The Biggest Loser - Winning by Losing For discussion of the NBC tv show The Biggest Loser and the book Winning by Losing, by Jillian Michaels

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I would be on Dolvett's team! Because he seems a friendlier and nicer person than Bob. But also, because he is hot as ****!
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Originally Posted by hotHealthy4life View Post
I would be on Dolvett's team! Because he seems a friendlier and nicer person than Bob. But also, because he is hot as ****!
Looking at Dolvett's arms makes me happy. LOL
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I'd love to be Bob's "chosen one", you know the girl he takes extra pride in every season and takes under his wing...

I KNOW I'd be the one thinking I was DYING in the first workout, probably puking too

I wonder if they'd let you turn around during temptations, I'd either turn around or shut my eyes, and pinch my nose closed!
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I would slap the $hit out of Conda. I haven't been keeping up with the show, but she is ROYALLY irritating.
Also, I'd WINNNNNNN!!!!
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I'll tell you one thing, I would NOT participate in those stupid product placement segments.

Also, I would try to not gameplay as much as possible, but instead just try to drop a ton of weight!

Oh, and I would help America out by slapping the first douche to try and screw people over.
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Originally Posted by canadianwoman View Post
Looking at Dolvett's arms makes me happy. LOL
Last night I really noticed his legs

To answer the question, I would not do any food cheats at all no matter what and exercise my brains out...
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Hitting on Bob would be a losing battle... unless you're a guy. LOL. I'd probably hit on him anyway!! And Dolvett is adorable.
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I'd love to be on the show!!! I wish I could afford to take the time off to take a Thin-cation 

I'd rebel & start with a shirt on THEN go to a sportsbra only lol I know defeats the dramatic change effect
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Usually, during a workout, the contestants are begging for mercy/whining. Just once, I want to see Jillian tell someone to do five more reps and have them respond 'Thank you ma'am, may I have another?'

I'd love to get on the show, just so I could say that. ^_^
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If I were on the show, I would drink a gallon of water before the first weigh-in! But probably everybody thinks of that and that’s why there’s such a big weight loss the first week.

I’m sceptical about having a trainer – especially one like screams at you all the time - that seems too stressful. But I’m sure it would be great to have group of motivated people that would have time to work out 6 hours per day with you.

I wonder what kind of conditions they have for participating in the show. How high must your BMI be for instance?
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I would want to be on Dolvett's team.

I would try to sneak extra workout time in ... we see them sitting around a lot during free time.

I would not do the temptations.

I would try to figure out a pattern of food, workouts, etc. that I could take home with me.
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