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Red face

Hi everyone..sorry such a late post..its been one of those days..i feel like im running in slo-mo and not getting anywhere actually been real mil b-day lunch was alot of fun.. there was 15 of us and she was surprized.. she was 83 today..welcome dee.. im from alaska..mariied to the same guy for35 yrs.. i have two grown daughters..with great husbands and 4 beautiful grand kids..we live in a log house and have moose running thru our yard on occasion..i love to sew.. make greeting cards scrapbook all my pictures make quilts and design beadded jewelry which i dh and i are retired..i will be 55 on monday..this past yr has been a rough one for us lots of health problems and surg etc but we are on the mend now.. i have been heavy all my wasnt till i got sick that i payed attention to my body..i just recently started curves but have been following ww for a while now..i have alot to loose..but try and take things in small steps and can do it to and we are here to help each other.. every one in this group is an amazing friend..the thing is is not to feel guilty just get back with it when you slip up.. baby steps small changes..bigger success..well everyone i wore myself out today and still have clean up duty in the kitchen was a pretty sunny day here.. ((((((hugs)))))) to all and will check in on you all in the morning..rosey

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