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Hi GG's,

Our beautiful Indian summer seems to be a thing of the past. Today is sunless and cooler. I'm thinking maybe rain later. I feel better every day, but I still have a low back pain that gets worse when i do too much. I'm supposed to go back to work tomorrow. I'm really getting bored sitting around here, so I really would like to get back, just a little concerned about putting in 12 hours.

Gayle, There is a policy against wearing perfume to work. She has so contact with patients? What is her job. If you are in the hospital you have some kind of contact with patients. Some people are highly sensitive. I had one patient complain about the deodorant I had on, secret, baby powder scent. If you don't think she would take it well, have your supervisor talk to her. And don't feel guilty about leaving work. You can't stay there all night waiting for patients to be brought in.

Z, Sorry you're still battling that cough. Take your own advice, and if it continues, go to the Dr. I wish I could do the self hypnosis thing, sounds like a pretty hand tool to have. I can't even do imaging, my mind wonders too much. One min. i'm trying to challel a sandy beach and the next min. i'm thinking about what i need to do.

Marie, I agree with Z on this one. if the numbness continues you need to see a dr. I'm not a real fan of most of them either, but thank Heavens they are there when we need them. It could be Capral tunnel. But both arms? I'm thinking more a disc in the neck. Hope i'm terribly wrong, and it wouldn't be the first time. Just get it checked out. Pretty please?

Web woman, Yes, it's always something needing to be done with a house. Luckly, most things my DH can do. He does come in handy some times.

Lynn, Thanks for the movie review. I never get out to see adult movies, but i'll make sure I look for it when it comes out. There just aren't many movies out there worth watching.

Rie, Try to be not too uncomfortable in the "big girl clothes". I hate dressing up. I wear PJ's to work. Well, not actually, but scrubs are as close as you can get.

Donna, I have had to miss a few days work. I took some L/C days and then had to go out on sick leave. I think we worked it out so I only missed 3 days. I'm supposed to go back tomorrow, Not too sure about that. I wouldn't mind but once you're there you can't leave. How is your job going? Still enjoying it?

Bobbi, I think most of us have dropped out for awhile, I know you and I and Z. I know better now. I might learn the hard way, but I do remember. I think if any of us took our carpets up we would find some pretty nasty stuff. And i'm sure it accounts for some allergies and colds and more nasty stuff. I am getting rid of my carpet as it needs replacing. I'm going to all wood floors.

Hey nancy, it's about time you dropped in to say HI.

Carol Sue, Any exercise is exercise. And you have to start somewhere. When you get stronger you can challenge yourself and do more. After awhile your body actually "wants" to move. Really.

Back yet Rosie? Hope everything goes well.

Karen3, we were posting at the same time. I'm not usually that sensitive to perfume, but there was one that my EX-DIL wore that always gave me a fierce headache. Or, maybe it was just her.

Everyone, have a good day.


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Hi Everyone,

I am getting ready for trip to NYC with my sister. We do this every year. There is an event (Open House New York) where you get to go into MANY place that are normally closed to the public. Most places are free - some charge a small fee. Usually, we stay in Manhattan. This year, we are staying in Brooklyn. I am hoping that the weather will be nice.

Someone wrote about my being marriage having lasted. No - when I was 33, I divorced my DD's father (who had been abusing me for years). The night before my divorce was final, I met the love of my life, Donald. We had a love affair for 25 years. In 2004, he had a stroke. I retired early from work to care for him. We got married so that I could have the legal rights to make medical and financial decisions for him and so that I could be covered on his health insurance (I lost mine when I retired and was not yet old enough for medicare). Donald died 2 years later. Those 2 years were pretty rough. Donald had brain damage from the stroke and kept having seizures. Each seizure would do more damage. It was a difficult time for both of us.

Hi Rie,

Funny, I can drink wine in Europe, but not here. When I drink wine here, I get sick - over there, no problems???

Hi Marie,

Sometimes we REALLY need those doctors. That arm thing sounds like this might be one of those times.

Hi Jane,

THank you SO MUCH for that thread. REALLY brought back memories. I guess I was wrong. I would have sworn that my DH was still alive when I began posting on the Golden Girls thread. I guess I was posting on a different 3FC thread.

