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umma 12-21-2004 12:02 AM

New Creations #2
Welcome to the new thread. We welcome anyone who is interested in getting and giving support.

Well, I have to admit the cookies did me in. Not as bad as I thought they would but they did get me. I went to my meeting tonight. The scale was very nice to me. I did have a loss of .4 and as I see it a loss is a loss. right?
Anyway, I don't have much time to post right now but I will say that my goals for this week are to just behave. It really is that easy (maybe). I jsut want to get through this week and then really start again. Not that I am stopping but you know what I mean.
Well, I must go get some sleep I have a early morning tomorrow. I will post again in the morning. Have a great night and stay warm. It is freezing here.

TTFN, Lori

WildStrawberry 12-21-2004 12:38 AM

Hi everyone!

Welcome new people! We're so glad you're here!

Thanks everyone for your well wishes. Bleh I hate being sick!

However, while sick I've picked up a new "habit". :D Well, not quite a habit...more like an obsession in the making.

Knitting. Yep, knitting. I just taught myself out of a book tonight. I can cast on and do a knit stitch. Tomorrow will be the day of learning to purl!


Happy weigh ins to everyone for this week! I look forward to celebrating with you!

Off to my needles...


cyn37 12-21-2004 11:45 AM

Happy Tuesday!
Hello to all! I am sticking to my plan and got up early and tried my new pilates workout--notice I said "tried"! It is a beginners workout but I think I need pre-beginner! :lol: I just did what I could-which is what I do with all my workout videos. My sweet little niece has been a :devil: today. Normally I dont have much trouble with her but today she is into everything! Does chasing a one yer old around the house count for exercise? :lol: She is certainly full of energy this morning!
Lori :cheer: congrats on your loss! I am glad to see your splurge didnt slow you down. Like I said before I am sure we all will have little slip along the way but as long as you get right back up and dust yourself off everything will be ok. We only fail if we give up.
Kae I have always wanted to be a crafty person! I think doing a latch hook kit is about as crafty as I get! I am very impressed that you learned from a book-I tend to get frustrated and give up on most things like that. No self discipline I guess! Glad to see you are feeling better.
Savin,Shawn & Christalynn I hope thing are well wth you.
Hugs to all and have a happy healthy day :coffee: I am off to grab a cup of hot tea to take the chill off and then make some more goodies for Christmas. I will be back later to catch up.

Christalynn 12-21-2004 12:45 PM

Is It Christmas Yet?
Hello Fellow Chicks
Lori- Congrats on the loss. :cb:
Unfortunately the scale was not that kind but I can blame it on PMS. The scale will be back on track next Monday :goodscale
The Christmas blues has set in :( I know once I make it through Christmas this weight-loss journey will be a lot smoother.
Kae- I taught myseld how to cross-stich but I can't seem to master knitting. I've always been a crafty-artsy person but I'm all thumbs when it comes to knitting.
Cyn- I've also tried pilates and I think there needs to be a pilates for dummies or pilates for women of size :^:
Shawn and Savin- How have you been?

By for now..Have a good day

umma 12-21-2004 01:00 PM

hello ladies
Well, I think I am remotivated since I would like to see the scale give me a better loss next week. I just got done making the WW vegitable soup and it smells wonderful. I cna't wait to try it. The only thing I did different was to ommit to zucchini and add celery. Both zero point veggies so I don;t think it matters much. I also started dinner about 2 hours ago. Making stew in the crock pot. I bought that crock pot helpers yesterday and one cup of it is only 4 points. I figure if I put it on 1/2 cup of rice it will be a 6 point dinner with some soup. Not bad at all.

Cyn-- I am so proud of you for keeping up with the workouts. I really can't seem to motivate myself to do anything in the morning. I need my coffee first.
Kae-- very good that you taught your self how to knit. I learned how to crochet a long time ago but haven't done it in a long time. But now that your talking about it I should maybe start again. Everyone in my family will be getting blankets next year for Christmas :D .
Christina--don't worry about the scales this week. TOM will do that to you.
To everyone else--Hope all is well, and your having a funfilled, happy, healthy day.

