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bayzee ~ Mexico sounds deeeelicious! I was inspired by your guacamole fests and bought 4 avocados on sale. If I can't experience the joys of Mexico firsthand, at least I can join in on some of the food!

ohtheplaces ~ Ooooh, bonfires.... So much fun!!! I have friends with a firepit at their house and love that feeling of gathering around a fire. Strange as it sounds, I love the smell of a campfire, too. Good deal that your friends have kids that are close in age to yours. (And I second Krampus's question about what kind of pie...)

Krampus ~ I remember you asked earlier-- the biggest highlight of the Nashville trip was hands down getting to see my lil sis again. Hadn't seen her in 2.5 years... She's six years younger and we're super close, but just haven't been able to connect before now. This was a great trip to catch up and we're chatting on the phone more than ever now. Other than that, fun times included visiting a SUPER HUGE SUPER CLEAN used book store and... (don't laugh) those biscuits and gravy. The hotel had a decent breakfast buffet and we had a great time there every morning. Yum!

ohlecat ~ Where do you get your strength training workouts from? And I hear ya on getting the naughty cravings under control. I'm having a harder time giving up the sweets and starches, but don't really look at wine. We all have our vices, right?

Joss ~ Kudos to you for restructuring your workout/training system/approach to fitness. I've been contemplating a bit of a restructure myself and might actually try to incorporate more weight training into my program... Even though I've been super anti-weight in the past (I blink and I bulk up) I think it may be time to add in some high reps at low weights...
And seriously loving your travel. Even in your "quiet" times, I think you travel more in a quarter than I have in the last year! (And I probably missed it awhile back, but what are you going to school for?)

petitepowerhouse ~ Welcome! You inspired me with your weight training, too. Weddings are fantastic motivation. ;-)

Urgh... Am trying to ease back into a more "healthy" way of eating (didn't go toooo crazy, but still...) I had a bagel and lime tortilla chips this morning. Made a shepherd's pie yesterday for dinner (ground turkey and a TON of veggies) and had that for lunch.

Was 156 yesterday and am 154.8 today. At least I'm going in the right direction. Not really stressing about weight, but I plan to start posting my weigh-ins again on Monday, 1/7 so hopefully that will keep me accountable.
The only thing standing between you and your goal is the story you tell yourself about why you haven't gotten there yet.
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