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I bought some new clothes today! I really needed some non-stapled pants to wear to work. My favourite store ever has a 60% off the last marked price sale on! Northern Reflections I bought 3 pairs of pants, 2 beautiful blazers and a fleece jacket for get this...$60.40 - I saved $386 off of their regular prices Everything is just the tiniest bit snug-nothing that looks gross or trashy -I wear long tops that I don't tuck in so the bit of muffin top is hidden, and I can do the blazers up (just) but I wear them open too - so I have room to "shrink" into them. I haven't had fun shopping for clothes for years. Just have to shorten the pants and the sleeves of one of the blazers- I'm soooooooo excited
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Want to feel better
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Hello all,

Boy the days/time flies by ~ finally getting a chance to do personals.

Tea Granny ~ congratulations on the new clothes and good job on the savings ~ love that.

Mary ~ loose pants ~ way to go ~ and yeah for the good eating today

Emaline ~ glad you got to have a nice visit with your family

Rosey ~ I like your term that your house needs “blessing” Mine too ~ such a relaxing picture in my mind ~ you enjoying your coffee watching the birds with your cat on your lap

Lynn ~ have a fun time with your friend

NC Nancy ~ enjoy your books ~ glad you haven’t had to use your chicken soup yet this year

Sherry ~ way to go ~ going out to eat and staying OP

Hi Jane ~ Glad you stopped in for a visit

Bunti ~ sorry your family has had such a rugged time with the flu and all ~ hope you are all feeling bertter soon

Zoe ~ the cross country skiing is fun and not hard ~ I am a klutz and if I could do it ~ you can too. Hope you give it a try

Bobbi ~ sorry about your daughter ~ hope all goes well and she can get away from that “jerk”

Karen MO ~ you are so kind to take your aunt around and help her ~ she is lucky to have you

Freda ~ glad you get to enjoy spending time with your grandchildren

Karen FL ~ your stuffed flank steak meal sounded yummy

Hi Lyn ~ sorry I missed wishing you a happy birthday

Donna ~ where are you?

Hello to anyone I forgot ~ didn't mean to
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Want to feel better
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Hello again,

Now gonna just visit ~ wanted to get that other one posted before something happend to it.

Has been kind of a crazy week here. Have been getting extra exercise, but have not gotten much else done. One more day off, then back to work on Saturday.

DH has been coming over everyday after Maddie's nap (he watches her for Sara every other week) and we ride our bikes to the park and take Maddie. So besides my walking some mornings, I have been riding the bike every afternoon this week.

Have enjoyed getting to spend time with Sara, Corbin and Maddie. And my son has stopped by a couple times and visited too. Love getting to spend time with all of them.

Well, guess I will get off ~ check in on Mom and Dad then head to bed.

Take care

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Hi everyone. I truly apologize for popping in here, filling out my bio, making an introduction and then being MIA the last 3 or 4 days. Right on the first I got my alimony ($500), paid my rent, bills, utilities, gas for my car, prescriptions and then found I had about $50 dollars left for the month to buy groceries with. I don't know why it depressed me so much because that is about what I have every month. It just hit me that I don't have the money to buy the food I need to eat healthier. I usually go to the food bank once a month for some groceries but they give a pack of bologna, hotdogs, a few canned vegetables and occasionally some flour, sugar, crackers, peanut butter and a box of crackers although it's been since November since I got any of that and much of anything at all. I'm not complaining because I sure appreciate all I get, it's just that I now get about 1 Walmart size bag of food instead of the usual 3 or 4 that I was getting when I first signed up after my divorce last year. But I really do appreciate what I get. Beggars can't be choosy. I will do what I can with what I have. Focus more on portion size and overall calories for the day and exercise.

Bobbi - I pray your daugher's divorce is not too complicated. I don't know about online divorce but it has to be better than the sorry lawyer I had. Please make sure if she gets a lawyer, that he is good and has done a lot of divorce cases in the past.

Lyn - I wish you a belated Happy Birthday.

Bunti - I hope you and your family are feeling better. I came up with the flu on Christmas morning and didn't get to feeling better until about January 5th. It completely ruined my holidays.

Tea Granny - great score on the clothes.

Mary - (since there are 2 of us, I'll go my justmary). Congrats on the loose clothes. I think some of mine feel a little bit looser. I need to take my measurements.

I accidentally hit the submit reply button so I'll close this out for now and finish up tomorrow. Please forgive my whining earlier. I feel better now.

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Hi everyone..i was soooo lazy today and enjoyed every min of it i did make halibut for dinner tho and it was yummy,i baked it after i coated it with fat free mayo and rolled it in italian bread crumbs.glynn i had a chuckel becuz daisy is my dog,she plays like a cat tho lol, shes jack russel,pomerian and shi+++ shu..when folks ask me her breed i call her a jacksh+++tpoo.congrts on the new clothes i used to love garage sailing and thrift stores but now ita abit difficult to get around however theres e-bay a giant garage sale,most of my clothes i get from lane bryant and roamans..i used to wear a 5x or 4 x and now im ina 2x shirt and still wearing my large pants when they fall off i'll get new..just mary rant away we are here to on a fixed income is tuff. i can get my ss in may and i will feel like a queen having some coins of my own..altho we share every thing my dh and me, its nice to have some to call my own..i know u have all had one of those days and even tho i was lazy everything i dropped or spilled on the floor..its hard for me to pick up things from the floor and my grabber never where i need it, the coup de grace was the jar of jam that flew out of the refrig and landed on my didnt hurt as my feet are paralyzed but it sure left a bruise grrrr life little frustrations..well hope your day went well my GG sisters,Greys and Private Practice is on dh calls them soaps lol and yes i watch those too.. sleep well rosey