I have to go package up my soup now since I made so much of it I am going to freeze some. I will check in later.

TTFN, Lori

cyn37 12-21-2004 11:11 PM

good evening
Hello all! I hope you are doing well. I had a good day. Baked chicken breast with green beans for suppper-yummy! I have drank enough water to float the Titanic! Getting ready to relax and head to bed. I have a busy day tomorrow.
Just wanted to pop in and wish you all well. I hope you all had a great day. :)

Savin4Disney 12-22-2004 12:07 AM

All I can say is can the holidays be over? at least the food part. I am not doing well but I am not worrying about it right now either. But I do plan to start doing something tomorrow. Yep that is correct!

I do plan to enjoy my bottle of wine on Christmas. I will be coming here much more once I can get through Christmas. My shopping is done and I just need to wrap DS gifts. I really scaled down this year.

Sorry no personal replies. I need to read through the posts. But I love the shorter thread.

guerita765 12-22-2004 01:15 AM

Hello Ladies!
Sorry I haven't posted. Been getting my shopping done and then just too tired to get on line. :( I am pretty well done shopping now! :D Just a gift card for my son and that is that! :p Yes and whatever decorating I have done is it! :lol:
Well, I must say this is a hard time of year to start a new weight control plan. I hesitate to call it a diet....sort of sounds restrictive or depriving. So I usually try to refer to it as a life style change. :^: I have tried to be good... :?: however it isn't easy. I know how you feel Lori! ;) We had a "Breakfast With Santa" at work that was our "Holiday" party this year and the food was wonderful! I opted for an omelet that was cooked in melted butter :o It did however have ham, and jalepeno's and yes cheese. I'm almost certain it had real eggs. Lots of pts! Then I had bacon, one small little french toast stick. No syrup! :smug: Oh and two chicken fingers! But I didn't have dinner that night. I also had two virgin Bloody Mary's! I had never had those before! I am not much for alcohol. Just doesn't agree with me. I do on occasion have a margarita with salt. I know....bad, bad. :shrug: So...with all the shopping and stuff I haven't been very good about adding my points. I do it until lunch and then I forget and have to finish putting them down the next day. Ok, :o I didn't forget I just didn't do it. :sorry: I know it will be hard but I will try very hard the rest of the week! Promise!
I have the hardest time drinking the amount of water. I will get better. That is my goal for the weeks ahead.
Yes Lori I think as long as it is a loss it is good no matter how much. We can't all lose 2, 3 or 4 lbs every time and sometimes not a full 1 lb. But it is something and if as long as we don't gain it is good. And hey this time of year we could even gain one or two but we will be here to support and encourage one another anyway!
Missy! Welcome! Glad to have you on! Let us know how you are doing and a little about yourself.
Christina I am in admiration of your determination to work out! I am going to try the WATP after Christmas. Maybe a pilates or yoga too.
I'm looking forward to your poetry! I have written some as well. Nothing published ofcourse but for me or someone special. :love:
Savin4Disney Good idea starting a new thread. I am not sure how to do it. But it is much easier to find us. And It sure is nice to talk with you again. You were sick? What was wrong, if I can ask?
Kae That is soo cool that you learned how to knit! :cool: I have wanted to learn forever but just can't. I have tried. :?: I got a book of the jar gifts to make up and give. You know the recipes where you put all the dry ingredients in a jar and give them the recipe and they do the rest. I think some people will be getting that for bd's and Christmas this next year. I have so many hobbies now that knitting (if I knew how) would probably get started and never get finished. Or I would neglect everything else! :dizzy: :)
But I am glad you are better. :D
I should go now. I will try for a meeting and weigh in on Thursday. Or maybe tomorrow night! I fear :eek: I haven't done well. But you never know. Besides...like I said....and Lori said Tomorrow is another day. And we can start over then!
Good night all! :wave: :yawn:

