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Good Morning GG's

We got the snow that was promised. The weather man would HAVE to get it right this time, when they miss so many others. Dh is out trying to make a path. Don't know why, we'r not going anywhere untill the street is plowed. School is closed of course. They called a external disaster day at work. No call in's allowed. One of the nurses couldnt' get to work and they sent an ambulance after her. Wonder what her neighbors thought. I told her she should go home by police car. really give them something to talk about!

Gwen, Haven't decided on Joe but for Ranger, i'm thinking the "rock". I think his name is Dwayne or something like that. He was a wrestler turned star. He just looks the part to me. We made a list of authors we all enjoyed and Bobbi posted them. I'm sure they are all still there. There was some new ones for me too. I'm always reading and looking for new authors!

Lyn, Your kitty is beautiful! And burger king has great salads. I know that's not our first thought, but if you plan ahead you really can eat at fast foods.

Mary, I thought our gas was expensive here, at 3.09!

Karen31, 10 pounds!!! Girlfriend that is so awsome! I'm getting the WII zoomba, a freind has it and says it's lots of fun.

NCNancy, we used to get to wear the cute scrubs to work. I have jackets with all the holidays. But, they changed the dress code and i'm in navy blue! Makes it easy to dress, but awfully dull and boring.

Bobbi, how are you feeling? Did you get any of the snow?

Lynn, House guarded by attack cat!!!!

Bunti, My check engine light comes on occasionally too. It's usually nothing. Hope you have the same luck!

Z, if you are going to still make the trip (don't know what the weather is there) to your sisters, know that you will be getting prayers for a safe trip.

Rosie, You are doing great. And you know you aren't eating too much. Dr's right, give it time.

Gayle, I love looking outside at the snow. Only, of course, if I don't have to get out in it!

Karen, Where are you? Hope everything is well and you're just off to another bridge tourmament, or on a cooking spree.

Tee granny, any loss is better than none! If you don't want it, can I have it?

Hey Donna, You're usually here by now. Hope everything is ok in your neck of the woods!

And stealing from Donna, stay warm, stay safe. Adding my own: stay insdie unless you have to get out there!

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Good Morning......Freda, we only got an inch or so but our temperatures are bad....26 degrees below zero with wind chill.
Happy Groundhogs day everyone.
Crabby Maxines says today, "If the groundhog sees my shadow, that means I've got six weeks of groundhog stew!"
Speaking of stew, I'm making clam chowder for supper tonight. We never drink anything but skim milk but I purchase a quart of whole milk for the chowder.
Ah yes, Ranger is the stud muffin besides Joe Morelli. I get a charge out of Stephanie constantly blowing/burning up her cars except for her parents old Oldsmobile? I think it's blue. I'll have to check and see if there are any new books, she doesn't write them fast enough.
Gwen...I like Nora Roberts too, she's often on the life time movie channel.
Lynard...pretty kitty. Our cat died after 14-15 years and she was long haired, if I ever get another one it'll be short haired. Too many hair balls, yuk!
I tried to attach a picture of our kitty, Bianca

Mary...Good thing your hubby isn't a big eater. It reminded me of DH's grandparents, they were very wealthy people but split everything. They used to fry one egg in butter , then split it!
So far I'm on track today ...had lunch out but we shared.

Nancy...I'm petrified driving on icy roads. I had a Jeep Wrangler for 13 years and that thing was so bad on ice. I lost control of it 4 times, doing spinny things on the highway. DH said it was going to kill me if I didn't sell it, I cried for a week after because I loved that jeep. Funny how people can get attached to stuff.
Rosey...glad to see your tummy is tolerating more food. How's the burns today? My mom used to put a long stainless steel spoon in her glass mason jars before she filled them, she said the spoon directs some of the heat. That might be an old wives tale, your jar could have had a hair line crack and nothing would have prevented it from cracking.
KarenFla...what are ya cooking up today? Yesterday the Barefoot Contessa sliced up some cabbage in thin strips and stir-fried it. I usually steam ours when we eat it but I think stir-frying it would be tasty.
KarenMo...Do you have your Wii Fit in your Woman Cave? I wish you lived by me, I'd come over and use all your equipment. Except the Wii Fit, I sold mine because of my impatience of waiting between the sets.
Hello anyone I missed, off to the kitchen.

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Good Morning, All...

-11 here, soon to be a high of 7.... and Anchorage is +33!! Go figure!

Freda, Sandra Bullock would be a great Stephanie, but I am sick, sick, sick of Betty White! If she were older, I think Meryl Streep would be a good granny, because she's hysterical and does characters so well. She's too young now to pull it off, though. And, yes, Dewayne Johnson (the Rock??) would be a great Ranger... we'd need a hotsy totsy for Joe Morelli, not some pretty boy wimp. And those are MY opinions ♥ ♥!

