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Height: 5'7"


Rose tattoo on my forearm, butterfly on my lower back (i know, i know... i was 18), and very large wings covering most of my back. I HEART TATTOOS!!!
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Height: 5'8"


I was thinking about getting wings on my back, but I'd be afraid of losing canvas space on my body, lol.
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Um, no.
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Here We Go Again
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tlindsey82 - How much did you weigh when you got the wings on your back? I'm sorry if that's a tad bit personal, just curious but I want to get my back done.
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Restarting my journey :)
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I guess my favourite tattoo would be the gecko I have on my back, it was taken from a photgraph and is a great piece of work. I'm going to get my first tattoo expanded, it's just a star on my right wrist but I'm going to get it expanded so it has a ring of other stars and symbols going right around my wrist. I'm also going to get my other tattoo redone as it lost a lot of ink when healing, it's an Ankh with two snakes... hard to explain but I designed it myself so it's personal

When I reach goal I am going to get a muther of a tattoo starting on my back, coming round my ribs, across my stomach and down my thigh. At least that is the plan. I'm basing the design on a Tord Boontje design, but with added symbolism relating to my life and my family etc. Goddess only knows hwo much it's going to cost me, but I'm saving, slowly but surely
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Height: 5'7


I really want a tattoo that i designed that reminds me of my grandma. She is an amazing person and has had such a positive impact on my life. She has had Alzheimer's for 8 years and she has come very close to the end in the pass few days...and it has really been hard. =( I am just not sure of who the artist should be...I want the tattoo to be AMAZING AND BEAUTIFUL!
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Stepping Up
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wow a thread something i said sparked! awesome!

ive had my feet tattooed whilst ive been MIA. I have the word Rock on one and Roll on the other. Ive also had more sleeve work done, hoping for another couple of hours this month. Im taking it to a full sleeve now
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i have several favorite tattoos, but my absolute favorite one is my newest one. it is a beehive, some bees, flowers, and the phrase "The Sweet Life." i also have a cat, a cup of tea, and some books. here are some pictures! the last one is for context.
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File Type: jpg cats slash weight loss 055.jpg (16.6 KB, 129 views)
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File Type: jpg cats slash weight loss 113.jpg (29.0 KB, 100 views)
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I love all of them I just have one small butterfly on Yes, my lower back. I'm planning on getting a bunch of flowers that represent my husband, and my two kids on my back when i am done losing weight.
I also have a brown recluse scar on my leg, that i want to get a spider tattoo to cover, i just hate spiders so i have to find the perfect design.
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Tattoos are so terribly addictive! I only have 4, but I constantly have a few I'm waiting to have done. I did get my fourth at the beginning the summer, after almost 20 years since my third. Where did that time go anyways?

My newest is a phoenix on my upper arm. Can't post an image yet since I just joined though. I'll have to come back once I manage to post a bit more. No more lurking for me it seems.
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Each of my tattoo's means something seriously important to me. I have 2 now, and a few in the works.

My first tattoo, it's Japanese (and chinese) kanji meaning "Wolf" one of my two spiritual guides. I tattoo'd this as a reminder that I'll always have someone on my shoulder

My 2nd tattoo (not a very good image) is of the symbol for the video game Final Fantasy 7. I've played that game way too many times and it really gave me insight into human behavior, psyche, and just, I can't describe it, it means a lot to me. It was a magnificent story.

I'm getting more, kanji for "Raven" my other spiritual guide, tattoo's is an addictive business!!
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wants to look good naked
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Height: 5'5"


I have four tattoos but my favourites are the ones on my back and wrist.

Then one on my back is a poem that pretty much says even if my voice dies I'll scream right through my heart.

and the wrist says "I'm addicted to the perceived fate"
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File Type: jpg Photo 141.jpg (20.7 KB, 69 views)
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Giving no Ground
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Wow girls I think my best looking tat is my skull on my leg.
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I have quite a few, the one that I get the most comments on is my leg, I have a thistle on the upper thigh, a dolphin at the ankle, and a few years back I had an artist fill in the rest, his idea....basically a tribal design that starts the color of the dolphin and blends into the color of the thistle. It goes up to my hip....the pic quality is poor, sorry
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Height: 5ft


I have a thai symbol on my wrist that means "princess"-an old nickname that I would quite like to get covered up, on one hip I have the words "amour vincit onmia" and on the other i have a big bit of tribal that covers up my very first tattoo(a very impulsive playboy bunny when i was 17),one full foot tattoo and one in progress!My feet have all kinds of stuff on cards,dice,skulls etc.I really want to get my half filled foot finalised this year and theres other stuff i want but thats for when i shift some lard,lol

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