Christalynn 12-22-2004 01:40 AM

A Little Reassurance Needed
Hey there ladies,

I hope everyone is has had a better day than the one I've suffered through today. I went over my points and dipped into my allowance points. I know that I can use those extra points but I still feel extremely guilty :(
I usually don't drink any kind of pop but I craved it today and had 16 oz. I also had 5 small cookies...Should I mention the 4 chicken fingers and 6 fries :?:
I keep telling myself that I've done great considering the two holidays that can sabotage any weight management course.
Well here it is the poem I've been promising. My poetry has been know to be a litte depressing but the poetry I write speaks about situations that has happened in my life. I wrote this after my biological mom first contacted me after 25 years. This is the one that has been published and won the editors choice award.

My Soul Desire
If you looked into my soul
What would you see?
Nothing I ever was
Nothing I'll ever be.
If you gave me forever, would I always be true?
Not true to myself
No promises for you.
Once around is never enough
Twice around, you bleed.
Third time, your soul cries out
To fill my inner need.

I'll check in tomorrow..till we meet again :grouphug:

shoooup 12-22-2004 07:19 PM

Hey Lori,
Thanks for sending me this way. I am looking towards a new future with my weight loss sucess!!! Started to work out and I feel great. I have lost 6 lbs in a week!!! Anyways gotta get back to work so I will check in later. Thanks for you guys on here posting, it really helps to read and motivate.


cyn37 12-22-2004 10:12 PM

When things are the worst they can be then it can only get better
Good evening everyone! I know alot of us are having a rough time fighting off all the goodies and sticking to a healthy way of life but just remember to keep your focus and dont beat yourself up over a bad day. We didnt get all our bad eating habits in a short time and it is bound to take awhile before we fully get into the swing of things. So shake off the Christmas blues and remeber we always have each other when we hit a rough spot.
Mike Welcome! :wave: So happy to have you join us! The more the merrier! :)
Chrystalynn I loved the poem. Thank you so much for sharing. I truly admire your talent. Dont worry about the allowance points that is what they are for. You are doing great!
Shawn I agree that we should celebrate each loss no matter big or small. Anything beats the scale moving up!
Well, my day was bad too~I didnt over eat but I didnt eat nearly enough. I did have water and some exercise but I know I need to try harder with the points. My dad found out today that his heart is not in good shape at all and I wont depress you with alot of the issue but basically my mind was not on food. Why does everything seem to happen during the holidays? :o Like I said before I am sure this holiday is going to be hard on all of us but the minute the sleigh flies off my rooftop I am getting very serious about becoming healthy. :) I was so upset about my Dad I told my hubby he really needed to try to quit smoking. I know I problably have no right to ask him that but I just want my family to take a big interest in their health and well being. I wish I would have grown up being health concious. Anyhow My hubby understands that I am very stressed about my dad and he agreed about how we should be healthier so he is willing to try. :dancer: Yea! That is all any of us can do~to try. Have a good evening everyone. :grouphug:

