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Good Morning, be back later for personals. I posted an ad in our local newspaper for my Inversion Table, another one of those things I thought I couldn't live without. (Two different parties are coming to look at it.)
My menu for yesterday, calories way too low again, I don't do this on purpose. I think in my mind I'm saving them for after supper or bed time when I'm always hungry. I've been sprinkling a serving of dry Fiber One with cinnamon and sweetener/butter spray and microwaving it for a minute. It gets really sweet and crunchy, gives me high fiber for the day which in turn keeps me full. I was going to eat an apple with it last night to up my calories but forgot. I made a new recipe of cranberry sauce yesterday since my family's not fond of it. I personally love it and the recipe had dried cranberries and a squeezed orange and orange peel in it, very yummy and low calorie. I used Stevia instead of sugar. I plopped some on my vanilla pudding last night and it was good on that too. I was out of the sugar free pudding so made some vanilla pudding mixes from scratch, I'll post the recipe later today for the pudding.
Wednedayís Keep me Accountable menu 833 calories + 43 grams fiber

Breakfast - Fiber One, raspberry yogurt , dried cranberries, ground Flax, Chia seeds
Lunch- Squash Soup
Snack -
Supper- French Onion soup with Parmesan cheese, Mayan Couscous, Orange cranberry sauce
Snack - Vanilla pudding with Orange cranberry sauce and cool whip

Late nite Snack - dry Fiber One toasted with cinnamon and sugar substitute.
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Want to feel better
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Good morning GG's,

Off to work here soon. It is a nice sunny day here ~ love the sunshine Two days down one to go. Off Friday ~

Marie ~ my job isn't difficult ~ just frustrating sometimes ~ how it eats into what is supposed to be my time. Didn't used to be that way ~ but they had layoffs and made changes and so now ~ it is what it is. I am thankful to have a job in this day and age when so many don't. And I am glad to have this particular job. One lady at work yesterday was worrying that they might let more of us go, or make more changes of that sort. I am trying not to listen to her too much ~ she is kind of a negative person.

Lynn ~ sorry for your experience at the gym this morning. Hope you feel better.

Hope you all have a nice day.
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SEE, Lynn???? Thatís why I donít exercise! Okay Ė just kidding about that, but worried about you. Are you supposing it has something to do with BS levels, or something easily explainable Ė and easily addressed, or should you get yourself checked out by your doctor? Keep us posted, you hear?

Hey, GayleÖI love the sunshine, too. Wish we werenít well on our way to winter hereabouts. Oh, well, when youíre as old as me, even winters pass quickly, although I canít say Iím looking forward to commuting in the snow and ice again. I keep reminding myself that this is the last winter that Iíll have to do this!

Bobbi, I found some chipotle black bean soup Ė Spice Hunter brand Ė thatís 250 calories and 19 grams of fiber! I had it for lunch yesterday, and really liked it. I ended up yesterday at 1230 calories and 62 grams of fiber for the day! Good thing I remembered to drink liquids all day long, or I wouldíve been in big trouble! All is well, though, because I was sipping at something Ė coffee, cranberry juice, water, iced green tea Ė all day long. (I donít know HOW you keep your calories so low. Even with all the fiber, I think Iíd be starving if I stayed that low!)

Carol Sue, I use Fitday, too Ė when Iím on plan. Itís really, really easy to get lazy about it, and youíre right Ė when you donít keep track, you can go over big time! Iíve been logging in all my foods this week, and itís always nice when you can see, in black & white, that youíre doing what youíre supposed to do!

