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Happy Saturday Becksters

I had a good weigh in this morning which always makes a person happy, doesn't it? And it motivated me to go to the gym and get a killer workout. In which I noticed myself in the mirror and even though I've lost only a few lbs since starting on this journey in Sept, I've been working hard at exercise and wow it pays off in how you look.

I wear a pedometer and managed nearly 8000 steps today too, more happy dancing. (Sorry BBE, you'll get there!). However I overdid it on the takeout bbq tonight, after a solid OP day. Okay - progress not perfection, and I just get right back on track. Cornbread was my undoing, sigh. That, and I do still wrestle with "I worked out so I EARNED it." That math, a thousand times over, doesn't really work, at least not for my body. And reading Beck closely again, I caught something I hadn't clicked with in the past: to my body, a calorie is a calorie. Meaning: my metabolism may know I exercised, but it doesn't know that I feel entitled. It is what it is. (sadly: lazy!). And I must remember that it's just a math equation to my body, no emotions involved. I may feel virtuous and deserving of a reward, but my metabolism is just a boring accountant* and doesn't care.
*Only people trained as accountants can make boring accountant jokes LOL.

gardnerjoy thank you for the reminder about holiday weight gain. Keep telling us b/c the temptation racket is going into high gear and we need our defenses up!

Beverlyjoy Oh don't you love to hate those hollow leg people. I imagine most of us never had that going on at any age - I didn't anyway. It is amazing how out of sight out of mind can work and how seeing it can ruin things if you're feeling week. My dh favors fattening cheeses which are my kryptonite. I hide them way in the back of the fridge and amazingly, can mostly forget they live there. It blows my mind how he will completely forget even if it's right in, nah, I don't want cheese. OMG how can you not want cheese LOL. I hope he hides the candy well! And don't look for it!

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