KarenMO, I LOVE your neighborhood! The houses remind me of a small town, warm and welcoming and friendly, and I YEARN to live there! Your furbaby seemed pretty enchanted with the view, too!

Lyn, your Bianca is truly lovely. And Lynn, what is the name of your #3 kitty? I saw Harry and Hermoine, but who is the little one in the back of the picture?

Gwen, Bobbi posted a list of our favorite books in the Age 50+ forum, but I couldn't find the list when I just went to check. Bobbi, how is it described? Has it been removed?

TeaGranny, by chance, I saw your comments on a Diana Gabaldon site:
Originally Posted by Tea Granny View Post
I've read them all and have them all I ( and others) were less than dazzled by the last book Echo in the Bone, or should I say the path it is taking. We all cried about the death of a Beloved Character though - I hope that's not too much of a spoiler. Overall I love the series and reread it often. I had a chance to meet Diana G once at a book signing but didn't go because I felt too gross - kicking myself now because I'm pretty sure that she really doesn't care what her fans weigh.
I so agree that the last book was the least of the series. OMG, she does get descriptive with her wars and battles, doesn't she? My brain has died: who is the Beloved Character who died??? And that cliffhanger! I hope she writes another one....... she can't leave us like that!!

Nothing much going on here, just trying to stay warm! At least, we don't have much accumulation to worry about...

Everyone, be warm, dry, and safe... especially those of you on the road! Later.......
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The book list is still there, you just have to go way back. It was on 4
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Boy the wind really blew last night! I'm so used to hearing rain, that when it blows like that I always think it's raining too...I am just sure I hear it but then wake up to the ground dry. LOL Guess just shows I'm from the NW.

Dh just walked down to the clubhouse for his cinnamon roll. They call it breakfast but he gets it and puts it aside for his evening snack and THEN he splits it (they are large) and will have 1/2 tonight and 1/2 tomorrow night. I wish I could be like that! Yes, Bobbi, I am fortunate that my dh is not a big eater as we share a lot when eating out and I only fix 2 servings at meals and I eat one and often he only eats 1/2 his and then has the other 1/2 for lunch the next day. In fact he eats so little that I sometimes kinda worry about him but his weight has not dropped much. He looks quite slender though.

I did well again yesterday on my eating but didn't get in a walk. Only walked across the street to the bathrooms and laundromat. Hoping to walk today.

Sorry for you all that are in snow still. It is cold to us here...only in 40s this am and still a little windy but it is sunny but the wind is cold.

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Morning everyone. What odd weather we are having, it is 45 degrees here this morning while the rest of the country struggles with icy, snowy frigid temps. I hope all are safe, we prepare for this, but I don't think places like Texas do.

I love Gabaldon, have read and re-read the first four books, I am having a hard time getting into the latest ones. May be time to start a re-read again and see if I can get the momentum.
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I re-posted the Book thread, it's under the 50+ threads.

