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Default Blue Team Summer Meltdown Chat Week 2 (06/06-06/12)

Hi and Welcome to week 2,
I'm just about to do our totals and will have results to you later tonight or tomorrow after work.

Talk to you in a bit
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Okay I have the results posted for this weeks challange;

The red team won this week so congratulations RED TEAM

we had 1 used Freebie on purpose and 11 Freebies used for people who did not come back to the challange to WI

Biggest Loser:
Bnhtla06, -10lbs, -4.6%

Honorable Mentions:
Beck, -7lbs, -3.09%
Soon2BeFitChick, -5lbs, -3.03%
Lad143, -4.5lbs, -2.49%

Team Loss of -60lbs, -.77%

And a big congrats to all of you for your losses this week.

Anyone who posted a gain - Way to stay accountable that's awesome too

Well get the win next week

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Good morning, blue team!

Congrats to everyone on their losses for week 1; to those with gains or stayed the same- make this is your week! Tear it up!

Here's to a great week for all of us, and let's aim for the win on week 2.
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Wow we lost 60 lbs as a group ..Awesome team!!!

Congrats Bnhtla06,10lbs is wonderful. Keep up the hard work.

Congrats to Beck, Soon2BeFitChick, & Lad143 in the runner up category. Everyone is doing so well.

Hopefully those 11 just forgot the deadline for the first weeks weigh in. It would be a shame to lose so many so soon.

AFM~I had a rough week last week. It was TOM and I was really hungry all week but I wanted crunchy, snacky stuff and candy. So my weight loss was dismal. On to a better week this week. Back to working out and eating right.

Have a great Monday!
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Well blue team - we lost the week 1 weigh-in, but so many of us have won! Great job on losing the 60 pounds. By my counts we have about 30 members on our team. We were not able to count any loss by 11 members who were given a freebie due to not logging a weigh in. So 19 of us combined to lose 60 pounds? That sounds even better.

Let's keep up the great work and try that much harder this week. I know we can do it!
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No excuses this time!
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Hey everyone! Struggling at the moment... I dropped 0.4 pounds last week and this week 0.2 pounds... a loss is a loss... and I'm glad I'm losing BUT!!!!

My problem is exercising - I can tell you every excuse. I know that I will lose a bigger number if I get exercising why wont that motivate me! Scheduling exercise in for Tuesday night, Thursday night, Friday night, Saturday and Sunday!
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Woo!! Way to go blue team!! Despite losing the first weigh in, we still did pretty great I think! 60 lbs is great for the first week! Keep it up!!
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Go Blue!
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Woo congrats to everyone that lost this week and here's hoping for an even better week this week!

Great job, Bnhtla06, Beck, Soon2BeFitChick, Lad143!

I lost 1.2 this past week but have been having a lot of 0.8 weeks lately. I am OP, I am doing activity, though I've definitely gotten into a bit of a rut with the same breakfast, same activity routine, similar dinners, etc. So I'm going to shake things up this week, do different breakfasts every morning, try some different dinners, etc. It can't hurt, right?
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Morning just heading off to work so wanted to stop in and say good morning first.

We did do awesome as a team this week and 60lbs is great. We still have a lot of weeks to go and many many wins ahead of us

Talk to you later
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bigmid, thanks so much for doing all of the calculations for us and keeping this challenge going. I really appreciate it.

Congratulations to everyone with losses. I'm so jealous of all of the people with double digit losses. That is amazing! Really, I'm amazed by anyone that can lose two pounds a week or more. How do you do it?

I weighed in this morning at 144.6, but it's not Friday yet so I guess we'll have to wait and see. I'm going in the right direction, though.

Keep up the good work, all!
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Happy Monday team! I hope we have a better week. How is everyone doing?
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I'm doing good today! Just completed my workout DVD while my daughter is napping in her crib! And I'm drinking plenty of water and feeling really great!
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Hi all - had a horrible weekend, but I'm in control again today, and hopefully didn't do too much damage. I'll be looking for a smaller loss this week, but hey, a loss is a loss.
Congrats to everyone who had losses this week! Way to go!
Let's keep up the good work everyone!
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60 lbs is great! I love the positive attitudes here!
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Hey everyone, just popping over from the red team. WTG ON 60 LBS LOST!!! that is awesome!!! keep us the AWESOME work!!
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