Hi Gayle,

I ABSOLUTELY know what you mean about the perfume. One of the trainers at my gym wears a LOT of VERY strong perfume. I cannot stand to be near her. However, I have not got up the nerve to say anything to anyone about it. I just try to NOT breathe when I am near her.
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Next dilema ~ I am trying get up my nerve to approach one of my coworkers and the words to ask her if she would consider wearing a different perfume. The one she is wearing the last few days ~ I end up with a headache every day. It is not that it smells bad ~ it just makes my head ache.
Good Morning, apparently a few of us can't stand perfume or cologne. I too get headaches from it, not that it takes much. I have a sister who bathes in the stuff and another who can smell her a mile away. (She will never sits by her) my perfume allergy sister has told my other sister many times to stop wearing so much of it and she willingly doesn't wear it for family get togethers. If we all tactfully tell someone how sick it makes us, maybe they'll tone it down. Glynne, you might want to put on your sweetest face and explain to her, if that doesn't work you know what to do.
I'm going to spend the next few minutes scanning the post, then get to work. I have gobs of furniture piled up in the bedroom and I'm already sick of moving/walking around it. We're going to move some of it out to the garage. Nothing with cloth, just wood pieces. I can just see a mouse making a home in a cloth rocker or chair>
Later Gators
PS...Thanks Jane for the "down memory lane"

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Hey Goldens

So I have a busy day today but I just needed to stop by! I realized that my main meetings today are in the company of one of my commissioners who happens to be a cowboy. So, my grownup clothes today are black jeans, my best black cowboy boots, and a beautiful soft ruby sweater. Of course, I am professionally accessorized. He said, "Val, you are looking so good these days!". You gotta love montana.

Sorry that I don't have time for personals this morning but I need to weigh in on the perfume issue. I like Karen's suggestion. I really think that it is becomming more well known that perfume can be harmful to others. I think you should just politely say that you are allergic to perfume - don't mention her particular scent and DONTappologize. Then, rather than going to a supervisor if she still wears it, use Karen's idea and go home sick. The supervisor will take care of it then.

Pool league tonight but I will try to get back later for personals..... Have a great day.

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Originally Posted by ladyinweighting View Post

Hi Jane,

THank you SO MUCH for that thread. REALLY brought back memories. I guess I was wrong. I would have sworn that my DH was still alive when I began posting on the Golden Girls thread. I guess I was posting on a different 3FC thread.
You are most welcome, Lynn, and Bobbi, you too! Lynn, I think you are right, you were probably posting in a different thread while your DH was still alive.
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I awoke to a rogue October heat wave from out of nowhere -- it was in the 70s when I got up (our usual HIGH for the day) and when I went down to the school for noon duty, the display in the car said 95 degrees! I live only a mile from the bay, and 2 miles from the ocean, so temps like this are rare for us (rare enough that no houses or apartments have air conditioning, so it's pretty miserable at this temp!). I found myself low on work and of course the one day I have free time, it's way too hot to walk outside, inside, or do Walk It Out. Timing is everything. :-) So, I decided I'd take advantage of the lull and post instead.

Got an e-mail last night from one of the companies I work for that the nurse practitioner who was dictating the nightly notes for me has decided not to do so anymore (she hasn't for the last week and I was hoping she was just on vacation), so I'm out about $400 a week. Just when we were starting to get back on our feet again -- lost my full-time job last Feb due to hostile contract takeover at the hospital, my part time job 2 weeks later (less workflow projected), then back part time with the ex-full-time company and then found this new company in April on referral from a friend from ex-full-time company which started out every other weekend but turned into a full-time job. I couldn't even feel sad about it last night when I heard the news...just seems like one more step in a long series of fluctuations. Instead, I'm chosing to look on the upside -- more time to read with my little one in the evenings, no more 2-3 a.m. bedtimes because of work, and hopefully the time to actually exercise on a nearly daily basis.....and trusting finances and jobs will work themselves out. :-)

Last night I took the boys out for Taco Tuesday at this totally beachy-type place called Taco Surf, where the Mexican food is awesome and the walls and ceilings are full of surfboards...had a chicken taco stuffed with lots of chicken, lettuce and tomato that kept me full all night (no beans or rice, so not too bad diet-wise)... and then we walked a block to the beach with frisbees and a football and the boys played football until the sun set and it got too dark to see anything. It was such a gorgeous, clear evening, beautiful sunset...and one of those great motherhood moments of bliss when your kids are all getting all great, laughing, and enjoying each other. Did my heart good!