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Here"s a pic of my daisy..shes a rascal but we love her.
Attached Images
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Originally Posted by Laffalot View Post
..... I didn't know you could get a divorce online. Where was that when I got my divorce, eh? ....
That's what I was thinking about my first marriage, haha!
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Good Morning! I just did my body test on the wii and I only lost .6 pounds this week. Which makes it 168.9 so I will be leaving my ticker where it is this week! Darn it! It must have been the combinaiton of the Chicken Biscuit Bowl at Bob Evans and no workout on the Wii that day! But will work hard this week to see if I can't get back to losing the 11/2 to 2 pound range. But I guess it is still a loss, just can't change the ticker.
Thought that I would pop in first thing this morning and now I am going to get that workout in! Be back later...
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Good Morning and like KarenMo....I'll be back later. So much to do this morning but had to share with all the cat people what Crabby Maxine said this morning, "Judging by the hair on the furniture, I'm surprised I have any cat left at all." I had to laugh because 'Black Pearl' our black long haired cat was like that. Hair on everything, we went through so many, many pet sticky rollers!
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Hi GGs,

Just read through all of the posts I missed over the past 3 days. This is my day off. I’m sitting here at the computer procrastinating on getting the tax preparations finished and waiting for our new sectional couch to be delivered. I just hope they agree to help me move the old couch downstairs.

I’ve had a good week so far, but busy every day with work so have not been to the gym since Monday. I hope I can get there today. Saturday the Cape has it’s big St Patrick’s Day parade here in Dennis and we plan to go with some friends. The Master of Ceremonies is Mickey (I forget his last name) the boxer who the movie “The Fighter” was based on. The temps are supposed to be in the 50s…so keep your fingers crossed!

My weight is staying put for now…but at least I’m not gaining.

Tea and Nancy – I love getting new clothes..congrats on your great buys. I shop Thrift Stores too – lum ‘em. Nancy love the kittie photo.

Bobbi, hope things with your DD aren’t too stressful My sister is going through a divorce right now and is relying heavily on her faith to pull through.

Z – I agree with everyone else…look at all the weight you’ve already released and be proud!

Bunti – Hope you both feel better real soon.

Emaline – Glad you’re at peace…nice place to be. Come back soon.

Mary – Let us know about the 17 day diet.

Glynne – Great that you’re getting all this exercise. Good for you! Keep enjoying those grandkids.

JustMary – Wow- sounds like your have quite a challenge every month. My prayers are with you for a way of getting some healthy food. Have you checked out some other types of assistance? With my DD barely making ends meet and having to take some expensive meds, we found that you can contact the pharm. companies directly and often get prescriptions for free. Just a thought.

Rosey – Love the doggie pics! What a cutie.

Well, enough procrastination I suppose…
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Default Prodigal GG Pops in

I am so upset - I just spent two hours reading, catching up and, saying hi to everyone and writing a big old long post, hit spell check and it all vanished I don't have time to rewrite the whole thing so I'll have to give you a super condensed version - pardon the spelling errors because I'm not taking that risk again....

You are all still amazing and I am so happy to see everyone. I've popped in a few times but by the time I finish reading everything I don't have time to post

I have had so much going on I don't even know where to start over with a condensed version. Things are going well despite a few bumps in the road. Was 5 measly lbs from goal but got sidetracked over the holidays and backslid a few pounds. Back on track now (except for the attack on the St. Paddy's day cookies DH brought home on Monday ) so ticker is still about right. I am honestly a whole different person than the depressed lump that joined in way back when and I have all of you to thank.

I will try harder to stop in more often and get to know you all again.
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Just checking in....... it's been a long and rough week! I actually went to bed this afternoon and pulled the covers over my head.

Onward...... Have a good weekend, Everyone.

PT/Zoe, thanks ♥ ♥

Be warm, dry, and safe!
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Evening all.... I popped in and read but just been flat out going past few days. Had company for dinner tonight and more coming for lunch tomorrow. They were going to stay the weekend but changed their minds...phew! But meanwhile I got everything ready. Going do the grilled vegies with shrimp and scallops. LFmayo biscuits and SF apple tarts. Got red peppers, scallions, potato, yellow squash and zucchine, plum tomatoes stuffed with goat cheese and asparagus. Olive oil and lemon with lemon pepper. It is soooo good. and makes great omelet with leftovers!

I have even scrubbed the front porch and did the front windows.....yesterday. Had to vaccum the bird seed up off the porch and the ground....the wind was blow it back as fast as I swept. Spent evening on ice again. Is there any bird that really eats those tiny round seeds??? Plus played bridge. did the lania after dinner tonight....more ice please.

Wow I just lost my whole page and punched the back arrow x4 and found it!

YoYo.....I remember you! Still dancing in the living room with the shades up?
Missed you girl friend. (recognized the gray ghost in your picture)

Lynn....I laughted so hard at the ending of Survivor. Russel's shocked voice!
Hope you are having fun with your DF. happy scraping.

Has anyone ever taken Acidophilus? Considered what happened to me with extra fiber one time am worried. I may take off instead of the last shuttle flight.

I'll be back tomorrow night after everyone is gone....need ice and pjs now...karen3
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Want to feel better
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Donna ~ Glad you checked in ~ sorry you have had such a rough week ~ hope next week is better for you. {{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}
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Hi everyone,i spent the day "blessing my house" and watching my grsons reginal basketgall tournament on the puter..they were videotaping sound tho so i had the radio on as they broadcast the game too ..its was exciting but they lost 49-60..they have 2 more games tomorrow and if they win both they go to state.i love watching him play. jess im sry you had such a bad week dh is still feeling puny..hes on some strong antibiotics and they make him feel like dodo and crabby too ..nothing else going on..happy weekend everyone rosey
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