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Default A Little Reassurance Needed

Hey there ladies,

I hope everyone is has had a better day than the one I've suffered through today. I went over my points and dipped into my allowance points. I know that I can use those extra points but I still feel extremely guilty
I usually don't drink any kind of pop but I craved it today and had 16 oz. I also had 5 small cookies...Should I mention the 4 chicken fingers and 6 fries
I keep telling myself that I've done great considering the two holidays that can sabotage any weight management course.
Well here it is the poem I've been promising. My poetry has been know to be a litte depressing but the poetry I write speaks about situations that has happened in my life. I wrote this after my biological mom first contacted me after 25 years. This is the one that has been published and won the editors choice award.

My Soul Desire
If you looked into my soul
What would you see?
Nothing I ever was
Nothing I'll ever be.
If you gave me forever, would I always be true?
Not true to myself
No promises for you.
Once around is never enough
Twice around, you bleed.
Third time, your soul cries out
To fill my inner need.

I'll check in tomorrow..till we meet again

"The tragedy in life doesn't lie in not reaching your goal. The tragedy lies in having no goal to reach."
~Benjamin Mays
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