Last weekend, we went to the military air show with the Blue Angels. I grew up with them, but hadn't yet taken my boys to one of the shows. They loved it all, and we parked 2 miles from the flight line and had to walk from there -- even my 8 year old did the 2 miles each way with no complaints, and on the way there carried the backpack with 8 bottles of water in it as well (I carried his chair in exchange). I love having kids who are up for some exercise! :-)

It's been fun reading everyone's stories of where they grew up and childhoods! For me, it was a naval base in the desert of California, 90 miles from the nearest town (other than the local town that grew around the base). My parents were civilians working for the Navy, but since there wasn't much of a "city" at that point, civilians were allowed to rent Navy housing on the base and live with the military families. We grew up with Marines at the guard gates, so there was definitely a feeling of "safety" and not worrying about the kids when they weren't home. Saturday mornings were about riding our bikes in the desert looking for snakes and lizards. The officer's club pool was THE place to be all summer, when temps stayed in the 110's, so we always had a membership there. Occasionally we'd get water in the dry lake bed from a good rain, and if it was winter and froze at night, people would be trying to ice skate on it the next day (maybe 1/2 inch thick? LOL). Other times of the year, they'd have sailboat races with the boats up on wheels to race across the lake bed. And of course, one projected hot day each summer they would hold the annual "fry an egg on the sidewalk" contest. Life was always an adventure out there! Community size was about 15,000 people. We could see Mt. Whitney from our backyard, had the Mammoth Mountain ski resort 3 hours to the north, and Los Angeles 3 hours to the south, Death Valley 2 hours to the east, and the ocean 5 hours to the west. We "escaped" each summer for a week at the beach and a few camping weekends to the mountains. Shopping was Sears and Wards catalog centers and waiting a week to get the order shipped back to town, except for 2 trips a year to the mall (school clothes shopping in late summer, and Christmas shopping in December) -- the nearest mall was 2.5 hours away, so it was an all-day adventure. As far as raising families, though, it was a neat place to grow up!

Sorry to say, I'm the one who will mess up your "floozy" reputation, though. I was the "goody two-shoes" of the group. :-D My parents weren't super strict, but definitely had rules, and I never wanted to upset them so I towed the line. Never drank, never smoked, never tried drugs. Whatever they instilled in me, stuck, because even away at college I never experimented. Just hopeful my boys will do similarly when they reach that point, as it would be harder for me to "see" what's really going on, I think, having never done any of that (still living in my naive little mind <G>). I miss my parents dearly, and the fact my kids are growing up without grandparents (I know they would be so proud of my boys!). I didn't know my grandparents well, and rarely got to see them, and made it a point to never live farther from my parents than I could drive in a day because I wanted my kids to experience their grandparents in their lives-- sure didn't expect to lose them so quickly! Life is like that though....

As for the weight loss, I'm happy to report that I've maintained over the last few days rather than it being a fluke and will officially state I've hit the 10-pound mark now! And....I was looking at my driver's license the other day and looked at my weight -- the last time I had to go in for a new picture and license (11 years ago) I had decided to be honest about my weight and own up to it -- and can now say I'm 15 pounds below honesty!! What a great surprise!

And now that I've rambled on far too long, it's time for me to close and get ready for the school pick-ups.
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Carol Sue, I remember the Reno Tahoe case now. Iíd have thought heíd have paid to make it just go away.

Web, wouldnít your homeowner insurance pay for the carpet? It might be worth the claim.

Zoe, Iím giving the arms a week to recover to being able to sleep on my side. Then Iíll do the dr. route. I so hate that route. Hereís the pattern Ė we need an MRI (you have insurance so we can charge the most Ė whatís that you have double coverage Ė see us do the happy dance of joy) and voila, your MRI is normal. The pain isnít normal but alas we canít figure it out, let us give you drugs. Lots of drugs. Me ďThanks no thanks. I tolerate pain quite well.Ē And my insurance companies are way poorer (if the experience rating didnít cause my rates to go up, Iíd probably not care but they do) and I have another notch of despising drs. Sounds familiar, I betÖ. Case in point, your bronchitis. It should be gone. BTW, when I had a severe case about 12 years ago, all the drugs they gave me didnít nothing. I bought Echinacea and zinc and golden root (I think that was the third item). A couple days later it was gone. Iíve been a believer since.