Darcy, I donít know why the doctor wouldnít be pleased! Your weight is hardly that big a deal, since youíre only 7 pounds from goal, for pity sake! Sometimes those doctors can be pretty single-minded. They get it in their head that weight Ė or smoking (I donít smoke, but used to) is the cause of all your problems, and sometimes theyíre just flat out wrong. My doctor always told me that my blood pressure (which tends to be high) would improve when I quit smoking. So I quit smoking @ 5 years ago. No improvement. Then he said, well, you know you need to lose a few pounds, right? Extra weight will keep your blood pressure up. Yeah, okay, then tell me this Ė my sister, who is 5í2, has never, ever weighed over 110 pounds in her life, and yet she has high blood pressure. MaybeÖjust maybeÖitís not the smoking OR the weight, but could be (in our case) that it really does run in families, and my mother Ė and her sister and her mother all had high blood pressure? I swear, sometimes doctors just want to make you think that every health problem directly correlates with something WE ARE DOING WRONG, and thatís just not true at all. (Rant over).

Rosey, thereís a HUGE storm system over Alaska and the western part of the country. Iím worried for you there by yourself, so please check in as often as you can!

Marie, Iím so happy that things are smoothing out with your dil, and that youíre able to spend more time with your cute little grandbaby! Oh, girlÖall that exercise you getÖI swear I get tired just reading about it. (Maybe I could burn some vicarious calories!!!!)

Nancy, Iím sorry that there was something you had to ďget better fromĒ, but very glad that you did, or are...I think that itís true sometimes that we really donít recognize whatís going on with ourselves. I know I often donít, and have to take a time out to get myself settled again.

Wow, MaryÖstill dropping that weight!!! Soooo awesome! I hope that being tired isnít because youíre not getting enough to eat? Oh, of course thereís all that stress about your sonís house and all. Thatís sure to tire you out. Iím sending lots of good vibes to that realtor for the best possible outcome for you and Joe.

Snow, Chickadeee?????? No. I wonít believe it. I canít believe it. Iím going to operate on the theory that if I refuse to acknowledge it, it wonít exist!

Freda, yep, my dad was a cool guy. Having him for a dad went a long way towards making up for my shall we say... less than loving mother.

ValÖLOL about the tow truck driver!!!!! But, you really do have to get used to that now, you know! (It wasnít the truck that he got excited about, trust me.)

Okay, sorry Iíve missed a fewÖIíll do better later. (Hiya, PT!!!)

Have a good dayÖitís pouring here!

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I am sorry that is has taken me so long to get back here, you ladies have been very busy since I was here the last time. We have farm, hubby and I, son and Dil, I am the only one of us who is not employed full time, I used to work on the farm my hubby manages~taking care of calves and cleaning, now clean the office and bathrooms at the 'big' farm. Our son works for a large farm that grows seed corn, sugar beets, rye and soybeans, our dil teaches full time, high school special ed, they have 2 little ones, 3 and 1, and one on the way, they live around the corner from us and we get to see them often! our two daughters live north of Detroit and have for over 10 yrs, the oldest one has our 1st grandchild who is 15 and used to spend summers with us, but hasn't for the last two yrs, I miss her, but she is active with band and swimming year round, we get down there when we can, its about a 1.5 hour drive for us, the other daughter is a nanny down there, the girls are now sharing a condo~as the nanny daughter has a live out job now. We farm about 300 acres all organic, its a lot of field work but worth it. We were real busy all last weekend getting the last of the soybeans harvested, we have a contract on most of them and they will go for soymilk and other organic soy food, our corn goes mostly for feed for chickens, we also grow hay which we use and sell some, we grow grass fed beef and raise broiler chickens and I have egg layers. I worked on the election on Tues, makes a long day, but there was only about a 20% turn out. so it wasn't too bad of a day. We have had some rain the last few days and it has given us a few days to take it easy. I am busy baking for a bake sale at our church this Sat, my specialty is kolache, good thing they aren't my favorite. Also am baking some pumpkin rolls for a baby shower on Sat.
Normally I spend Saturday mornings at the farmer's mkt, selling our meat, eggs, flour and my daughters sewing, she makes aprons, baby burp cloths, purses, we sell maple syrup that a friend makes too. So this is getting to our downtime!
I am trying to watch what I eat, I do well with low carb and low sugar. I also try to go and walk at least 3 times a week with two friends, this hasn't been the best week, no one showed up on Monday and I missed Wed.
I will try to read over the posts and comment later today, need to get to know you better. thank you for the welcome!
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Got home from our yoga stretch class about an hour ago and I sat down to rest and haven't accomplished anything yet, not really even rest. The realtor says that she can't take pictures until they move out...not surprised by that...but she also says that the we must replace the motor in the burned out pool pump and fill the pool. Our son said he will get an estimate on the cost of the pump and he will fill the pool. So even more money being poured into a house we don't/never wanted. I sure hope the short sale goes through and that it sells for a decent price. Well, at least both the forms have been sent. So glad to be done with them! The first one was 12 attachments and the second one was 21 attachments!! Sure glad gmail handles attachments well!

