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Food today was ok. I am tracking which is always a revelation. Mostly I tend to overestimate how much I have eaten and then feel bad, and then overeat cause I feel bad--or even if I don't overeat I tend to carry that worry with me through the day, inevitably fueling the desire to eat my cares away.

So much better to just wrte stuff down and see what's real.

Tomorrow is my first full workday at my studio. I'll still be shuffling things around but I have a high school student coming over to interview me on video about the public art project I did with a private homeowner this year. That's the fence project. She's in a film class and the assignment is to make a documentary and the fence is her topic. So I get interviewed in my studio. I think this is a fine christening for Necessity Studios.

Foodwise I cut up veggies *credit* when we got back from the grocery store. You'd think I found the cure for the common cold I was that pleased with myself. I detest dealing with veggies but it is sooooo necessary and I like to eat them, just hate to get them ready. DH has been pulling his weight by doing them for months now. Heading off to the studio most days this week and re-joining ww are good incentives to get serious about my food again. I'm ok and happy to do it.

I cooked from scratch today *credit* but ate too much fruit this evening. I knew I would, even planned it in the back of my head as fruit are 0 points--but not as much as I ate. However. 0 is 0. I am holding to the letter of the program but the spirit isn't in line so I have to watch it for that reason. Beck guidelines surpass ww when push comes to shove. It's Beck that has kept the weight off. *credit* to Beck.

to the newcomers! You are in the right place to post asking for a diet coach or buddy. We have all agreed to be each other's coach and will ask you to be ours.

BigchiefDavid BillBlueEyes, our moderator, does a little synopsis of this forum and the Beck program everytime the month starts anew.
Go to the first post here
which just passed (December 1st, 2012) yesterday. Maybe you've even already seen it? Basically we discuss our Beck strategies and if you are going though the workbook we talk about that too. There are always folks going through the book for the first time or the 40th time. If you have questions there will be someone around to answer. We are a very helpful bunch. Glad you've joined us.

geoblewis Hello! Decluttering and recovering things via that declutter has been my life for quite sometime. I know where you are coming from. This week I lost my glasses and my Beck book as well. I am sure they'll turn up as I continue to shift my space. I am happy you moved your work out of the bedroom. That just seems right to me. I look forward to your posts as you move through the Beck book.

Off now. Need to go read my book (Last Train to Paradise about Flager's quest to build the railroad to Key West. When I was in Key West I saw a 2min(?) film taken from the caboose of the train as it crossed the Gulf of Mexico. Amazing. What a quest that was.

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