Andrews, Donna
Arnout, Susan: "Frozen lady" love story in alaska
Atherton, Jane: The aunt Dimity mystery series
Austen, Jane
Baldacci, David mysteries who done it
Ball, Alan, American Beauty
Binchey, Maive "Tara Road"
Block, Francesca Lia, Wasteland -young adult book
Bohjalian, Chris The Double Bind
Bradley Marion Zimmer "Mists of Avalon" king arthur and his knights
Bradford, Barbara Taylor "a woman of substance" series about family dynasty emma harts retailing
Bristow, Gwen "Calico Palace" about the gold rush & Jubilee rail
Bronte, Charloote: Jame Eyre
Brown, Rita Mae and her cat
Brunstetter, Wanda-Amish
Camillari, Andrea : Montalbano series
Cato, Nancy "all the rivers run" about australia
Childs, Laura tearoom mysteries (10) with "Teaberry Stranger"
Christie, Agatha: mystery
Clavell, about japan "Shogun", "nobel house", "taipan"
Clement, Blaize
Coben, Harlen
Conroy, Pat South of Broad"
Cornwall, Patricia mystery Kay Scarpettas novels
Coulter, Catherine: Regencies and suspense
Davidson, Diane Mott, frothy mysteries with recipes
Davidson, Mary Janice, undead and unwed-funny!
Dawkins, Richard: The God Delusion - nonfiction
Delinsky, Barbara
DeMille, Nelson mystery
Diamant, Anita : The Rid Tent
Dibden, Michael: Aurelio Zen series
Donati, Sara historical romance and adventure
Evonovich, Janet Stephanie Plumm very funny
Fitzgerald, F. Scott The great Gatsby
Flagg, Fannie
Follet, Ken historical fiction or mystery who none it
Ford, Jamie Hotel on the Corner of Bitter & Sweet
Gabaldon, Dianna series historical romance couldnt put them down-Outlander
Gaiman, Neil: Coraline
Gerritsen, Tess Rizzoli & Isles mysteries
Gilman, Susan Jane Undress me in the Temple of Heaven
Grafton, Sue read up thru "U"
Giffin, Emily...chick-lit
Gordon, Mary: Final Payments
Hannah, Kristen
Harris, Charlaine: Sookie Stackhouse series...hard to put down
Henshaw, Susan mysteries with "Elected by Death”
Herzog, Brad Turn left at the Trojan Horse
Heinlein, Robert: The Moon is a Harsh Mistress
Hoag, Tami have newest waiting for me "Deeper than Dead"
Hosseini, Khaled The Kite Runner
Irving, John Cider House Rules
Karon, Jan The Mitford series
Kaye, MM about india and their culture love story ,"The Far Pavillions"
Kellerman, Jonathan for a good mystery...also his wife and son has good books.
Kesey, Ken: One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
Kidd, Sue Monk: The secret life of bees
Kohen, Kathleen historical fiction adventure "Through a Glass Darkly","And Now Face to Face"
Krantz, Judith "Mistrals Daughter" her other books are great to
Lamb, Wally "She's Come Undone
Lee, Harper: To Kill a Mockingbird
Leon, Donna: Brunetti series
Lescroart, John - if you like a good, well-written mystery, start with 1st book
Lively, Penelope
Ludlum, Robert spy who done it espionage mystery" Bourne Iden tity" series
Macomber, Debbie
Markhan, Beryl: West With the Night
Marshall, Catherine: Christy, A Man Called Peter
Mason, Marion ?? writes about judge in NC???
Montgomery, Lucy Maud: Anne of green gables series and Emily of New Moon
Murakami, Haruki: fiction and non-fiction
Nabokov, Vladimir: Lolita (literary)
Niffenegger, Audrey: The Time Traveler's Wife
Niven, David: The Moon's a Balloon, Bring on the Empty Horses
Page, Katherine Hall (8) with "Body in the Gallery" waiting for me
Palahniuk, Chuck: Fight Club
Parker, Robert (Spenser series are funny, mystery
Patterson, James just finished reading the 9th judgement
Perry, Martha writes about the Amish. i've learned a lot
Piercy, Marge “Gone to Soldiers”
Pigeon, Josie series and have 3 left there.
Pilcher, Rosamonde historical family dynasty "Coming Home", "The Shell Seekers"
Quindlen, Anna: Every Last One (Literary)
Rice, Luane
Roberts, Nora
Runbeck, Margaret Lee: Time for Each Other, Our Miss Boo
Sanford, John
See, Lisa: Sunwflower & the Secret Fan, Shanghai Girls
Setterfield, Diane The Thirteenth Tale
Sedaris, Dave: A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius
Siddons, Ann Rivers
Simenon, George: Maigret novels
Smith, Alexander McCall Ladies Detective Agency series
Smith, Betty: A Tree grows in Brooklin, kid or older book
Smith, Wilbur dynasty,s in africa, egypt "river god" and "7th scroll
Steele, Danielle worthless and inane
Stewart, Mary: Merline/Arthur trilogy
Stockett, Kathryn: The Help
Studdert-Kennedy, G.A.
Swanson, Denise (11) with "Wedding Bells" waiting for me
Tanenbaum, Robert mystery
Trollope, Joanna
TYheroux, Paul: travel books
Whitcomb, Laura: A certain Slant of Light (literary)
Woods, Stuart
Wolzein, Valerie