Count me in for the group that doesnít like ďgrown upĒ clothes. I still dress in jeans, t-shirts, sweaters and fleece. Of course my collection is a little more spendy than it was in my teens, but no grown up clothes for me. I had a heck of a time trying to find two grown up outfits that would be acceptable for FILís funeral and wake. I had to shopping after the wake for funeral wear.

Gayle, I think Iíd try, ďSusie, the scent of your perfume is lovely but I seem allergic to it. Do you think you could try a different one?Ē Iíd like the last statement to be none at all and Iíve done that with the ďI am asthmatic and I canít be near you without having breathing problem.Ē

Freda, youíre a medical person. Of course youíd want me to see one. Iím leaning toward disk thoughts as it pinches no matter which side I lay on. I will go eventually. NowÖ. Get your dr to write a work release of 4 hours slowly graduating to that ridiculous 12 hour shift. Youíll be at square one after one shift. And yes, DILís cause(d) the headaches.

Lynn, your NYC trip sounds fantastic. Iíve never been to NYC. I once had dreams to live there and voila, I learned Iím a rural person. But visiting would be fantastic.

Bobbi, LOL at the bathes in perfume. When I was in HR, I wouldnít hire people that had perfume during an interview. I think itís inconsiderate not to mention I have to use my inhaler as they left. Perhaps using it while I was interviewing them would have gotten the point across. BTW, I did find legal reasons not to hire them but deep down, I knewÖ

Darcy, I love the blue angels air show. I know my DH is an AF lifer but I think the blue angels are better than the thunderbirds. Congrats on the 10 pound mark.

Just a quick update on my little life. One co-worker apologized to me for what happened on Friday. Long story but itís okay with him. The other Iím not sure Iíd want to forgive. Sheís the one that was the backstabber. The guy asked why I was so mad and I explained the situation from POV and he looked dumbstruck and so remorseful. I was glad to know I wasnít blowing it out of proportion because he said I was right to be so mad. That was nice. So work was a little better. And chatted with DD for a long time this evening and the conversation was good. A few minutes were about her sibling (aka my son) but nothing that upset me further. Mostly, I told her my plans for next summer about taking DGS on the train south and her picking us up in Sacramento and us going to 6 Flags. Basically exactly what she and I did last June but bringing DGS with since heís a train nut too. She changed her plans for their 6 Flags trip this weekend and to being that Iím bringing DGS on the train this weekend. Heís gonna go berserk. Heíd told me we needed to do an Amtrak trip again since its been forever since we did it. And it has. I took him when he was just over 3 years old and he still talks about it. So he told me that this past weekend and voila, little boy is getting his wish. How cool is that? Other stuff is good but my booklet is getting long again. Love you all!

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Good Morning G girls,

I misunderstood the day the manager said I had to come back to work. It's not untill the 22. I had to go to the hospital yesterday anyway, so I went up to the floor to see her. So glad I did. It was such a relief. I had gone to the hospital because my aunt by marriage was going to be there and she has called and asked if I could come by and see her. It was cold and wet and looks like that is going to be that way again today. Therapy start tomorrow and I am so anxious to get back to exercising, ANY kind of exercise. I feel like a lump, and I know I'm gaining weight. I totally dislike this feeling.

Lynn, Enjoy the trip with your sister. I hope the weather is agreeable.

Rie, I love the cowboy boots. One of my favorite Dr.s is from Texas and always wears his cowboy boots to work. Oh LA LA.

Marie, I had to laugh at your post. Me, suggesting a dr.? If you could see my medical chart I'm sure it would read "pt. non-compliant". I hate going to the Dr. and seldom do. Before last year I hadn't had a mamogram or seen my Obgyn in almost 5 years. I hate medication. most of it has more side affects than it's worth. But sometimes it saves your life. I agree that most things can be taken care of with natural, holistic mediation. I think diet and exercise is the most effective thing we can do for health. That said, I know there is a time and a place for doctors. Your numbness can be something simple, like lying the wrong way, but i'm thinking that would be one arm. and capral tunnel can be in both arms, but they both started at one time? Waiting to see what happens is fine. You'll know when you need to see someone. The train trip sounds like fun. Sounds like your DGS and you are kindered spirits.

