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Christina I know the funk you're talking about! I was there too. It's getting better today.
Savin' Where are you from in WI if you don't mind me asking? I sure hope I haven't layed all the crap on my kids like my mom did us. I love her but let me tell you (sure you already know) there are enough negative things and people in my life I sure don't need and won't take it from my mom.
Anyway, Cyn! That is TERRIFIC that you lost 2 lbs! I am afraid of the scale. I haven't been real good. But then I don't really think I have been overly bad either. I may go today or wait until Thurs.
Question. What (besides weight loss and exercise) are some resolutions you have made? If you don't want to asnwer because you think it too personal I understand. Mine is to think more positively all around. I made about 10 last year and didn't do well with so many, so this year I dedcided to limit my self to just a couple. I'm not even putting weight loss on there becasue that is going to happen!
Ok Well, I sure hope Kae and Lori are doing well. I think we need to wait for someone to make the new thread of New Creations #3 because I don't know how.
Talk to you soon.
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tired of being fat
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Default hello all

Hi everyone,
I'm still here and alive. I have been reading all of the posts but just haven't been feeling up to replying. I got lured into that Christmas blues thing and it is just now leaving. I don't know why....I had a great Christmas....Got a bunch of workout videos, hand weights and an ab roller. I did however eat more then normal, but apparently not to much more since I went to weigh in last night and lost another 1.6 pounds. It surprised me.
I am sorry I stayed away for so long. I am also not going to try to type to you all individually, but it does look like you all had a great christmas so I am happy for you all.
I am really happy to see Savin back, and would like to welcome Mike if he is still around. I haven't seen him post recently.
Well, as per my agreement, I am going to start a new thread like I should have done last night. I will see you all there. Look for New Creations #3.

TTFN, Lori
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Smile Morning!

Good morning all! I got up today and did WATP and now I am on break from my writing my son is entertaining my little niece so I can have some computer time.
Shawn New years resolutions? Definately lose weight and take care of my health. Plus I have goals of enjoying life and my family more-which will be much easier without all this weight. I would also like to be better with my finances. I guess I want to work on me most of all--not just the weight but me as a person. I think that is the main resolution I have.
Christalynn The key words in your post-I have not given up-good for you!! I know you are going to be back on track and getting those pounds off I am sorry about WW going up in price. That is why I am doing it on my own-I cant afford the online thing right now and I have no meetings around me. Also I see you are wanting new scales-I had to get a new one because my old relic was the dial kind and when I stepped on it I was so heavy the needle thing couldnt move How is that for a wake up call? Anyhow I found a digital one -you guessed it-on ebay and got it for $2 with $14 shipping-it was brand new and works great. First I was afraid to step on it because it is glass but the box said up to 350lbs. I still hate stepping on it but I do like to see the #'s going down!
I guess I better get back to my work if I wanna make the resolution about my finances come true I will check in soon. Have a great day everyone!
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