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I lose slowly too.

I've lost about 12 lbs in the last 12 months. That's only ONE -- 1 -- pound per month.

But, I am in a much better place in terms of my health, my activity levels, and how I feel internally, even if the weight loss isn't there.

The scale is only ONE factor of this journey. Look, even if you got on the scale tomorrow and it suddenly read 164 lbs, would anything change?

Secondly, the calorie counting will have to continue for as long as you don't know intuitively how much you should eat to keep your weight at 164 lbs (when you reach that). Eventually, you will. It will become routine. But for now, it's not... so you have to count.

After all, you know precisely how much you need to eat for 262 lbs, right?! That's why you stay at that weight. Eventually, you'll figure out how much you need to eat at 164 and how much exercise you have to do and the types of exercise.

I can't eat like anyone else in this forum... I have to eat what makes my body lose weight. For me, it's about balancing my IR/PCOS stuff with my food and my exercise. Is it slow? Sure, it's slow.

But there are other things you need to consider and appreciate, like the health you're giving yourself, maybe you're more flexible or stronger or maybe you can run a 5K or lift this amount of weights or play this sport that you couldn't do before. Maybe you find out that the scale doesn't change, but you don't have to take X medication or your blood pressure is lower or your cholesterol is better.

Those are the things that will take you past the lack of scale movement.

Don't give up. This isn't a sprint or even a race! This is a marathon.
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