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Hi! Day one of my new crazy schedule just ended. Work + 3-hour class = VERY tired me.

My eating was improved today. Much improved. I hope I see a bit of a dip on the scale tomorrow. I feel so chunky now it's uncomfortable.

Oh, I've found a nice wine substitute! About 1 oz of pomegranate juice mixed with seltzer water! It tastes tangy and sort of wine-like! I had this in a wine glass today. It would be 50 calories for a full glass since 3 oz of pom. juice is 150. So 50 as opposed to 150-200 for real wine is a good start! I know it's ideal to just have calorie-free drinks but I have to start somewhere...

@bayzee - you're right. I'm frustrated. Mostly frustrated with myself for making poor choices and sabotaging myself at every turn. I like your idea. I don't know if I can commit to a strict program with my life being crazy the way it is, but I very much like the idea of starting off with 2 fruits, 2 n/f yogurts, veggies and protein, etc. It sounds like it would be very effective for weight loss. I'm going to try this. Er, don't have Greek n/f yogurt at home but have everything else!

@Alex - Heh, yep maintenance of these instruments can be quite pricey! Actually my bathroom is the place where the sound MOST carries between our two places, LOL. Or rather the wall that's near the bathroom. There is a room downstairs that could possibly work, should I ever get a new bow... (I can't just rehair the bow, it's totally warped or something).

@lockitup - I use calorie count. What I like about it is that it allows the option of measuring everything in grams! I like the myfitnesspal site better overall, but that option isn't there and sometimes you ONLY get the option of "1 serving" or something else weird that I can't translate to what I'm actually eating. But it's still SO time consuming. I know that's not going to work for me long term if I'm getting frustrated over the time involved (my time will be SO precious this coming three 1/2 months!)
Mini-goal 1 = 149
Mini-goal 2 = 144
Mini-goal 3 = 139
Mini-goal 4 = 133
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Goal for real= 120

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