Pam - I love reading about all the different type lives people on this forum live, many so different from mine! Love the fact that you are doing organic farming too! Sounds like you all keep very busy and productive! GFY on your eating and exercising!

Zoe - I get plenty to eat but that night before my extreme tiredness I had stayed up late. And yes, I think the stress was probably part of it too. I feel better now that we are taking action but sure will be glad when it's over. Your black bean soup sounds good! I have plans to make some black bean soup myself but not sure dh will like it.

Bobbi - Looks like you're doing well with your eating but I think you could stand to eat a little more.

Lynn - Hope you are ok. Probably just need more rest. I think it's good to take a day off now and then or at least make it an easier day. I alternate my workouts..hard, day off, hard, easy, and hard or semi-hard depending on what I do. And I take the week-end off, however I do try and do a little activity of some kind beyond my usual housework. Don't always though.

Slmn11 - It's so easy to get off-plan, isn't it? Medifast is the first program I've ever been on where I didn't have to track (I did anyway), but now that I'm not strictly on it I HAVE to track or I will easily start eating too much..

Mom - Congrats on the 13# loss! Seems like it's a lot of work to lose weight esp as we get older but it sure feels good when it finally happens! I hope it helps your bs too! I know that feeling that it's not enough...I feel that too esp as I've stopped losing so fast. I also feel scared I'll gain it back or stop losing of the reasons I fear gaining it back is I can tell my binging tendencies are still there. I have just been full enough on MF that I don't give into them. So somehow I have to learn to make my own food fill me up that way. I've done a little kind of binging recently on crackers so I have to rein that in and really think about what I'm eating. It is work and with so many other things going on in my life, sometimes it seems like it's all too much!

Rosey - You poor thing...I get you are getting lonely! I'd go stir-crazy too! I'm glad your dh will be home again soon!

Marie - Let us know how your shopping trip went. I don't shop at Ross much but some people get good deals there I hear (or is that just the commercials?!!).

Nancy - I used to be able to get more done in less time too...not sure how I did it. I also don't understand how I had time to work outside the home, manage our home and take care of four kids, I'm so busy now in retirement!

Speaking of ...I guess I'd better get off this 'puter and get something done!
Hope you all have a good day!

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Hello Goldens!

Sorry I didn't make it here yesterday.... It has been really chaotic. Today I am working at home on my own schedule. I have been working in between other tasks and I am making lots of progress...

I am happy to report that I joined Lynn as a Presidential Fitness Award winner. I completed the points for my bronze medal and ordered it today. Silver, here I come.... Thanks again, Lynn.

I got my hair done today and my guy, Alan, has been cutting my hair for 20 years now. He always does such a nice job of pampering me. He was teasing me today because the shop was to cold for me. That is certainly new - I was always sweating while he did my hair before.

Mary, that is a pain but hopefully the pool will be a good selling point for the house. I am so proud of your continued weight loss. You are doing so well.

Pam, as a farm girl, I really enjoyed reading your post. I didn't know that sugar beets are grown in Michigan.... Keep telling us about your lifestyle.