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Morning everyone..gee whiz we got over a foot of snow and its still coming sure is pretty out tho. Nothing new to report sounds like a soup or stew day and a good book (((hugs))) for all rosey
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Just a word about Audrey Niffenegger - I LOVED the Time Traveler's Wife, and thought they did a pretty decent job with the movie, but be advised that her latest book - Her Fearful Symmetry - wasn't even nearly as good, in my opinion. Wally Lamb, on the other hand, has written several since She's Come Undone, and all were equally great reads. Yep, that last book of Diana Gabaldon's wasn't quite up to her earlier efforts. Feels forced, somehow. Seems like she just ought to write one grand finale, tying up all the loose ends, and then move on to some other characters (Besides Lord John, I mean - I prefer female protagonists). I have to say that I'm interested in Roger and Brianna's life in the "present" at Lallybrock, though. I wouldn't mind so much if we could have more of them? Oh, I love Anne Rivers Siddons, her characters, and find them very easy to identify with. Oh, lots of good authors on that list of yours, Bobbi...I love the Fannie Flagg books too...they're always good for a few good belly laughs. (Thanks for posting the list again, Bobbi!)
I just finished up a major proposal for work and clicked "send" on the email. Now, maybe I can focus on packing and getting ready to head down to N.C. Looks like we'll be driving into better weather, at least. Massachusetts - including my offices, which is a bit miraculous - is about completely closed for business today. No schools open, no banks, no nothing except essential personnel. The street outside our house is pure white; even the tire tracks can't get down any further than the snow/ice cover. Towering snow piles, but I'm being redundant, aren't I? Same thing - snow - all the time in the northeast, now. Enough to drive you 'round the bend, it is. I just hope we don't lose our electricity before we leave.
Bunti, 45 degrees where you are? Alaska, right? Oh, wow. This is SO crazy! Is this just one of the precursors to the end of the world? Massive climate changes? I can hardly believe what we're getting here on the east coast this year. VERY unusual, to say the least.
PT, I don't know what beloved character died, either. (From Echo in the Bone, I mean.) I should really try to retain more of what I read. I think I'm too used to moving from project to project, and kind of closing the file on one before I start another. Doesn't work so well when you're reading a fictional series.
I'm glad you didn't have to go in to work, Freda. MY dh not only shoveled a path - he cleaned out the driveway, and has headed off to the post office and grocery store. I think he's out of his mind, but on the other hand, having been in the house all day yesterday and today, I imagine he might be a tad stir crazy. He'd never say that, though - no, he had a few "important" things to mail, PLUS felt that we couldn't manage without gallon-size plastic baggies. I must say, it would take WAY more than that to get me outside today!
Omigosh, Lynn! We've still got our electricity, thank goodness! Oh, those pictures of the kitty kats is great! I'll have to post some when I get back from N.C. Gotta love those little furry despots!
Lyn, Bianca is BEAUTIFUL!
Hi Gayle! (Yep....keeping warm is CRITICAL! Close those blinds, wrap up in a nice big fluffy comforter, and drink a hot cuppa something. That's my recipe for days like this, so long as I don't have to go anywhere.)
My gosh, Nancy...where you live sounds like a real country getaway! Bet it's absolutely beautiful, even when it's snow-covered.
Nice pictures, Karen31....a little too WHITE for my current mood, but pretty all the same. You do seem to have found yourself a lovely place to retire to, with the added bonus of being close to family. I sure wish I could get my brood to move somewhere a little warmer...and where property values aren't artificially inflated the way they are here in Massachusetts. (Hope your soup came out good!)
Good grief, Rosey! That's not much food! I'm quite positive that you'll see a sudden drop in your weight at some point in the near future...probably ten or more pounds...and it'll feel like it happened overnight, but in reality, it's happening right now and it's just not showing up on the scale yet.
Congrats on the loss, Tea, and sorry I missed you last time around. I always miss somebody, and am always feeling bad about it. Oh, well. Don't do these things on purpose; it's just that my aging brain can only handle so much information at once.
Hi Laff, ....hope you're doing well and not snowed in anywhere.
Karen3? Where the devil ARE you? Please check in immediately!
Thaaasssss all, folks!

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Hi Everyone - It's a little nippy here today - about -4C (1pm PST) on my thermometer & sunny. So that's not too bad, eh? It did get down to -15C night before last & last night. No more snow for a few days now (Yay!). I did not have a good weigh in yesterday. I gained .2 lb. Obviously I can't veer off my "plan" at all. Hate that - it's like chipping marble with a stick! But I'm not going to cry over it & I'm right back on track. I'm trying to stay positive because if I'm not I'll be into the fridge, cupboard, etc. & that's not so good. I have a high school reunion in Sept. & of course I want to be svelte for that! I even made it to aqua fit this morning. I'm trying to go 2-3X a week. And I'm thinking the dogs is going to take me for a walk after awhile. Boy will I ever sleep good tonight! lol Everyone that is going through these huge snowfalls & bad weather be sure to be careful & stay warm.
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Hello everyone! Just thought that I would pop in for a minute. Here are a couple pictures of the front of our house. Tim has been doing a lot of shoveling!! The soup was FANTASTIC!!! Both last night and at lunch today!! LOL!! Still have some left over but my son said don't bother freezing it-- it will be gone real quick!! He is managing the Dominoes Pizza store here and says he really doesn't care to even look at a pizza!!

