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Hey, Unna!

I think it does make a difference how one thinks about oneself. If someone has self-talk that says, "I'll never lose weight, I'm always going to be fat, I can't control myself, I'm just a big slacker, etc." then that can't help but bring them down. OTOH, if the self-talk is, "I'm trying. I did OK this morning/afternoon/evening, I can change, I have a choice, I'm up for keeping on, etc." then that can't help but keep them going.

Is it magic? Well, yes and no. I heard a speaker say, "You can put a pot of water and rice on the stovetop, and pray day and night for cooked rice--but if you don't turn on the burner, it doesn't matter how much you pray, you won't get cooked rice."

Carrying that analogy further, if you get the rice, put it in a pot with the right amount of water, turn on the burner, and follow directions, there is no way you will not get cooked rice!

A positive attitude always helps more than a negative one, but even with a negative attitude, success is possible. It may be harder, but it's possible. You can get cooked rice even if you don't believe in the process--just don't let your negative attitude lead you to turn off the burner!

"My religion is kindness." --His Holiness the Dalai Lama

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