Zoe, LOL the excercise phobic. Wow, I can't believe how much fiber you can get in your diet! Maybe I need to start figuring out how to include beans... I just don't really care for them. On the other hand, I have developed a taste for lots of new foods. Fiber is hard when I am seriously minimizing carbs.

Bobbi, your diet is commendable. Such low calories. Are you getting enough protein? I try to save evening calories, too, but I think you are really low right now.

Lynn, I hope that you contacted the dr. It could be lots of simple things but let's be careful, ok? Did you let your dd know what happened?

Carol, I agree with you, I HAVE to track. I have kept a food/bs log on an excel spreadsheet for more than a year. (actually, my dr thinks I am nuts because I bring it with me to appointments) It is like my security blanket Recently, after my weight loss stalled, I started also tracking in MyPlate. I enjoy seeing the nutrient values and calorie totals. I think sometimes, when I don't want to track, that it is about denial and my desire to lie to myself. I also notice that I can get a little sloppy about portion control if I am not tracking. Weird.

Gayle, I liked what you wrote about your dh. I don't think anyone doubts that he loves you.... just that most men (even the best of them) need a smack upside the head once in a while. I liked the Purell story.... Yes, we should all be thankfull that we have work. Some days, that is easier than others.

Nancy, I went to school while working the farm, raising two kids and married. I have NO idea how I found the energy! I guess it is for the young. I am really glad that you are feeling better. It is so nice to have you back with us.

Freda, how did your dgs do in the tourney?

Rosey, only a couple more days. Then Steve will hit the door with loads of laundry and the other paraphenalia that comes with a trip. Remember: "he brings you flowers"

Darcy, of course, your dr will be happy. It is frustrating that they often fail to understand the partnership that should be there for the best health outcomes. I also think that the medical profession has great fat-predjudice, and it is growing. I was told yesterday that our county is going to be considering things like BMI in figuring insurance rates. Now, I don't think it is that simple, there are lots of unhealthy skinny people. Anyway, you have done great and he better be happy with you! I am somewhat obsessed with my bs numbers and lab results. I think it is important that you hear this: When I was diagnosed with diabetes, I was so despondent and angry at myself. I thought "that's what you get for being fat!" and lots of other bad things about myself. My dr told me as I sobbed through my first appointment that I might have delayed the onset of diabetes - but given my family history - I wouldn't have prevented it. It is true that high blood pressure, body weight, and lifestyle factors contribute to disease. It is also true, as Zoe said, that genetics and other factors have a huge impact. Whatever your results are.... be kind to yourself

Chickadee, I hope that you are lurking here even if your poor thumb is too sore for typing. Let us know about your results, OK?

Marie, are you enjoying the long weekend? How much fun is this?!? I can't wait to hear about your activities. I know you aren't ready for the snow and cold but we both know that your doggies are Tee Hee

I know that I am missing lots of people here, sorry. Hugs to you all


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Hey Yíall,
Well, obviously I didnít get back here last night. I was so sleepy after dinner, that I decided to get to bed early for once, so I did. It was nice! But, since SO doesnít have to go to work tomorrow, I get to sleep in, in the morning. So, I can stay up later tonight (if I can keep my eyes open), so here I am.

Marie, I am so happy you & your DIL are getting along better. Do you think perhaps youíll end up being friends? My sorta DIL (SOís stepsonís wife) & I get along really good. Sheís always coming to me for relationship advice, & she thinks Iím ďwiseĒ (said I should write a book)??!!!! Iíve tried to explain to her that what little I know, Iíve learned from lots & lots (& lots!!!!) of experience. Now if I could just manage to get along with DSD! Just found out a little while ago, that sheíll be here for Thanksgiving, & for most of Dec., between semesters. Oh joy! (Iím never going to get rid of her, am I??!!!)

