The Biggest Loser - Winning by Losing For discussion of the NBC tv show The Biggest Loser and the book Winning by Losing, by Jillian Michaels

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Losing on the Beach
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Did you see Pete??????? All I can say is WOW!!!! He is truly an inspiration
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I know I'm late jumping in here - but I just had to say WOWOWOWOW Pete!! What an AMAZING loss he's had - he looks awesome!! Christian, you're so right - he IS an inspiration!

Congrats to everyone on their loss - you're all doing wonderful!
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Ok.. I can't wait for the new thread of the Biggest Loser to start. Could someone please PM me and tell me what happened tonight after 9 pm? We are having snow here in Vermont and my cable went out after they went to commercial. So I don't know what Matt weighed or what really happened after that point. Who got voted off? I am really jonesing here. Please help me.
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I can't remember how much Matt lost, but Pete and Jeff lost the least (although it seems to me Jeff himself did pretty well). Then the other 3 teams had to vote off either Pete or Jeff, and although Jeff had asked Mark to vote him off and save Pete, only Suzy and her partner voted to save Pete. BUT we saw his today videos, and the guy looks absolutely incredible. Young and slim and handsome - and playing basketball with his buds. And his wife has also been working on her weight and is down 50. One of the most impressive changes yet. (He's now down from 401 to 265?, below his goal weight. He's very tall.) Dr Jeff really does seem to be a nice guy too, he clearly felt bad that Pete was bumped after having won the chance to make the teams and he didn't pick the partner who would guarantee him the best chance of winning. There's probably lots more, but it's late and I'm old and tired and forgetful and have to go to work in the morning.
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Oh, PETE! You rock, my man! And your lovely wife does, too!

I bawled when he surprised her after he got home from the ranch. What a great couple.
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My kids and I have started watching this show and I'm not sure what they are really getting out of it but tonight I looked over and saw my 8 year old son crying during the last 10-15 minutes of the show. I've never seen him cry unless he was physically or emotionally hurt. It was amazing to see him crying for someone else.

And OMG Pete looks great!!!

I think Matt lost like 17 pounds.

Oh and the death was Matt's uncle. He had a heartattack and it gave Matt the incentive to keep going. He also made a cute little speech about what your weight does to your family.
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Awww, that's awesome. The world needs more tender-hearted men. He sounds like a good kid.
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Hey - wanted to put my 2 cents in as well. Last nights show was the best so far in terms of drama IMO. OMG, I cried too, a little. What a hard thing to have to vote with the competition being between the 2 nicest guys. It seemed like everyone did better with the shuffle in terms of weigh-ins, except Seth. And you know, some weeks you just don't lose, even on TBL it seems. I thought the new partnerships brought out the best in everyone. I decided to cut Matt a little slack after last night, I thought his new partner really was an asset for him. He didn't seem like such a lug to me after all. Mark, what's up with him, but then he came through and was a nice guy in the end as well. Pete, what a guy! I think going home and being with his wife wasn't such a bad thing for him, he looked phenomenal.
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Thumbs up A Very Good Idea


Just thought I would make a comment on last night's episode. I remember posting here last week saying that i did'nt think that there would be any girls team left, and I was right. They ended up pairing up the girls with the guys in a series of 4 teams. That was a good idea, because if the girls had of been on their own team still, another girl would have gotten eliminated. As you can see, the men smoked the girls in numbers again, but since they were paired together, it took some of the pressure off of the girls.

On a side note, the men were mad at the women for last weeks elimination, and I was mad too. I am glad that one of the guys just came out and said that the reason the girls team had all the problems they had is because they were acting like typical females act.

And then all the girls want to start crying and moan about how the men have made them uncomfortable with the comments. Why? Because the comments are true?

Have you noticed that if you watch any reality tv show where it requires females to work together, it never works out.