Don't know what I'm going to do today, Maybe try a easy walk, just a few min.?

Everyone, make it a good day,

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Mary hasnít posted since Oct. 9. I wasnít sure, so I scrolled back and checked. No indication of going anywhere. Iím concerned. Has anyone else heard from her?

Pouring rain hereÖand I mean POURING. Really coming down on my way into work today, so much so that people were pulling over to the side of the highway. I just kept trudging along at about 60 MPH in the middle lane with the less adventurous drivers straggling somewhere behind me and the more adventurous dashing ahead and to the left. Bully for them. I got in late, but in one piece. Ate my oatmeal with raisins and feel very FULL. If only it would last all day long. Oh, well. Dh had all the ingredients ready for me last night when I got home to make our favorite chicken soup. He had parboiled chicken breasts, washed & chopped celery and carrots, washed and drained lentils and washed and chopped kale. Also had the onions peeled and chopped. He had the chicken broth (we buy the College Inn Fat-free) simmering, and all I had to do was drop in the veggies in the right order, season it, and chop the chicken breasts and add them at the appropriate time. Voila! Soup for supper. Good, too. Weíll probably have it again tonight and then freeze the remainder for other meals.

Iím glad you have some additional time before heading back to work, Freda. I swear, the closer I come to retiring, the more of a struggle it becomes to go in at all. I canít wait to just set my own hours as I will be able to do when Iím just working on a consulting basis. I hope you feel better soon, with the therapy and all. As for running to doctors, I knew you didnít any more than absolutely necessary. So often, itís just such a hassle getting in to see them and then nine times out of ten, they either donít know whatís actually wrong, and try different medicines hit or miss, and then you either feel better or you donít Ė but you seldom get a concrete diagnosis.

Marie, I think I missed what happened at work on Friday, but Iím glad that apologies were offered upÖof COURSE you didnít overreact, girl! Youíre a GG! GGís are calm, analytical, and get angry only when anger is warranted. Thatís Zoeís Law. A train ride and then Six Flags this weekend? Oh, dear. Can I tell you how grateful I am to the universe that itís you and not me going to Six Flags? (I know you love it!) (Oh, and the train ride would be okay with meÖ )

Lynn, I was able to get to the survey, and it looks like it covers the necessary bases. (I keep forgetting to reply to the PM). Iíd say to go ahead and distribute it. And thanks for putting it together. Oh, and you know, itís so nice hearing you call your Donald ďthe love of your lifeĒ. Iím not sure that everybody gets one of those.

Gayle, I would just say, ďI canít breathe. I think itís your perfume. Could you try not wearing it?Ē You know meÖjust not the type to suffer in silence at all.

Speaking of perfume, can you smell it on yourself? I donít seem to be able to. I purposely keep it at a minimum because Iím not sure whether itís detectible or not on me. I DO know that some women seem to float in it. Sometimes I like their scent, but other times it feels overpowering and makes me sneeze. Do you think they ďbatheĒ in it because they canít smell it on themselves the way we do when weíre next to them?

Val, I suspect that even in Massachusetts, it would be easy to observe that you are looking good! Montana, indeed! I really loved the pool playing pictures. I think they would be great blown up to poster size and hung on the walls of the pool hall!

Rosey? Any news about dh?

Well, back to the daily grind. My paycheck was deposited into my account last night. I guess that should serve as motivation to stick around here and make some real effort, but nuh-uh. Iím SO looking forward to throwing in the towel on this chapter in my lifeÖ


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Good afternoon ladies.....Been out and running errands all day with nothing really accomplished, but figured I walked 2 miles. Went to GP Tuesday for Rx renewals. Doc has a new toy and the next thing I know he is lasoring my chest scar and then my right knee. Made my knee feel better immediately. Scar feels like someone has been poking me with a pipe. Had to laugh there I'm sitting with shirt up with knees between his knees and notice the door is open. This has been the year for k's exposures! He suggested I use ankle weights to strenghten my knees. The pool pair I have been using the nylon has gotten brittle. So spurged and bought a new set. Any moaning you hear evenings will be me watching tv and lifting feet.