Rosey, I know youíre really going to be happy to have your DH home, & Iím pretty happy about it too. The weathermen keep talking about that awful storm in Alaska, & I keep worrying about you. Iíll feel much better knowing Steve is home with you. And thanks for posting & letting us know youíre ok. You know, I think all of us really worry when we hear of bad weather anywhere near where one of us GGs lives! I know itís the first thing I think about!

Darcy, I hope youíre able to stop stressing about that dr. visit. And, if heís not happy with a 13 lb. loss, thereís something the matter with him! And, your BMI is in the normal range now (as if that really means anything - numbers, numbers, numbers!!!). Just remember, heís only a doctor - not God! (I think a lot of them think they are!)

Carol Sue, you mentioned a problem thatís starting to worry me - letting those calories ďsneak inĒ! Thatís what Iíve been doing! And, yes, enjoying it! And, at I time when Iím starting to be less active because of the cooler weather. It hasnít showed up on the scale yet (numbers again!), but I know it will if I donít do something. Just havenít figured out what yet. But, Iím working on it.

Lynn, Iím trying not to worry about your experience at the gym, but that sure doesnít sound like you. But, I guess everyone can have an off day. But I know youíll be checking with your doctor if it happens again, right?! Keep us posted - we worry (as you well know!).

Talking about worrying, Bobbi, I am a little worried about how low your daily calories have been (ok, also envious!). But, like Rie asked, are you sure youíre getting enough protein?

Gayle, Iím glad it was a sunny day for you, & Yay! youíre off tomorrow! Hope you enjoy it. I think you asked, a day or two ago, if I was getting any ďswing timeĒ in. Iím glad you reminded me. No, & I donít know why. The weatherís been pretty nice here during the days (though pretty chilly at night). The next two or three days are supposed to be rather cool, then back to the 70ís, so I am definitely going to spend some time swinging, while I can. Might be just what I need. Thanks again for the reminder.

Zoe, thank you for reminding me that at our age ďeven winters pass quicklyĒ. I think that will be my mantra for the next 4 or 5 months, because I really do hate the cold these days. Life is so short, I really do hate wishing any part of it away, but sometimes itís really hard to enjoy winter.

Hi Pam! Itís really nice hearing about your life on the farm. Once again I have to say, I donít know how some of you ladies do all that you do! And, you, especially, seem to have such a lot going on. I hope you manage to find the time to post every now & then, even though you make me feel like such a slacker. But, Iíve long since come to terms with my laziness (I think Iím part cat), so Iíll forgive you.

Mary, youíre having to spend more money on your sonís house???!!!! It just never seems to end, does it? No, wait, I didnít mean that - of course it will end! And one day, very soon I hope, this will all be just a bad memory! Really, I know this is taking a lot out of you. And youíre still managing to stay OP & lose weight. How great is that?!

Rie, energy? What is that? Donít think I ever had it (did you see where I mentioned Iím part cat?). Actually, I was born sitting down (full breech birth, & I was Momís first - that had to hurt!), & Iíve spent most of my life maintaining that position! And boy do I envy you your Alan! I hadnít really had a haircut I liked for years, until this last one a few weeks ago. I sure hope I can keep having her cut it, because, as I think most of the rest of us know, a good hairdresser is hard to find! (Or is it only me thatís had problems?)

Sure is a good thing I can sleep in tomorrow, because Iíve been at this for almost 3 hours now! How does that happen?!! Way past my snack time! Gotta go.
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Hi everyone.. thankyou all for your concerns about that storm its way north of me .almost the top western coast of the state and im down on the penninsula. the news says we might get some snow again but nothing like up north. im snug in my log house,and been thru bad weather and power outages that i know what to do. its nice to have so many friends,im blessed i am excited for steve to get home. i tried a new snack last nite i want to share. iused a cont of greek yogurt with fruit and added 1 T of sf cheese cake pudding powder. mixed it up and boy it was good. nothing new to report hoping your evenings great (((hugs))) rosey

Lunch/eggsalad 4 trisquits
snack/ sm apple dipped in PB2
dinner/hamb patty with onion,brussell sprouts with cheese,beet pickels
snack/ protien chilli cheese chips,iced tea
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Talking Broke the Plateau!!! Woot!!

