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Smile What diet are you on?

I thought it might be intersting to open a thread to talk about what diet we are currently doing and why it is or isn't working. I have been looking into it and I am thinking a specific diet may just not be for me.
I was doing south beach for a few months, with a bit of success, however there just came a point where i was so tired of it I quit. So for the last two months I've just been eating everything in sight and have probably gained most of the weight back (been too scared to look).
I am really tired of bouncing from one thing to another and gaining all the weight back each time. Was hoping maybe someone had a suggestion or had been in the same place. I do realize that everyone is different and what works for one person may not work for me. I was just hoping for some ideas and thoughts on dieting.

Has anyone out there just tried portion control or a food pyramid diet?

Thanks in advance for your input guys (or girls rather)
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Portion control is a huge thing for me. I weigh and measure all my food unless it is pre-packaged. I think you could call my WOE the portion control, eat often in small amounts, excercise gently, and pray to God to make it through the day plan When I really ask for His help, it works GREAT!

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Ilene the Bean
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Portion control, food pyramid and counting calories... That's me in a nutshell...

Calories in ---I absolutely MUST weigh my proteins or I go wayyyy over the 4oz limit/meal... I MUST measure that 1/2c rice/pasta or I'll fill the plate... I count calories on to make sure I stay within the healthy limits... I try to stick to unprocessed foods...

Calories out -- I exercise ....

We've got the tools, we just have to use them!!!
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Oh yeah - portion control! That is one of the great things that Weight Watchers has taught me, especially with pasta.

I am doing a lower carb version of WW but I find that my main focus is on eating whole foods, fresh fruit and veggies and staying away from processed foods like fast food, prepackaged foods and commercially prepared frozen dinners.

I have also increased my exercise to at least one hour per day.
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I'm on South Beach Phase II. I started on it last summer but did not lose much due to stress over my family situation. Lately it's working and I'm inching down. I guess that should be "ouncing down"! Yes, portion control is key. I use a salad plate instead of a dinner plate and find that helpful. I also bought the fitday software which I use every darn day!
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I didnt and dont follow any specific plan either. I just re-sized my portion, counted calories, went mostly low-fat and increased the amount of fruits and veges I ate while decreasing slightly the amount of pasta and rice and so forth. Although my diet is by no means low carb lol, if anything thanks to the amount of fruit i eat it's actually high-carb, medium protein and low-fat.

As to exercise when i was losing i was doing at least 1 hours worth of some form, now I am maintaining i make sure to do a minimum of 30 mins "formal" exercise a day, but i do alot of "informal" (dancing etc) every day as well.

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Default Weight Watchers

WW is the one I've found to be the best for long term weight and health benefit goals. It teaches how to balance your food and portions.
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I have tried ww, to strict (1 pancake) spare me. I have tried the celebrity weight loss patch, cortislim, diet-tech. Didn't work. I am now taking the prescription weight loss pill call didrex and eating smaller portions. I just watch montell and they stated start a diet that you will be able to do for the rest of your life. I started my diet 7/11/04 with the start out weight of 187. I now weight 175. I am not where I want to be but I am well on my way.
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Slimming down in San Fran
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I'm a big WW fan too. I think for learning how to eat a balanced, healthy mix of foods, it's the best. (I've tried Atkins & South Beach too, but just couldn't take all the meat! Blarf!)

Anything that pushes you to eat 5 servings of fruits/vegetables a day and drink at least 6 glasses of water can't be bad... and yes, the first 2 weeks are hard, getting used to not eating as much, but the results (at least for myself) have been great in the past.

As far as pancakes, you can have more than one, unless the one is 12" across, i.e., if you could use it as a roof for your house.
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Thanks guys. I really think that the only thing that is going to ultimately work in the end is portion control (my biggest problem) and exercise. I think I've been fooling myself thinking there is a quick fix or some magic combination of foods that will work.

I can't afford WW in my area it's pretty pricey. I do have a Food Mover from way back. That may help with portion control....

We are going on a big vacation next year and I'd like to be able to fit comfortably into my airplane seat for hours upon hours while we get there. Plus, the thought of turning 25 and having spent this much time wasted as unhappy and uncomfortable makes me cringe.

I am starting anew with September. Yes, yes, that's it. Now all I have to do is actually DO IT!! *LOL*

wish me luck (i'll need it)
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I am on the Chervata splendiferous take in less and move around more diet. My recent addition to the 'move around more' part is that I have begun walking and biking to more places. This started after I walked in the neighborhood and then got in the car to get a few things at the grocery store that is 1-1/2 miles away. Duh. I am trying to walk and carry my groceries now. They do it in other countries, right?
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Chervata, yes many people walk to the grocery store in other countries. I do!! Try getting a basket for your bike and two-wheel it to your market. You'll be glad you did, and its environmentally friendly as well.

The program I'm on is South Beach and I love it.
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Yes Chervata! I walk to the grocery store and the local farmer's market all the time
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I'm one of those annoying people who can't stop raving about The Zone. I started it about 5 or 6 weeks ago and have never had more energy. It's really evened out my blood sugar and kept me from having carb and sugar cravings. Seriously, my friend gave me a kit-kat 2 weeks ago, and I put it in the fridge- it's still there. I took off one of the sticks and ate a bite, then just threw it away because I just didn't want it. That's so strange coming from someone who used to be able to eat 3/4 a pound of pasta in a sitting, believe me.
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I'm on my own personal eat less calories, eat better food and move my butt more diet. I used fitday to track calories, but also nutrition, fiber, and percentages of fat, protein and carb. I'm eating much better since I started to see for myself which nutrients I wasn't getting enough of despite eating too much food.
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