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So hungry
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Wow. All these tattoos are wonderful! I wish I had the guts to get one (or more).

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One day at a time....
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ahhh this makes me want more tats right now!

I have a parrothead with a hubiscus on my foot and my 2 besties have it too. We are parrotheads...Buffett ya know

I have a nautical star charm bracelet on my ankle with a cross, diamond, clover, and horseshoe. All meaningful....

And on my back peice, they are all flower-like its a family tree of sorts. Left is a circle and has a triskele in it, my husband has a large triskele armband, one day my kids will go on that side; and in the middle a deisgn for me, and the left has a peony for my parents and a lily for all 3 of my sisters.

Im still thinking of what next and where. I work in a hospital so they have to covered, if not I think i'd be totally inked by now.

Love this thread!
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Awesome thread.
I have two tattoos one my lower back on the right (right above my booty) and it's two Clovers intertwined.
Then I have a sizable swallaw on the outter part of my left foot.
One I drop a few more lbs. I want to get one of the bats by Edward Gorey (love him!) on my inner wrist.
And I want to get a few Peonies floating on smoke along my shoulder
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Spartan Kitty
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You girls have great taste in tats! Hope you don't mind, I'd like to show off my favorite one (I have 12 at the moment). I drew this myself...

Oh, and here is one I drew for my hubby, I'm pretty proud of it. It was still all new and bloody when the pic was taken.

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I have a few more but this phoenix is my favorite.
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Fatty 2x4
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When I turn 18, I want to get a small one (to start with) on my ankle for my birthday. It's going to be a sunflower with a vine that wraps up the ankle. Sunflowers are kind of my symbol...they remind me of August, the month I was born in. I haven't designed it yet, but when I do I'll post pictures
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All these tattoos look awesome

I'm planning to get one as soon as I decide on a design. I'm thinking I want it to be feline related, but my parents seem to think anything other than flowers, hearts or stars look tacky :/ Might just go ahead and do it anyway though.
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I have about 22 tattoos. Most of them are very large pieces and I'm in the process of finishing both of my sleeves.
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I only have one tattoo. My husband and I got matching ones when we got married. I wish I could post a picture. We each have a coffin with two skeletons embracing inside. They're black and gray, I guess about 8 inches tall by 4.5 inches wide (at the widest part) and on our upper left arms.

My husband, on the other hand, has lots of tattoos. He's working on sleeves (and pretty close to completion. I think he has room for 2 more tattoos... and the rest will be fill in type stuff.) Anyway... until his sleeves are done, he takes all tattoo funds. I don't really mind, though. I'm not even sure what, if anything, I want.

His are really cool though. I'll post some pictures once I'm allowed.
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i have 14 tattoos at the moment. i am itching for a new one so bad, but i don't want to get a new one until i hit my goal weight, or at least close to it, i.e at least 180. i want to get a back piece, or at least a pretty sizeable back tattoo. i have a full music sleeve that i would say is about 40% done, but i really want to get a back tattoo, as i'm kind of stumped on what to add to my music sleeve next.
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I have an armband. It's carved to look like stone, with a bas relief frieze of the sun and vines. It symbolizes strength, aspiration, and personal growth. I also have a small earth on one shoulder, which is there to remind me that each of us carries one another through life, and we should always remember how our actions will impact our fellow travellers in this world. It's a little hippie dippy- but, they were sentiments that got me through some difficult tests in my life, and I feel like the ritual of having them become a permanent part was a way of recognizing I had changed for the better and that, no matter how difficult they were, I had gained something in the process that I did not want to put behind me.
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I have 6 Tattoos all of which i am extremely proud of, however "My masterpiece", the one that truly connects myself with how i feel is this one its about 18 inches all together and is between my shoulder blades and the butterfly's travel to my right shoulder

Alot of people say its too gruesome, but i love it to death.

I also have two stars on my chest,music notes on my right wrist, a custom nautical star and tribal design on my upper right arm and the word "God" in sanscrit on my left forearm
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I love this thread...I've been promising myself a tattoo as a reward for reaching my weightloss goals but I have yet to decide what to get. I already have 10, my most prized being my floral sidepiece or the swallows on my back. I feel a quarter sleeve might be just the thing to commemerate my new buff arms...when I get them

A few of my tattoos are visible in the picture on my profile...

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i love tattoos so much, at the moment i have 5 tattoos (my biggest and favourite is my profile pic), during my travels i picked up a couple along the way. i got a dove on my back when i was in denver,colorado and i got an L on my wrist when i was in amsterdam.
next up i really want to get a world globe to join up with my rainbow which i have on my shoulder. i will let myself get this one once i get down to my goal weight and save some $$!
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Originally Posted by Daisy May View Post
i got a dove on my back when i was in denver,colorado
Oh, where did you go to get it done? I live in CO and there are some amazing artists in Denver.

I've only got one tattoo, it covers most of my right forearm, a circular logo I designed with the words, 'too weird to live, too rare to die.'

I'll be getting another one just as soon as I reach my goal weight. I'm hoping for late this summer. I always thought I'd be covering just my arms and legs since I'd never show off my back or chest, but I'm hoping I'll be confident enough by that time to get something somewhere a bit more fun.
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