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Don't Give Up
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Red face Please Help!--Have you ever felt this way?

I donít really know exactly where to start but I have realized that what I need right now is just to know Iím not alone in this, because I really feel like I am.

I just want to feel like I can do this again, because there is a part of me that has given up, and I donít know exactly how to get this back.

Did anyone else take 4 or more years to reach their goal weight?
Iím coming up to my 4th year and after a year & Ĺ of disappointment Iím starting to doubt myself.

I eat healthy, exercise, and take my vitamins. Iíve been doing this since I decided to become healthier and lose weight back in November of 2006. I started out weighing 235 pounds!

I had a really disappointing year in 2009. Instead of reaching my goal weight of 135-140 I gained back the 10 pounds I had lost at the beginning of the year around the holidays.

Then at the beginning of 2010, in my determination to do better, I cut my calories too low and when I went back to eating normally I gained back the weight I had lost. Itís been like this for the last year and a half. Lose a little gain it back. Lose a little gain it back. Itís just like 5 pounds. More or less Iíve really been maintaining the last year and a half.

About a month ago I began to get back on track and have gone from weighing 185.6 to 181.8. Itís not a huge loss but it has been consistent and Iíve been eating really healthy with eating more vegetables, and protein. My family has a history of insulin-resistance so I am now trying to limit my carb intake and follow diets for those with insulin resistance.

My current goals are to lose 1 pound a week and go from wearing a size 14 jeans to a size 12, and just not give up! By the end of August I want to have lost 12.8 pounds and weigh 169 pounds. I want to continue to eat lots of vegetables, protein, & limit my carb intake just because I feel better that way. I also want to continue my exercise routines of working out 4-6 times a week for an hour-2 hours as I have been doing, but just try to up the intensity.

So there is my plans and where I am at. Some weight loss tips or just other peopleís experiences with losing weight would be greatly appreciated!

I think words of encouragement of any type would really help. Just knowing Iím not alone in this would help because itís been hard and somehow Iíve got to learn to get past this barrier I have, and achieve some of my goals so I can get my ďweight-lossĒ confidence back!

Thank you!
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hey!! i have 22 lbs to lose and it's taken me from January 1 to lose 7-8. it's a struggle every day but these pounds are the ones that are going to stay off. You're slowely changing your lifestyle and that's a positive thing. stay conscious of the food choices you're making and stay with it.. better late than never! good luck and congrats on your success so far!!
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Closet health nut!
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Read my siggy! I'm 4.5 year in, you can do it!!!!
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SE Asia, baby
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I can definitely relate to how you're feeling.

I started losing weight about 4 years ago and was able to get from 232 to about 174. I took me about a year. During the next three or so years, I held at 174, give or take 10 pounds. It's been the same thing for me what it sounds like it's been for you.

Over the past couple of months, I've definitely been on the higher end of the spectrum, and, it's hard to admit this, but I was probably closer to 185-7 than I would have liked. However, about a month ago I decided to recommitt, and am again around 174...but this time I want to get lower! Even though I'm relatively happy at this weight, I know I can do/feel/look/deserve better.

I'm kinda rambling now, but just know that there are other people out there just like you! You've done so well so far, and even though it's been slow, and you've had ups and downs, in the grand scheme of things, you're going in the right direction. You can do this!

Good luck, and i can't wait to continue hearing how you're doing!
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Back with a story
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Oh yes, I have been at this for two years and am less than halfway to my goal. Granted, I am aiming for slower weightloss and higher calorie amounts, and I knowingly interrupted my weightloss for this pregnancy, which has slowed things down immensely, but losing slowly or in stops and starts does NOT mean failure or that there is something wrong with you. Its progress, not perfection, that constitutes success in weightloss. If you can lose a little and maintain it, you're going to be healthier than a yoyo dieter who loses and gains the same fifty pounds every few years.

Be gentle with yourself and keep working at your goal. You will get there, or close to there, in time... But if you throw up your hands and quit that is a surefire way to NEVER reach it, you know?
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I'm nearly 2 years in and still have 80 lbs to go. You're definitely not alone. Sure I'd love to get there faster, but the important thing is I'm getting there!
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All Hail The Queen
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Don't stress out about it. Everyone's body is different, which means that everyone loses weight at a different pace. The important thing is not to lose motivation! You can do it!

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When I first started my weight loss i did it in 007-lost 75 pounds. I then maintained, hit a plateau and kept it there until last year. Then i regained 15 pounds. Now I'm in the process of losing the 15 pounds and then focusing on losing alot more.
You are not alone. Don't give up. It doesn't matter how long it takes as long as you keep working to make yourself healthier. Just take it one pound at a time. I try not to think of how many pounds or oh it's taking me this long. I'm proud of myself because I actually maintained for quite awhile before regaining, which means i will be able to maintain when i get to that point.

Hang in there!
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aka Vicky
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Everybody loses at different rates, the most important thing is that you haven't given up. Never give up on your potential!! You can do this.

When you work out, are you increasing intensity? I only ask because you body could be getting used to your workouts so you will be losing at a slower rate.

You are not alone in this, I'm definitely not losing as fast as I would like, but we'll both get there, it just takes some tenacity and hard work. Good luck on your journey - YOU CAN DO THIS!
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the last twenty pounds kicks everybody's butt. Seriously.
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I've been at this for 2.5 years. Granted, I am at my goal weight, but nothing has changed. I still can't eat what I want when I want, or I'll gain weight like crazy. It doesn't matter how fast or slow you lose it, it matters that you have perseverance to keep at it. Even when you get to goal, you'll still have to work VERY HARD at keeping it off. So just never give up....because if you do, those 5-10 pounds gains will become 45-50 pound gains.
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One day at a time!
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Lori Bell originally posted It doesn't matter how fast or slow you lose it, it matters that you have perseverance to keep at it.
Lori expressed my feelings exactly. I have been working at this for 21 months. I am very happy with 1 pound a week but there are weeks that it doesn't happen. My age may be one factor in that. Anyway, I have accepted that I am going to have to make an organized effort to eat healthy for the rest of my life in order to lose weight and then maintain that loss. So it takes however long it takes to lose the weight. It is my responsibility to keep on keeping on!
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To answer your question...Yes...I have had those feelings too.

But, it takes as long as it takes. Everyone's body, life, metabolism, hormones, circumstances, environment, work life, recreation life, exercising style is so different. Yes it can take years for some folks and less time for others. You are making such good progress. The main thing is changing how you live with food.

Ten years from now it's not going to matter how long it took you to get to your goal...but, that you are there and are really 'living' with food in a healthful and sane manner.

Congrats on your wonderful weight loss!!

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Don't Give Up
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Smile A BIG Thank you!

I canít begin to express my thanks enough to all you ladies! I just read through what you said and it reminded me that I began this to be healthier, not just to lose weight and even if all the running and eating healthy and exercising hasnít gotten me to drop the pounds it certainly has helped me to feel better and to be healthier, which was my main goal in the first place.

I really found your stories and words inspiring. I canít thank you enough!
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