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It's a beautiful day and I should be outside doing something. I did have a good time visiting with my friend. I've eaten out to many times this week end but I tried to keep it healthy. Went to church where my cousin goes and got to hear him preach. He does well. We ate out after church on Sunday and I spotted my aunt at the food bar. I knew my cousin couldn't be to far away. Sure enough she spotted me. She invited us to come sit with them after we finished. I'm so glad I got to see her. She's been having some health problems but yesterday she looked really well.
But I do know one thing I don't want to live with her/ my friend. She wants to be waited on hand and foot. I'm not able to do that. Be sides I think she would be controlling. She mentioned that she wanted a house with a place for a lawn and garden. I may have spoke out of turn but I let it be known that I'm not able to do the yard work or to garden. I know no that I want my own space.

Sending good vibes and prayers for your DH's procedure.

Too cute about Ainsly thinking she caught a glimpse of the Easter Bunny. I missed all the fun stuff by not going to my sister's.

So good to see you posting again.

Hello's to Laura and Michelle.

Just remembered that today is rent payment day and I need to stop by the insurance office. They need some information for the renters insurance.
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