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I'm gonna get a tat as soon as I get to my goal weight. Currently designing it and it will be fairly large, so it will only look right when I don't have a 'muffin top'....hahahahha!

I had been saying I would get my navel pierced when I have nice abs, but that hasn't happened yet...we'll see.
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I have a nose piercing planned for when I hit 10lbs lost

And a tattoo on my upper arm of a phoenix when I hit my goal.

I also had planned dying my hair for my 5lbs lost goal which I've already hit so will be doing that tomorrow
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I have a long set of tattoos I'm just ITCHING to get as soon as I hit my targets. The list will go on forever. ^_^
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I will definitely be using tattoos as rewards for my half way and goal...

I am in love with this heart map *** oops I cant post links yet but if you google/images "heartmap3.jpg" it should be the first one... and would love to have a version of it done on my back, but I'm not sure that my husband would go for that,... ooh to be single again if only to not have to consider someone else in my tattoo/piercing choices LOL

I also want to get a tattoo to represent my little nephew who passed away and my new little niece who is a true miracle.... its going to be a stuffed bunny rabbit with initials so I'm really unsure of where I will put it but I will definitely be getting that one...

I also want to get a couple of tiny ones... a ladybug for example, very small, perhaps on my wrist or behind one ear...
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hmmm I think Im going to do both at my goal weight...but Im not really gonna do anything for mini goals...except maybe buy new nail polish im such a girly girl sometimes....I love to do designs on my nails and its kind of addicting like tats or peircings except removable and not as expensive. I am however definately going to get something for my 20lbs lost as a little more motivation, but its not a tat or peircing, it is a pair of red/or black vinyl thigh high boots and i love love love them, I want them soooo bad, but until I get to my goal weight I definately wont fit in them with these big ol thighs.
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I've been planning a tattoo for a long time and was waiting to lose weight, more so that the area I get it done on will be slimmer. I hadn't thought about it as a reward, but it's a great idea. I don't think I'll weight until I reach my goal, but maybe another 15lbs or so, because I know my back will be slimmer then and I wouldn't feel so self-conscious.
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Don't give up.
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One of the things I'm putting off until I've achieved a certain fitness goal is definitely a tattoo. It's not so much that I'm delaying getting one, but that I don't want to put one on my body when I really don't like the way my body looks. I see tattoos and piercings as adornments and I want to be able to adorn something that would be enhanced by the addition. If it helps to think of it as a reward, you should! I just know that I want three conditions met before I get the tattoo I have in mind and I've got one down, one in progress, and my fitness is the last one left.

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So glad I found this forum! I was just thinking about this today.
This morning, while looking at my minigoal, I decided to think of a reward. Since I've been waiting for my third tattoo, I decided that would be the best reward.
It's an even better motivator because I've been craving my next bit of ink for so long so I think this may give me that extra boost I need.
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I'd like to get more piercings but I'm nervous. Ears are fine, I'd like to get at least 3 more, maybe 4, but anything past that is unlikely. Between the amount of nagging, whining, insulting, and complaining that my mother would do and the fear of being turned down for a job as a result, it just doesn't seem worth it.

People need to mind their own business and loosen up some... >.>
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When I finished chemo (for ovarian cancer) I got my earlobes pierced twice and my left nostril pierced. I think when I lose weight I will get my first tattoo, which is something I have been wanting to do for a long time! I am so glad someone came up with this thread, it is a great idea!
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Starting over...again!
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I have one tat on my ankle. It's a cat's paw print. I'd love to get another tat as well. Perhaps when I hit goal I can put one on my back.

Sadly due to my job, tats need to be in places where they can be covered while at work. Stupid job...
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Miss Motivated
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so i hit my 15 lbs goal, got a tattoo and than gained 4 lbs... WHYYYYY
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I still haven't had kids (which I intend to do) and maybe I don't trust my own ability to maintain (from experience) so I only consider piercings/tattoos on body parts that don't change much or change at all. I have work on a shoulder, ankle, etc.

Anyway, I think a tattoo/piercing is a great goal reward.
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I love this thread. I have 4 tattoo´s. Im in my 30´s and over the piercing stage. I got this last tattoo last summer when I was 155. This summer when I get to goal I plan on adding to it more curly´s and another lily, butterfly and bird.
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well, I already have 4 tattoos (a tiger on my right ankle, garter on my left thigh, coiled dragon as a tramp stamp, and the cheshire cat at the nape of my neck). I want to get a half or 3/4 sleeve done, but I asked my husband to design it and gave him a 3-4 year time frame (it is gonna take me awhile to save up the money for what I want). I already have 3 holes in each ear, and my navel, and my nipples done. I had a tounge ring, but my dentist said that after 7 years it was massing up my i am thinking of getting a hood piercing when I get down to 155 or so. It gives me time to build up some courage, and I think it is something that after the initial healing period me and my husband could both enjoy.

Does anyone in here have one of those? I just wanted some info, and although I am sure I can find alot of websites about it if I really look, I would rather get an opinion from an actual person and not a random website.
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