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Default please help-I gained weight on this

I have been doing the whole foods diet for 2 weeks now. I did not cheat with processed foods, or at least not enough to count, except for one day which was a week after I began the diet.
I gained some weight on this diet, and I'm not sure why, maybe you can help.
Foods I ate
-one day I ate eggs and tuna
-lots of fruit in the beginning but never mixed with other carbs
-barley and oatmeal-not with other carbs
-cottage cheese
-peanut butter
-100% whole grain english muffins
-vegetable burgers, not with other carbs
-steamed veggies
-chicken- plain
-vegetable soup
-salsa, sour cream, cheese
dairy has been low fat, everything is plain elements with no added oils or sugars.
I don't even eat a large quantity of food per day, although I am not precisely counting cals. Could I be not getting enough calories even with the high calorie content of some of these foods? The frequency of my eating and the type of foods have made my energy constant but by no means high. No blood sugar soars but no lows.
Please help if you can, thanks!

I forgot to mention too, that I am very puffy. I feel like I have loose flabby puffy skin around my frame all over, which is different from 2 weeks ago. Even on my back which is usually pretty slim.
My nails have grown strong and superb, and I have gotten over the digestive issues. I think my skin is good perhaps a bit less oily in the face? Probably too soon to tell.

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