I'll try to get back later-- I really need to go and get a salad fixed for supper tonight.
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Hi all....I'm here. Actually feeling kinda guilty. Spent past 2 days sitting on the lania reading. It was been warm and so quiet that curling up with a good book was all I wanted to do. I cleaned the kitchen yesterday even the oven. Did it the lazy way. Did one chore and scooted back to my book. Read a chapter and did another chore. So took me all day. i had forgotten about the Mary Russell mysteries(Sherlock's wife) and found the newest one at the library, plus 2 other from a different series she, Laurie King wrote. Finish up the last one tonight.

Another real plus on this South Beaching...Dh's BS was 104 this morning. Don't want to say anything to him, but I have not bought any "white" stuff in a month. No white sour dough bread no potatoes no ice cream.....Last night when I checked into fitday found I was so far under 1000 had to have a bowl of cereal. Me????

Made Dh a big tray of egg plant parm this afternoon when i got home from bridge. Shhh...used 2% mozzarella and egg beaters. He had a stack with dinner and thinks he went to heaven. Oh oven fried the slices. Wish I liked it...bla

Zoe....Please try to check in here when you get to NC....we'll worry

Rosie....sooner or later the weight will drop. The number of calories in is so mini it will happen. Unless you eat like a guy here did. He ate those small snickers bars. One at a time endlessely... come U2 alaska chicks have less snow the the NE? Did the earth tilt? are the world's most organized soul! Freda says list and up you opo with the list!

Karen...That is a perfect snow. Shoveable.

Teagranny...Diana Gabaldan's latest book is kinda like a comic book with drawings of how she see the characters. I went to ordered it and changed my mind. I like the Jamie in my mind just fine. She wrote on her web site that the picture of Jamie/Clair was a bit blue. But really just looked like a romance cover type with what's his name the hairy guy????? as jamie.

Stay warm and take care everyone....hugskaren3

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This is for life!
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Bobbi - thank you for the book list!

The first Stephanie Plum book I read ran like an old detective show from the 60's... The pace of the wording... Very precise... that's it. Does anyone know which show that was?

YES - The Rock would make a perfect Ranger. How about Queen LaTifah as Lula? LOVE Lula!

OVER ONE WEEK now with NO BINGES!!! Went to lunch with old friends today and I did NOT order desert. Yay me!

Karen - I'm on my way down! Make room on the lanai!

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Want to feel better
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Hello all,

Wow ~ this crazy weather. It kind of floored me to read that Bunti up there in Alaska was warmer at 45* than we were here in Texas ~ 21* when I got up this morning.

Hope you all who are dealing with all that snow are hanging in there ok.

Welcome Gwen ~ congratulations on your week with no binges.

Karen FL ~ sounds heavenly ~ sitting on your lania and reading and the warm weather

Karen MO ~ your snowy neighborhood is pretty. I miss looking at the snow, but I don't miss having to shovel it or drive in it.

Laffalot ~ your attitude is great ~ you'll make it. Good job keeping up with the aquafit.

Zoe ~ when do you head out to NC? Please keep us posted. All of our thoughts and prayers are going with you.

Rosey ~ soup or stew and snuggled up with a good book sounds perfect for a snowy day

Mary ~ good job with doing good with your food. Even if you miss a day walking sometimes, you are doing it most of the time and that is better than not at all.

Bobbi ~ thank you for the book list. How is your head?

Lynn and Lyn ~ enjoyed the pictures of your cats ~ what pretty ones everyone has.

Donna ~ brrrrr ~ it is pretty cold where you are too.

Freda ~ glad you didn't have to go out in that snow today.

NC Nancy ~ how is your reading coming? Enjoy

Tea Granny ~ sorry you pushed yourself to exercise and didn't get the results you had hoped for. Don't give up though. Yes ~ some gold stars for you

Have to go to bed early tonight ~ they've scheduled a unit secretary's meeting nice and early at 7:30 am. Gonna go to that uniform shop after since I am alreay half way there. Hopefully I can find something ~ desperatly need some new scrubs.

Have a nice rest of the evening y'all.

Take care

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The character that died in Echo in the Bone was Ian Murray - from Tuberculosis - it was absolutely heartbreaking.
Having a much better day today - thanks for all of the encouragement. I was really feeling let down I must admit ( by the scale - not the people here!!) I have a few problems that can make moving very difficult and always painful, so to push my self to exercise and see little progress was ...poopy... I WANT MY GOLD STAR FOR EFFORT!!! sniffle...whine...sniffle.
Thanks again -have a great evening
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