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Krampus ~ I am feeling better today, although still carrying a lot of weight. I kept it easy on the treadmill and just did a mile () but it felt so good mentally, if nothing else.
You da best to go out with your roomie when she came home sad. (Darn those preschools, making people cry!) Did you two know each other before you started rooming together?
I was thinking the same thing about the cals when I saw the sample meal plans. They do seem kind of low, so I'm thinking I might bump up the amount of "allowed foods" and throw in some more turkey for dinner and load up on veggies, etc.

That's hilarious about the Olympians and their Micky D's fix. I'd be all over it for the "free" part alone.

Lockitup ~ I hear ya on the appraisal of the doc, but he's known my family for years and knows that we're pretty healthy in general. I think he was trying to give me credit for being a reasonably intelligent adult who knows what and what not to eat... (Actually doing it is another matter entirely, though. ) Yuckkkk about being sick again! And try not to beat yourself up about the food too much. Sooner or later you're just going to naturally return to what feels and works best in the long run.

Bayzee ~ I'm definitely going to bump up the portions on that menu. It's too dang skimpy as it is.

Does anyone watch the UK show Fat Fighters?

It's kind of my new obsession.
I love the trainer's characters and it makes me want to get out there, eat well, and move!
The only thing standing between you and your goal is the story you tell yourself about why you haven't gotten there yet.
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