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Its way early for me, but I have to start the education process and would appreciate any help from the 'brood'
I have the major 'drapey thing' happing to my body. My gut is now hanging and I got these bags-o-fat hanging from my arms. Atractive, you betcha! I am thinking HARD about having these surgically removed. I talked to a surgeon but he said to wait till I was 10 pounds to my goal and then come in for a consultation. I am not sure if this is a vanity thing or what. The nurse said the hanging gut can be a problem with the internal organs, and the muscle tone is gone. (or was never there, lets be real!) I doubt very seriously if insurance will cover this, so it will be mondo buckage. I have never had any major surgery and am concerned. Not about the scars, I am trading in stretch marks for those. I watched a discovery health channel show about the procedure and it didn't freak me out as much as I thought. It just is a wierd feeling to know I will be loosing my belly button.
Have any of you ever thought about plastic surgery? I know one thing for sure, if I get it, I will not tell anyone in my family...I don't need that abuse. But as this is a major invasive procedure, I would love some feedback.
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pros and cons...I've thought about it, because I am sure I'll have the same situation. Part of me feels like it is a good idea since it is basically making your body fit your current (reduced) weight. Part of me thinks that the scars, stretchmarks and hangy bits are battle scars. They are like a roadmap of one's life and something to be proud of. There IS a danger to any major surgery though and THAT is something to consider. And it effects more people than you'd think. A friend of my Mom's went in for knuckle replacement (arthritis) and died. She'd been through it before and been fine too. And she was a "Tough old Broad" too. Still very alive and strong. So any surgery that is elective has to be CAREFULLY thought out. I think ultimately YOU have to decide whether or not to do it, but really think it through first. Also, you have been losing very quickly, so your body hasn't had time to deal with the loose skin. I have HEARD that even with poor muscle tone (and again I know what you mean!!) the body will reabsorb some of the loose stuff. See if you can find a few people who have and haven't had the surgery post weight loss and compare. I am not only not an expert, but so far away from being near a point to even consider this that I don't really KNOW even how I would (will?) feel when the time comes!!!
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I've thought about having plastic surgery, and in talking to my friends I was very surprised at the number of them who'd had it done & how many others they'd known that've had it done. Of course there are risks, but as long as you've educated yourself, found a reputable doctor and follow post-op procedures - you should be fine. We all hear horror stories about people going into surgery "and never coming out" - but you shouldn't let it freak you out. You have a much higher chance of going out today and dying in a car accident than dying in a surgery like that (yeah, morbid, I'll shut up, lol).

Anyway - I don't think it's anything to be ashamed of or anything to feel bad about. For some, it's something they'd never consider - and that's fine for them - but anyone who tries to make you feel bad for doing it because they wouldn't do it is just childish & silly, IMO. Pushing your beliefs on someone else is a sign of insecurity & immaturity, plainly put, if you ask me.

I actually found a lot of info about what I wanted done on the Internet, with support groups and forums where you can openly ask questions & discuss pros/cons. I also had consultations with three different doctors (all on recommendations from others) and I asked a BUNCH of questions. I wanted a nose-job, nothing major really, just wanted to narrow it slightly and also have my deviated septum fixed - but I decided to hold off because of the after-care it involved, I just can't take that much time off work, lol. I'm still considering it, and I've been saving up for it - my insurance will only cover part of the surgery - the rest is out of pocket.

Anywho, the advances in surgery over the past few years are amazing, and the new techniques in plastic surgery are mind-boggling. If it would make you feel better about yourself, less self-conscious and happier - then ****-yeah I think you should look into it! Start saving now... by the time you have enough money, you'll have lost more weight and had more time to consult with other doctors and find out more about. If you decide NOT to do it - then you'll have a nice chunk of money to go out & buy a new wardrobe or something.
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