I was down 2 pounds this AM!!!

Broke that stinkin' plateau! Woot!!!

I've lost a total of 32 pounds now (since the last week of August). 10% of my body weight is gone! I'm just so excited!!!

Had an MRI done last night at 7:30. UT Hospital wasn't very busy that time of night. Only a few people in the waiting area...but one lady had MY NAME! Let me tell you how aware of that the staff was, and how many times they checked our ID info to make sure they kept us straight. Amazing.

Today we're having a huge party at my house. My son is 11 years old (birthday was in April). His favorite number is the number 11, has been since he was 3. So we're celebrating the day....11/11/11. 11 kids, 11 activities, 11 snacks and the party is over at 11:11 PM. It's going to be crazy around here! But fun.

Have a blessed day all!
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Good Morning Everyone.

It has been an interesting last three days. And it sounds like you guys have all been just as busy.

I had my surgery on Tuesday and Wednesday at 12 noon, we had a snow storm so of course our power went out, and it just came back on last night at 6:30. To be home and without the use of a hand is one thing, but to be home with no power and the use of only one hand was awful. And I know others have it worst, but boy, how we depend on power. Thank goodness we have battery back up for our pellet stove and a generator to run our major needs. I am so glad that is over.

But my thumb turned out to be a major process. I have stitches from the base of the nail to the base of the thumb, I didn't think it was going to be so dramatic, but they had to get to the bone and joint. I know it will be awhile before I will have total use of that thumb. Still no word on what it was they removed. I want to know will it be back.

I was a good girl through all this and stayed on plan. How I hope to see some results of that.

Going to take it easy today and probably go back and read everyones posts.

Have a wonderful Friday. Yep, it is Friday.

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Good Morning girls......geez, still no time to read past post. I just don't have enough time in the day to dawdle at the computer. I quickly scanned, see successful surgeries, weight loss, comments on my low calories, zoe's chipotle black bean soup and Rosey's Steve coming home from the land of 10,000 lakes. (It's more like 12,000) Sorry folks, be back later to see what else is happening in our Golden Girls world. I have to run into town for groceries, stop for bird suet that's on sale for .79 cent each (what a deal) and pick up Max for a play date with Charlie. Max is a grey weimaraner (dd's) and Charlie is our English Setter for those that are new here. Max is house bound in town and never gets his energy worn off, everyone's too busy to walk him. DH warns Tiffany not to get a high energy dog like weimaraners but of course she didn't listen. What else is new? Rosey...I love apples dipped in PB2, what a great food and no fat in the peanut butter. Later Gators

Thursdayís Keep me Accountable menu 1165 calories + 47 grams fiber

Breakfast - Fiber One, raspberry yogurt , dried cranberries, Flax, Chia
Lunch- Squash Soup 16 oz.

Supper- Beef Filet Mignon, Mexican Couscous, Orange cranberry sauce
Snack - Vanilla pudding, sf cool whip, topped with dry Fiber One toasted with cinnamon and sugar substitute.
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Crabby Maxine's calendar page today is cute, "It's Veterans Day, so to all you vets out there...thanks for saving our butts! At least in my case, there's a little more to save each year."

Ya gotta love Maxine!

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Just checking in... running amok!
Sounds like you're all well... good! Later! (Hiya, PT!)

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Rosey, one more day and your DH will be home. I hope he had a great time and you enjoyed your me time.

Darcy, welcome back. Itís hard to ignore those self-defeating chants in our head. Actually I find it near impossible.

Carol Sue, yeah logging oneís food always reveals the ugly truth. Iíll make a pact with you to log this entire weekend since I stopped as of Tuesday.

