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Originally Posted by mandalinn82 View Post
Strength training can be cardiovascular. "Cardio" doesn't mean hopping on a treadmill or elliptical - it means getting your heart rate up.

You can do circuit training and get the benefits of both strength and cardio, because your heartrate stays elevated. In circuit training, you perform exercises back to back, without resting. Instead of the more traditional set/rep sort of lifting, you might do a set of lunges, followed by a set of squats, followed by a set of deadlifts. Then you can add in a cardio burst (my preferred method - 60 seconds of jumping jacks or etc) to keep your heart rate up, then do the circuit again a few times. I guarantee that your heart rate will be just as high or higher than it would be on a treadmill.

Your heart rate also goes higher if you're going from UB to LB exercises. So for example, Squats, Overhead Presses, Lunges, Hammer Curls. If that was your circuit, your blood has to move from the muscles in your lower body to the muscles in your upper body quickly, which also increases heart rate.
All VERY VERY true, when i had a trainer this is what we did, always changing it up and i got AMAZING results!

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