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Default Cholesterol

Hi guys! It's been a while but its time. I was on Atkins a while back then stopped but really watched what i was eating. I have an allergy called FDEIA and my trigger is wheat so doing something like Atkins really does benefit me. I have read the books, followed the diet, did well. I dont go crazy with greasy fatty foods, i realize that its a pretty healthy diet and do more lean meats, good fish, vegetables and cut out anything processed, sugar etc. So now I went to the doctor and she said my cholesterol was a little elevated. I didnt get the numbers, I will though. she did say my good cholesterol was high so that was good...but she said she would like to see me lower the bad cholesterol a little. So i thought about getting back on a slightly stricter Atkins program again and I Wanted to see how you all do with your lab work, especially cholesterol on Atkins. I had gestational diabetes too and she said the glucose was slightly elevated but shes not concerned. (I am 50 years old btw). Having gestational diabetes (and a mom with diabetes) i know it could easily and probably lead into it so thats another reason i always watch the sugar and carbs.

So those of you on Atkins, how is your cholesterol now versus when you were not on it? Thanks so much!!
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My blood pressure runs 109/68 and my cholesterol after my blood work all came back in good standings it runs 178

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Trying to be in the 160s
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If you want great cholesterol start doing some cardio. Diet did my weight loss but the exercise is what got my vitals in shape more than anything else. When I changed my diet it only tweaked my cholesterol at the margins. When I started running, this blew my cholesterol figures out of the water, in a good way. No more meds and my good cholesterol from being too low is now higher than my bad which is now low for bad.

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