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Happy New Year's Eve, everyone!

My final weight of the year is the same as my average weight for the year. I guess it's time to start thinking of myself in maintenance. In 2012, I was still looking for what my maintenance weight would be. While looking, I wandered off the track dramatically a couple of times.

January 1: 76.55 kgs
Average: 76.07
Today: 76.05
Highest: 78.2 (July 1, after a jet-lag induced eating jag)
2nd highest: 77.85 (November 29, I'm not quite sure what that problem was)
Lowest: 74 (April 7, but I'd have to be awfully careful to maintain that)

I think a good goal for 2013 is to maintain between 75 and 77kgs.

I need 85 minutes of exercise to meet my December goal. Fortunately (?), it's snowing here. So I'll probably have at least that much shoveling time.

WI: -0.4 kgs, Exercise: +45 1315/1400 minutes for December, Food: 90%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

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Hooray for me! I did get on the scale first thing this morning so credit for that and not avoiding. And, my weight was 196, which is 2 pounds up, and is exactly where I was on the first day of Christmas break (12/22)! So even though I don't like the +2, I got through the worst of the holiday eating season on an even keel.
Tonight friends are coming and her & I are having a "craft night" - making a big mess making stuff while the guys do a jigsaw puaale. She also a healthy eater, so we can have some yummy veggie trays and stuff that won't sabotage either of us. We'll put the gooey stuff in the livingroom with the guys and hold each other accountable.
I am confident that with some exercise the rest of the week and next week back to chasing Kindergarteners, I can be back on I down hill slide very quickly.
Gardenerjoy, I like how you document your weight in kg; if I were starting again I think I might do that, because it takes the emotions of the numbers out of it; weighing ___amount or losing ___pounds has historical or emotional weight, but KG is as Beck says, just a number.
WE all know in our heads that "Food does not fix feelings" but sometimes our emotional vulnerablility leaves us unprepared to be strong against tough food choices. You did the best you could and OhWell is a good response at this moment.
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Default Happy New Year!

Hey Coaches and Fellow Becksters,

Weighed in today and was fairly happy to have lost a half a pound, considering the holidays and an off plan day for Christmas. DW and I worked on our Ideal Scene for next year and we talked about ideal weight goals and exercising. Pretty inspiring and reminded me that I'm more concerned with feeling good while exercising combined with weight loss goals than with achieving arbitrary fitness goals.

A couple years back, I rode in a century ride--100 miles--and it was insufferable: hot as **** in southern Louisiana during the summer and there were hills (someone must have put them there while my back was turned), which made my low back feel like it might detach from the rest of body and the only thing fueling me was a constant stream of swearing. I gained weight during the training.

Not this year. I will lose weight, enjoy working out and keep up with my constantly-in-motion four-year old.

Nature Girl: Favorite line from Good Night Moon: "Good night nobody, good night mush."

Thanks everyone for your inspiration and may auld diet frustrations be forgotten...
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