Anyway, I am really happy with the turn that the show took. They guy that got eliminated (I forgot his name), he looks sooooo great now! That gives me motivation.
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Default Pete

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Default WOW the best yet

I thought i put my 2 cents in on this week's show. WAY TO GO PETE!! I think Pete looks awesome and i love the fact that he got his wife to change her lifestyle too. WAY TO GO!! I think they said she lost 50 pds. What an inspiration, and it shows that what pete learned from Jillian, he is sharing with others and getting the word out. That is great to watch.

I think so far this season his video after leaving the ranch is the best yet. Not only cause he looks so great but for the fact he is inspiring his wife. And like the rest of you, i was crying when he surprised his wife too. I can't wait to see him at the finale. It is amazing how far pete came. Wasn't he one of the biggest guys when he got to the ranch? Now look at him. You would never know.


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He could not have looked any better than in that white suit.....
Plus that fact that he and his wife wanted to get healthy to have a family - what a great story!!!!
I think he was second biggest to Dr. Jeff..and what good friends they were..
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Default The Biggest Loser Epi. 7 (Oct. 25, 2005)

What a great episode. There really was a lot crammed into that 1 1/2 hours.
The way Mark treated the women was horrible. Who is he to judge who they voted off as a team. Up until this point this has been a team game (all the while knowing it will become an individual game at some point). To be calling them names just because they voted off the one girl he could stomach was just tasteless.

So what is up with the men not liking the women either? The women seem like nice people so I don't know what gives there. I do like how they paired up and I agree that Pete was probably the best choice to do the pairing. How sad is it that he's the one who paired them up and then went home.

I also like how they let Matt talk to his family with his uncle dying. I couldn't imagine Jeff Probst handing over a cell phone in the jungle if someone's family member died. He seemed to have handled fairly well and how awesome was it that they dedicated the show to his uncle.

Looks like Seth and Suzy were right for hanging out the longest on the challenge. I didn't understand why they weren't the initial targets? They have the least amount left to lose/weigh the least of the group. I don't know. Seth seemed to have taken the 0 loss a lot better than Matt. Wow Matt almost lost enough to carry his entire team to the top.

Oh and did Matt let something slip. He said something about either one of them would do well outside the ranch and could come back to win the whole thing? Is he assuming they will do something like last year where Gary won the runner's up prize or are they all still in the competition just not with the benefit of the ranch setting with trainers? HMMM.

Pete. OMG Pete. You rock. You are so awesome. The way you surprised your wife was priceless and so romantic. You definitely got it at the ranch and passed it along. His wife looks great now too.

It was definitely worth missing the first 30 minutes of the Amazing Race to see the entire show.
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I never ever ever cry at reality shows! Both my daughters and I were puddles when the show was over last night. And Pete is my favorite! He looks awesome and so does his wife. They don't even look like the same people! I'm so happy that they're going to start a family now, and can because they're healthier.

I missed the first couple of minutes of the show when there was that part about the women... I was coming home from hockey with DD. So I didn't know about it. And my oldest DD who was supposed to watch for me to get me caught up was on the phone, AGAIN ! Ach teenagers!
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I LOVED last nights show.....It was so great.
The reason the guys were so mad at the chicks was becuz they voted Jen off the week before and Mark and Jen had bonded. She hung out with the guys more than her own team mate chicks.....They guys were being very silly, like little boys. I think they should have been penalized for that behavior somehow.
Matt was showing a very strong side of himself to be able to go on and do it for 'all the health risk overweight' people out in tv land, in light of losing his uncle to a heart attack. I can't remember but did they give his uncle's age?
Shannon and Matt made a really good team. As did Seth and Suzy. Actually they all made the best of their picked mates....
I'm kinda hoping Dr. Jeff wins, there is something about that big ole cuddly teddy bear and such a nice, sweet, caring guy.......
Now on to our newest HOTTIE - PETE....Did he look hot in that white suit or what? And his wife and him make the most awesome healthy couple! When they showed him playing basketball he looked like a teenager....I'm so proud of my fellow Michigander...
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