guerita765 12-23-2004 11:31 AM

Hi everyone. :wave:
Welcome Mike! It is nice to have a guys point of view. :cool:
Christina Yes we do all have our bad days. Why just the other night I skipped dinner and had salsa and chips (baked but lots of them) and pretzels. That was my dinner. To lazy to make anything or get my butt off the couch to go out. :o So see we all do it. And like Cyn says, it didn't take a day to gain the weight (even though it seems like it to me, :lol: ) and so it will take us longer than a day to lose it and yes, break those habits we grew up with. I often wish there was a pill or potion we could take that would just melt away the pounds like magic! Boy what fun....eat cookies, cake, chips and all that stuff and never be fat! :D :genie: But realisticly we can't and you would just wonder what side effects would be like. :?: I sort of like having to work at it :sssh: Really! :yes: Because it makes me feel like I am accomplishing something. I know it is all with God's help and a little help from my friends :grouphug: However I am making the choice to let it happen! :D :soap: All I can say is that I am ever greatful that you can't get fat by smelling wonderful food! I am telling you guys that the bakery at the hotel has been making my mouth water for the last two months! :hun:
Your poem was very cool! :cool: I hope you will share more of them.
Cyn Sorry to hear about your dad. :( I lost my brother to heart failure when he was just 47! :cry: Almost 10 years ago now. He smoked and so did I. I quit about two years ago, Feb. for the second time. It's funny, though because once I made up my mind both times to quit it seemed easy. However unlike weight loss were you still have to eat to live, you just don't pick up another cigarette. I went into weight loss thinking I should be able to do this easy if I quit smoking so easy. Not realizing that well, I still have to eat. Just have to be careful! :smoking: :no: :hun: Have to do it! I wish your hubby lots of luck. Tell him....or maybe he knows....that just take it one day or one craving at a time and that the cravings may never go away, but once he is over the withdrawls he will never have to go through them again as long as he doesn't pick up another. My Sweetie was a three pack a day smoker (where ever did he find the time? :shrug: ) And when he quit he was sooooo sick! He just kept thinking he would never pick up another cause he didn't want to have to go through that again. :yes:
Ok, I am done there. :soap: :sorry:
So, I will get going now. I need to get some laundry done. Eat some breakfast and call my friend Kelly to see if she still wants me to come visit. We had lots of snow lastnight and going to her house can be treacherous, snowdrifts! :eek: :fr: :stress: :yikes:
Lori, and Kae: Hope to hear from you two soon. I will try to get back on tonight. Or later this afternoon. :coffee: Have a wonderful day!

Christalynn 12-23-2004 12:25 PM

Hello Everyone,

Mike- Welcome to our little chicken coup ..oops I mean group :grouphug: :D
I know what you mean about temptation and gaining weight from the smell of food. I work in Customer Service and it is located right around the corner from the bakery :dz:
I hope everyone is having a good day with very little temptation...remember that nothing tastes as good as success!
Christmas is just around the corner. I am ready to take it on :sumo: My family is celebrating on Chrstimas eve and we are having a soup potluck. I will be taking my tried and true Fiesta Chicken soup..2pts per cup.
I'm glad you liked my poem. I am my own critic :drill: and I can be very hard on myself at times. I may post another one on Christmas.
I have increased my activity so even if it doesn't reflect on the scale Monday, I know that I am taking the right steps. Once classes begin on the 20th of Janurary I will be working out in the college gym at least 3 days a week for a minimun of 45 minutes. I plan in taking a physical activity every semester to keep on track and to help my GPA ;)
There is no activity on the guy front. My horoscopes are telling me not to lose focus on myself so I may put the guy on the back burner and let him simmer for a while. This time it's about me :encore: :queen:
I'll check in later, take care

WildStrawberry 12-23-2004 12:41 PM

*sound of clicking needles*

Hi everyone. I put my knitting down to come out and let everyone know I'm still alive! Dbf is off this week and is hogging the computer :) so it'll be hit or miss for me for a bit.

I am obsessed with getting this knitting thing right. It's so much fun! I urge everyone to give it a try if you need something to do with your hands in the evenings. knitting help is a great place to go for information. (and psst...guys can do it too! :D )

Christalynn what a beautiful poem! Thank you so much for sharing!

Mike *waves* Hi! Nice to have a rooster in this hen house! :D

Cyn Big hugs to you and your dad. And many prayers as well! And :lucky: to your hubby as well on the quitting smoking thing!

Well, we're on a level 2 snow emergency right now (don't go out unless you HAVE to go) and I still have 2 more prezzies to get. *sigh* can you say a little bit of :stress: going on? :D The snow has stopped so I should be able to go out later this evening. Keep your fingers crossed! :lol:

See y'all soon!


Oh yeah...did anyone happen to glance at my sig? hmmm??? Look! See if there's anything different there...something like a :goodscale: or something! :rofl:

WildStrawberry 12-23-2004 12:52 PM

I forgot to say


to you all...

Kae :sman:

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