Lynn, I hope the exhaustion at the gym was temporary and nothing serious.

Bobbi, just wanted to let you know that on Wednesday I made the garlic lemon chicken recipe you made (I think I wrote that) but that it was great. I put the recipe into my database and printed it out. Thanks for sharing it.

Gayle, I totally agree on the job description. Itís frustrating but itís a job and Iím thankful for mine as well.

Zoe, okay now I know why I can gain weight easily while eating moderately. Youíre taking my exercised burned calories vicariously. Iím thinking it is true since Rie has been doing my strength training exercising for me and I feel so much stronger. I wonít tell you how much I played yesterday as it makes me tired just thinking about it.

Pam, Iíd so love to attend your farmerís market to buy your meat and eggs. That is so awesome. And fresh maple syrup is just decadent and wonderful.

Mary, I didnít like the pair of NYDJs at Ross but I found the best deal on a gorgeous Nike jacket for my DGS. $20 and it is thick for winter. I also found some beautiful ornaments. I buy everyone one ornament a year and got an early start. DIL helped me pick out everything, including DGSís jacket. If you remember from the FB post, there was that jealousy issue between their daughter, DGD and my daughterís son, DGS. So I was happy she was good with the purchase. We did find a baby girlís 1st Christmas ornament (Lennox porcelain) that is beautiful that I bought for DGD. But.. looking for clothes for me there was too annoying. I guess Iíd rather pay more than going through rack after rack of stuff.

Rie, way to go on the fitness medal. Youíre doing great. DH and I tandem bike rode yesterday for a little over 12 miles. It was COLD! About 45 degrees and the sun was setting. As we pedaled past the irrigation canals, they were frozen. My nose was running but the biking was great. We went through part of a wildlife refuge and there were lots of water fowl. DH pointed out a hawk perched on a post by the road and he was pretty when he took off. I pointed out a bald eagle as it flew overhead. The cold was so worth it. And I had a hot mocha with peppermint schnapps afterwards. I also walked my doggies alone (since DH had to work) and did the elliptical workout. Iím hoping to repeat the activities again today but itís cloudy and colder. Donít know if Iím ready for parka pedaling. The walk and the elliptical are done so itís just the bike waiting for me and DH to take it out.

on the learning DSD will be gracing your life with her divine presence. Iím sorry about that. And yes, I think DIL and I are becoming friends. Weíre looking for commonalities and finding some. But Iím pretty sure you wonít be friends with your DSD as she seems just plain mean.

Donna Marie, excellent work on breaking that plateau. Thatís sure a relief for you. Youíll be cruising to more eradicated pounds soon.

Chickadee, Iím glad your power was restored. It is amazing how dependent we are on electric items. I hope you learn what the mass was soon to put your mind at rest. And ours, to be honest.

Nothing much on todayís agenda. A quiet day home with DH and a fire in the wood stoved to make my house toasty. I called my medical insurance to find out $$$ details on getting a mammogram every 6 months. Now theyíre not preventative and have moved to deductible status. Thank goodness I have double insurance. I think itís silly that itís not preventative since thatís why the radiologist and drs want it every 6 months. Doofus insurance. I also have to now have exams every 6 months so I called and scheduled both. I guess it will be 7 months as the appts are in a month. Works good enough for me. Sadly my dr. is on the other side of the mountain and I just love driving over the mountain passes in the winter. But, I asked DIL if sheíd want to go with me and she said yes. So theyíre early in the morning (that might change her yes to a no) but we can Christmas shop afterwards in a city that has shopping (unlike my town). I think maybe today Iíll design a new stained glass panel. I have no more empty windows but I want to play with glass.

Take care GGs!

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Hi Everyone,

OK today. Did 30 min on the bicycle & 30 on the treadmill.

Saw my DF with Altzheimer's. Same.

Hope all is well with everyone,

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