started and he can never repay that.

Cut to elimination and Caroline going on about how difficult it is since they have all become friends and so on...

Suzie starts talking about how they don't get any easier and that it is a complete strategy move and that it is evident that she is playing the game now. I vote to eliminate...Cut to commercial...

Come back...and Suzie votes for Dr Jeff- she is almost crying when she says that.

Matt- Both deserve to be here. Sorry about Andrea having to be there another time...then he starts talking about how selfless Dr Jeff is & gets all chocked up "How he loses weight & thanks his team mates, wins a gift & thinks about how much his daughters will love it, why does he want to lose weight- to inspire his patients." Matt goes on to say he's had 2 role models in his life- his mom & dad, now he has 3rd- Dr Jeff And then he says he votes for Dr Jeff

Caroline does the usual 'you're not the biggest loser bit and Jeff says 'that's not what he heard. What I heard makes him so incredibly proud. I mean how can I feel like a loser after what they said' & he every one. As they all hug and kiss goodbye Matt pipes up he doesn't want any kisses

Caroline reminds them all why there are there and what lies ahead... determining the biggest loser....

Cut to Dr Jeff's tearful goodbye- “I'm 43 years old. How many people my age get a second chance to get there life back? How many people have this once in a life time opportunity that I've been given? I have given 200%, I have not wasted a minute of my time here- and I have gained so much that I can't wait to share, with who ever will listen to it. Because if I can inspire one other person, that has made my time here all that much more richer- that is beyond priceless. I have gotten my life back. I AM THE LUCKIEST MAN IN THE WORLD” Its amazing to see the clips of him throughout his stay and to see the transformation he made.

24 hours later...walking in a tame blue floral Hawian-ish style shirt to his home with all his family waiting.

Dr Jeff- “Daddies home” Lots of hugs & cheers & kisses for everyone and finally a big hug & long kiss for his wife (who is fairly average weight- seems like most of the others had close family members who were overweight). His wife narrates that "when I saw him and how much weight he had lost I knew that today was going to be the first day of a whole new life for us. He couldn't walk up a flight of stairs without huffing & puffing & taking breaks- and I think now he could climb a mountain now, he is so in shape. He is going to inspire us, inspire his patients, he's going to inspire the world."

Dr Jeff & his wife sitting together- "How can you not feel energized when you have your life back, not only that, but you're sitting next to your wife, your best friend (and both in unison) and soul mate. "And one sexy hot momma." And she turns to him and says 'and one sexy hot daddy' to which he holds up his hand to say no, not me. She puts her hand & they intwine their fingers to hols hands as she says I love you and they kiss He says 'I love you to'.

Jeff narrates as they show pictures of his progress- “When I got to the ranch, I was up to 370 pounds & today I'm down to 240 pounds. I feel years younger, and I think having my health back has benefited my family.” His wife interjects that not only is he leading a healthier life, but they all are as well. They show him racing his daughter down the street. His wife says she's so proud of him. Cut to new Dr Jeff doing a shimmy & saying “Dr Jeff is back, baby” They show his before and after pictures- in his after picture, he's in his scrubs and look very, very good. He is so much stronger looking- its hard to tell its the same person as before- he looked like & now he's He is so alive & animated- his personality is much more vibrant now after his 130 pound loss. Dr Jeff!!!! I was still hoping he would win, but it doesn't mater- he already has the best price he could- his health.

Next week- one last challenge- put all the weight they lost back on and carry it (in backpacks). Then one last weigh in before they go home to see how they do on their own to determine who is THE BIGGEST LOSER....
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Somebody already committed to recapping the show, we'd have to go to last weeks posts to see who it was. I'm sure it's coming

Someone in another thread posted a spoiler, not even thinking about the time difference so I knew ahead it was gonna be dr jeff. It's ok tho, I didn't tell my hubby. We both cried thru the whole vote and reunion. Matt said it all. What a spectacular man!!! And what a lucky family! He is the biggest loser and deserves the title!
That's what bothers me about the "game".... Whoever wins is the one who plays the game right, (also A big loser), but just not necessarily THE Biggest Loser lol....
I can't believe Andrea gave the 2# to Dr Jeff. But then Suzy is the only other woman left in the game... Shoulda played the game Andrea! What about matt's 24# loss??? In one week?? Is that possible? How much of that do you think he loaded up last week before weigh in? Man, I'm so inspired by those people, but 'The Game' just sucks
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Talking update of show

