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I'm getting "daydreams flatter reality" on my foot once I lose a stone.

I've wanted it since I was around 14 (I'm twenty next month) but was never happy with my body. So I thought it would be a nice reward for losing.
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I plan on getting my bellybutton re-pierced if I make it down to 125lbs for my birthday. I've also been considering the idea of getting tattoo as a reward after a certain period of maintenance, but that's a good long way away yet
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i want to get a tattoo once i've reach my goal, or maybe my midway goal, but i have too many ideas and not enough skin! i have two so far, a butterfly i got 2 days after my 18th bday and i couldn't think of anything more original, and a real original, a pink and purple KUNG FU SOCK MONKEY! lol i do love my ink!
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I do the exact same thing. 12 of my 18 piercings have been rewards for something or other, and now that I'm starting this chapter of my life, I can see that's going to continue! I plan on getting my cheeks pierced when I lose two dress sizes
I also got my first tattoo nearly... 4 weeks ago now? But yes, I'm saving my biggest plan for a tattoo until I reach my goal as well, because I'm hoping it'll look nicer on a leaner back, haha
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I have wanted cheek piercings ever since I have seen them, years ago. But, my face has always been too big to want to do it.When I get into the 100's, probs 160-180, I'll get them. <3 So cute!
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Walking the Journey
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I plan on getting a full back piece done by Siva at Sacred Fire Tattoos in Sedona when I reach my goal as a celebration. It's a large tree of life growing around the chakras all the way from butt/back to neck. In the tree bark will be symbols of those whom I love - my partner Eric and my daughters, maybe my mother and best friend, too. The roots will turn into music note (I teach Music for 0-5 year olds and their caregivers) and the fruit on the tree will be aperture opening diagrams (I'm a photographer). I may pay him to sketch it out early so that I can use it as inspiration for the journey.

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I so am! I have been dying to get this tattoo of the Goddess Ixchel from the bottom of my left rib cage down to my left hip bone. That's my ultimate present to me when I hit goal and so I can show it off in hot hipster jeans and a tiny top! LOL
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Oh wow! I thought I was the only one thinking of rewarding myself with a piercing or tattoo for achieving my goal! I have been considering getting a large piece tattooed on my side for awhile now.. but I think the duration it will take to achieve my goal, I will have saved up for it already.

xxkaleidoscopic- One of my friends has a phoenix on her rib cage in black and grey, and it's one of the most beautiful pieces I've ever seen. You should go for it! It will ideally symbolize you rising from the ashes to reach your goal... almost too perfect!

Wyllowbelle- I LOVE your tattoo idea. I was considering getting something done in the style of the artist Alex Grey. He does a lot of metaphysical inspired work, some even referencing an idea similar to yours. I can't wait to see how it turns out!

InsideMe- that will be beautiful! There's so many ways you can interpret the idea and add your own essence to it!
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Walking the Journey
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Thanks, Unthinkables. And I'll look up the artist you reference. It will be great inspiration!

I think rewarding your "temple" that you've worked so hard on my cleansing and making it strong and healthy with adornments makes perfect sense to me. The only reward I might give myself that's a little better is the training to be a NIA teacher because that will help me keep my life journey as a healthy one. But, I still think my back piece will give me the most pleasure.

Keep workin it, Lovely Ladies!

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I wish I could used piercings as a reward for losing weight, but sadly I have to take all mine out in bout the next year.
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i was thinking of getting a really small tatt on the inside of my wrist when i reach my goal as a reward!
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I'm getting a navel piercing and a tattoo along my ribcage when I hit my goal :-)
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I want to get "It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live" somewhere. maybe on my bikini line.. I'm not sure yet.
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I love this idea. I have been wanting to work on my ink for years now, but it always seems like there are more important things. I have only gotten five pieces done, in nearly 12 years.Setting aside pieces right now for specific goals is a really good idea. I have a few piercings that I wouldn't mind getting done, as well..Will have to think about this one.
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I'm going to add to my half sleeve every time I reach a mini-goal.. and I'm also going to get my rib cage and calf pieces done when I've reached my big goal. I'm going to get a lot of my tattoos I already have touched up and worked on a little as I go too. Luckily I have tattoo artist friends who will give me the hook up. My friend is doing my mini-goal half sleeve as a reward for me, I barely have to pay him anything (mostly just the his tip). Yay for tattoos!
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