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Default Hi Everyone!!!!

Hi everyone!

I hope everyone has a great "on plan" day!!!!


Welcome to our little family here!!! We are the biggest bunch of "losers"!! (sorry I'm feeling corny today!!)

Well since we are posting menus, here's mine for today:

Breakfast: one apple

Mid Morning snack: LA Lite Chocolate Shake (with my dairy)

Lunch will be: 1-2 of turkey sandwhich on diet bread 1-2 small cucumber, cut in slices and dipped in vinegar. An apple or an orange

Mid afternoon snack will be: LA Lite double chocolate bar

I'm not sure about dinner yet though. We recieved some gift certificates to a resturaunt, and we may go there...I'm not sure. I don't really like eating out, it's so much harder to stay on plan. But since I am spending the day cleaning the house, I may just want to get out. We'll see. And most likely my evening snack will be jello.

I have my weigh in tommorow again. I've done really good about staying on plan, and hubby and I have been good about our bike rides. (we do two miles after dinner every night) So I feel really good about my weigh in.

OH! I almost forgot!!! I have a pair of size sixteen jeans, that I love, but could only wear for a short period of time. Well, I got into them yesterday for the first time in AGES! They are still snug, but if I keep going, come the end of September, I will be able to wear them comfortably!!! YEA ME!!!

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