I ordered a wind sock spinning thing for a funny anniversry present for DH. They supposedly shipped it UPS Friday....not here yet????? Tomorrow is the day. There's one more delivery around 5pm....I paid for UPS do you think they used snail mail?????

I am cooking in the crockpot a small corned beef. Not that I wanted the meat, I want the cabbage cooked in the juices. I plan on eating enough cabbage to burst. Added onions for Dh. Funny how a craving attacks. But seriously "cabbage"? That's a new one for me.

Been back later with personals..k3
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Hi everyone. i finally got home about 3 hrs ago.boy i,m pooped. i did alot of walking around the wheel chair,i wasnt huffing and puffing either,it felt dh had the endoscope, everything looked normal except fro an inflamed area in his stomach which they biopsied.wont know wnything for a week. everything being normal is good but frustrating not knowing whats causing his pain. we picked up our suasage on the way home and i have a pot of 15 bean soup simmering allready, made with the moose polish sausage,smells devine. i enjoyed my grandkids and got to see my oldest grsons graduation pics.hard to beleive hes going to be 18. hoping all is well with you great ladies,ttfn i'll catch up tomorrow ((hugs)) rosey
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Rosey, sounds like you did fantastic with all the walking!! It has to be frustrating with all the tests coming back normal..and still having the pain. I'll keep you and your hubby in my thoughts and prayers.
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At my last place of employment, there was a ban on all colognes, perfumes, scented lotions etc. If you wore it and someone complained to mgmt, you were called in and counseled on it. I am bothered by some, but not all.
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Freda, I’m happy you more time to recover before returning to work. Have you heard the results from the MRI? I might have missed it if you’d already said. I will call the dr. if I think I need to at some point. I’m not compliant either. I hate meds side effects. When I cold turkey-ed all the bipolar meds, it was like being set free. I tried getting rid of the asthma meds at the same time and that didn’t work at all.

Zoe, how cool your DH made you dinner. I wish mine would but he’d never do it on his own. Coming up with a dinner idea is a foreign concepts to him. He’s the type that eating is fine if there’s food in front of him. If not, going without is fine too. And you’d have fun at 6 Flags. This is the first time I’m looking forward to the shows as much as roller coasters. I love the whale show and the dolphin show is amazing. And I’m pretty sure I didn’t mention specifics on last Friday’s back stabbing. One apology and one not. The not co-worker is trying to brush it under the rug and just trying pleasantries. Not gonna work. I’ a GG now and I’m now too old for “friends” that use knives.

KarenFL, Blizzie has had laser treatments on her hips for over a year. The vet tech says when no one is looking they use it one themselves for owies. They said it feels amazing.

Rosey, I wish you had answers on your hubby. But lots of walking at the hospital is AMAZING! Way to go!

Carol Sue, I like your previous employers policy. I could breath there.

All is good today. The final arrangements have been met with my daughter’s ex about the train trip with DGS. And on Sunday when we go to the base Halloween party, the ex is joining me. I’m glad as I like her. That said, there’s a side benefit. The estranged son and his witch will probably be there with my grand daughter. It’ll be a little sweet for the witch to see us together. I know, I’m an immature brat. At least I’m an honest one.


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Good evening GG's,

Yippee ~ I was able to get out of work on time tonight. Stopped and got a hair cut on my way home. They have a punch card and after you've filled it up you get a free hair cut ~ so I got to use that tonight. Cool.

I kind of mentioned to DH about the GG's get together ~ there was no eye rolling, so I am feeling hopeful and excited.

Spent my evening saving pictures to my computer. I had clicked on one of those funny picture/cartoon things someone had posted, and it led to someone's whole album of those type pictures ~ some funny, some inspirational. So, I went about looking at them and saving the ones I liked. What had usually been happening was that I would see something cute, and then when I wanted to find it again, I would spend a whole bunch of time searching for it ~ sometimes never finding it. So, I thought I could make better use of my time by saving things as I come across them.

Got to spend a few minutes out on the deck with the twinkle lights tonight ~ it was kind of chilly out there, but I enjoy that more than the hot humid weather.

Guess I'd better get to bed here soon. I've got WW in the am, then a computer class at work in the afternoon. Laundry etc. Will be a busy day.
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