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I've been making mu shu chicken (sans pancake) for a few weeks and I'm hooked on it. I found a recipe online that I tinkered with to make lower carb:

I omit the corn starch, sherry and hoisin sauce. The recipe appealed to me because the use of the cole slaw mix and brocoli slaw made the prep much easier. Basically, I just chop up and sautee the green onions, garlic and shitake mushrooms and add in the packaged slaw mixes afterwards. The recipe doesn't call for it, but I add some egg to the recipe. While the veggies are sauteeing, I make a little "nest" and scramble up a couple eggs in the middle. To cut down on fat I use eggbeaters instead of eggs. Sometimes I add a tablespoon of oyster sauce for flavor, even though that adds a few carbs. But I think its worth it. All in all its a tasty dish! I guess there really is no reason why chinese food shouldn't be low in carbs. The good thing is that when you make it yourself, you can control it. I want to try out an egg foo young one of these days too.

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