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i am new here so please forgive me for butting in. I just had a scale bought for my house. I quite weighing myself 7 years ago...refused to have a scale. I thought i could always be able to lose and never really had a problem....except being obsessed with weighing myself.

Recently I have been having trouble losing ten lbs and so I bought a scale and i weigh every morning.
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Originally Posted by EagleRiverDee View Post
Nearly daily. I've found that daily weigh ins provide a lot of feedback. I know if I have inflammation from a workout (because I'll pack on 2-3 lbs overnight) or if I ate too many carbs (same). But when I see weight loss and I see the same number several days in a row, I also know it's real and not merely dehydration.
This^^^^^^^ EagleRiverDee nailed it; I weigh daily for the same reasons. I will add that it's one data point for me. Other things I pay attention to are how my clothes are fitting, how well I'm sleeping and how my joints feel. Over the last month I've eased way off from sugar and I've noticed how much easier it is to get out of bed each morning. I don't struggle with the 'Tin Man' type of movement that seemed to mark every morning.
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I have a scale that estimates your body fat, muscle mass, BMI, etc, so I do it every morning. I typically know when it's going to indicate a gain because, like many have pointed out, salt intake carbs, inflammation from something you ate or did can have an immediate impact. I once weighed myself in the evening after a night out with lots of food and drink. I wanted to see how much my body would remove by my next weigh in. I was four pounds lighter after a night of multiple trips the bathroom and then the normal morning routine.
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never to afraid to see....
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I'm just starting back out, and got weighed at the doctor's 2 weeks ago. I'm giving it 2 months before I buy a scale (there's a reminder already programmed into my phone) to see how I do without the constant reminder in my face. I'm picking up the rest of my habits from my last run at losing weight just not the scale. Water consumption is up, all food is tracked in a book (and starting next week, weighed and calorie counted), exercise is minimal pushing to moderate. (I work on the 7th floor. I haven't taken the elevator down in 2 weeks, and I'm at the point I can make it 3 flights up on the stairs before I have to switch.)

If I like the number I get weighing after 2 months, (aiming for 7-8kg loss) I'll keep up with the weigh in every few months. If it's not I'll have to get a bit more mindful and start weighing closer together.
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Currently every day. I know there will be fluctuations, and that's fine. But I want to get into a habit of regular accountability. Just recording it every morning, helps me to stay focused on what I'm doing the rest of the day.

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I normally weigh every Sunday..
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I don't know if I love or hate my scale but i visit that dam liar every morning.
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once a month
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As for me, I weigh myself every day. Itís very difficult for me now to lose weight due to hormonal disbalance which came with menopause, so I have to control myself regularly
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