Thank you christineu, WELL DONE!
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It was inevitable that Dr. Jeff would go as he was until this week the biggest loser. How wonderfully he's done and what a great family! I'm so happy for him. Look forward to seeing him on the finale. Liked Matt's sendoff. I'm sure Dr. J didn't take his ouster personally.
Andrea was certainly a surprise. What focus she has! She didn't let Matt or Seth rattle her. I think Suzy got distracted. For once, the challenge was skewed slightly towards the women, they're lighter and their feet are smaller so it made it easier for them to cling to the pipe.
Matt has an on and off personality. He's self-aware about his issues but not mature enough to control them. Think he needs therapy.
Looking forward to next week.
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Sorry I was late with the summary- I was so frustrated when I realized my internet connection was down after I had typed all that

I didn't watch last year so I don't know how they determine the winner or anything. Do they do anything to acknowledge how well some of the eliminated contestants do? In reality, Dr Jeff will probably be the ultimate 'Biggest Loser'- unless Matt can pull out some more big weigth losses since the show finished taping. It really seems like they should reward them for losing so much- maybe something like Survivor did after the All Star seasion with peoples choice award. It sucks that losign is less important then playing the mind games....
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Very thorough, great job!

I am very sad to see Jeff go, but he sure looks great and I'm sure he'll look better by the time we see him for the last episode. At this point the only one left that I want to win is Matt. Can't stand the girls or seth really.. I have a feeling what I want will not happen because that's the norm. *LOL* but a girl can hold out for hope for now...

I love how my hubby always comes down to watch the show with me, but then complains about the parts where the people are talking, complaining, crying, basically if it isn't the challenge, weigh in, or the FINAL result from the votes - he isn't interested. Drives me nuts, I do like to see it even if I get tired of the crying... *L* BOYS!
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WTG on the recap!

I've been so busy this week I've barely had time to catch my breath let alone watch TV - I just now remembered that I wanted to see how last night's show turned out - between Christine's recap and the pix at the NBC site, it's the next best thing to TiVo.

I got to see the Today shots of Dr. Jeff. He looks great! I couldn't get over how different his FACE looks now. Yowsa! This has been an amazing, absolutely amazing season...

Well the girls might have had the advantage in last night's Challenge but I gotta tell ya my feet started sweating just looking at the photos of them clinging to that pole. I've never been good at that kind of stuff!

Originally Posted by christineu
I didn't watch last year so I don't know how they determine the winner or anything. Do they do anything to acknowledge how well some of the eliminated contestants do?
Well last season, there were a few weeks between the episode showing the three finalists leaving the ranch (after Mo being voted off). In January they had a live finale show with ALL the contestants weighing in before a live audience - (they had a bodyfat dunk prior to the broadcast). Last year's winner, Matt (huh...we might have two Matts in a row) beat Gary by like ONE point - even though he lost a lot more weight than anyone, Gary really kicked *** on the bodyfat testing (IMO the proof is in the pudding - check out Gary today who is definitely whistle bait vs. Season 1 Matt who kind of looked chunky in that Honda commercial). I think at least 3 months had elapsed in 'real time' between the three finalists (plus Mo) leaving the ranch and the live finale. I'm thinking that this season, the players started at the ranch earlier this time around (according to Gary, the Season 1 players arrived at the ranch around 11 August...I figure they probably began earlier this season, perhaps around June).

Last season they also had a $100,000 consolation prize limited to the eliminated contestants, which Dave won (having been one of the finalists, Gary and Kelly were ineligible for the $100k second prize). Don't know if they're going to do something like that this thing about The Biggest Loser is that you never really know what is going to happen next!
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I do basically have TIVO with my Sony media computer, so I was able to watch it and type at the same time. Then when it was over, I went through and replayed segments to get all the info as many times I needed to. Today I had some of the earlier episodes playing while I worked on other things- it is so inspiring to see that it is possible to lose that much weight even if we can't do it as quickly.
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Thank you for the narration. I fell asleep during the weigh in and with your lively interpretation, I feel like I was there. I am sorry Dr Jeff got eliminated.. He was a very positive person and I liked him too. India
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Originally Posted by MrsJim
WTG on the recap!

Well last season, there were a few weeks between the episode showing the three finalists leaving the ranch (after Mo being voted off). In January they had a live finale show with ALL the contestants weighing in before a live audience - (they had a bodyfat dunk prior to the broadcast). Last year's winner, Matt (huh...we might have two Matts in a row) beat Gary by like ONE point
Wasn't last year's winner Ryan..... Not sure though!
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Originally Posted by RockerGirl
Wasn't last year's winner Ryan..... Not sure though!
DANG I do believe you are right...It WAS Ryan...

*definitely had a brain fart back there...*
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