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Come on Spring!
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Good morning. It looks like both my computer and I have survived to live another day. She gave me the dreaded "Primary Master Hard Disc Error" at Startup this morning but I somehow got around it. I'd feel much better if I had a laptop for back-up but the Mastercard is still convalescing from my trips.

Debbie, doesn't it feel good to get those crummy jobs out of the way! I am slowly tackling this crack house and am amazed at how much "stuff" I've got. There's a Yard Sale at one of our Churches next weekend so they will benefit. I even have a nearly new small TV and stand that was in H's room at the nursing home and he died two years ago! When you live by yourself, it's too easy to just ignore things. Watching "Hoarders" always gives me a jolt.

It's going to be a rainy and cold day here again, a day when I'd love to quilt, sip coffee and listen to music. I do have to go out to take the mugs and bulletins to the Church and then will have the day to myself. I really should visit my friend Ernie who just had a hip replacement and may work that in this afternoon. I'll definitely do that so I don't feel like a sloth. (The apples are still not in the dehydrator! )

OK, Ruthie! Just get on with it.

Raising my coffee mug to toast you all and hoping for a bit of good excitement in your Saturday!
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