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Default Turn-Around Tuesday Beach Chatter

Good Morning Everyone

When I returned home last night, I stopped by to say hello and was overwhelmed at the line for beach towels. The holidays are over and it's time for a Turn-Around. I thought I'd take a moment to give a warm to all the new and restarting beachers; Mmckellen, RHP9, livelifelove, Shimmy Slim, Sjohnson, Smith1313, Treble, ddmbMom, Becci, BrownEyedStaccie, 81ToGo, AllyCat, Artemis, Waistingtime, HelloNurse, cannotstandpictures, newyearnewme2010, KKBsNicole, litar, michigangirl, dreaminstacy67. Wow! I'm sure I've missed someone, I hope not.

The SBD forum has been a lifesaver for me, and to all of you who continue to post regularly I send my warmest thanks. The daily chat has become my lifeline for keeping in daily contact with others as we walk a similar path towards health and weight loss. We all have friends and family; folks who care about us but aren't able to walk the walk with us. On Sunday, my DH put a giant frosted cookie in my face and asked if I would like one. After 8 months OP with his constant support-I was a bit suprised-and realized just how easy it is to say YES...and how important it is to say NO. BTW, after careful consideration I DID say No.

So, onward and upward....I'm up early and today wishing I could sleep. It's cold and I'm dreaming of spring. Knitting is on my agenda as is drinking . OP foods are lined out and I'm looking forward to a successful day. Exercise class at 9, then I'll come home and tackle my lists.

What's on your agenda this Tuesday, as we Turn-Around and step forward into 2010? Stop by and say hi .

Have a great day everyone!

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Good mornind Debbie! For being on mountain time, you sure are up early! Your DH should get a slap on the wrist for offering , good for you for declining!

The treadmill is fixed again downstairs, so this is my 'wake up' time, and I find myself doing better if I sit here a bit. I did go to the Y yesterday after work, and had a great workout on the treadmill. We'll see how today goes!

Last night I made the black bean burritos I talked about on the menu section, they were great!! My DH said, "no meat?", but he was okay with it. One child ate it, the other didn't touch it. Alas, she did make her own burrito though.

Today is work, and life as normal (hopefully. although I just remembered the pup bashed the DS in the mouth last night, might have to go get a tooth checked out!). The kitchen wall came down last night. WHOA! That kitchen's going to be HUGE once this is done! (well, a lot bigger than before!)

Have a great day!
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Hi Twynn, glad to hear your treadmill is up and running just as the kitchen walls come down. I checked out your pics and remenisced. How long do you expect this phase of the reno to last? Hope DS is ok. Have a great day!
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Good morning!

Debbie, good for you saying no thanks to the cookie! Enjoy your exercise class and your knitting, and hooray for your lists! Have a great Tuesday. (I checked email but no time to reply this AM. )

Finally got your treadmill fixed Twynn! Have a great first day back at work. I hope DS's mouth/tooth is fine this morning. (Baby tooth I hope?)

I'm going to bring my snowshoes, boots, etc to school with me today. Yesterday was good, I got a little in when I got home, but I won't have to rush so much if I just go out right at school. No logging roads, but the middle school sports fields border our parking lot so I'm going to give it a try.

Have a great day, friends!
I'll check in from school during morning recess and see what the rest of you are up to.
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Working on healthy
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Good morning Slurping down some coffee before I head to the Wii Fit for some morning yoga and stretching. I'm hoping it will not only improve my overall attitude but also keep my dollar store spine happy.

Debbie - way to go with the cookie. I your attitude and outlook. Don't know if I've mentioned that but it really brightens my day to see you in the mornings.

Twynn - Must be the season - we have the treadmill repair guy coming Friday. Ours is slipping a bit. DW has been maniacal about it for several months and is logging over 20,000 steps most days so I think it's just tired.
Glad to hear the burrito experiment went well. I had some really great black bean sweet potato burritos a few years back. Yum

Heidi - I think I'm finally getting out on snowshoes Thursday. Your persistence and creativity are motivating me. Last winter I just complained about not getting out. This winter I'm going to get out!

Another office day for me today. Now that the holidays are over I'm going to schedule some visits though. Time to get back on the road. I've got those studs for a reason, might as well drive around

I'm happily back on plan without too much stress. There are still some holiday treats in the office but I'm ignoring them. Of course that is my reminder to go write out my plan for the day Hope yours is on plan, smooth and low stress.
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Thanks for the welcome, Lexxiss! I woke up this morning feeling motivated...I just have to remember to take things an hour or day at a time. It's really easy for me to get ahead of myself. I'm sluggish about getting back into things after the break in routine over the holidays...time to focus. Talk to you all later!

Breakfast will be:
2 eggs with 1 tblsp. mayo and one tblsp. reduced fat bacon bits on celery with broccoli sprouts.
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Good morning, you Early Birds! Did you save any coffee for me?

I ended up working late last night and was pretty worn out and starving by the time I finally dragged my booty home. I read all the posts on the forum while eating my vegetable soup, but didn't have the energy to reply. I'd like to say a big to all our Newbies, though, and am looking forward to "meeting" all of you.

Yesterday was insane. Cindy called while I was still at the hairdresser to tell me she kept Maggie home from school, as they all had a bit of stomach virus over the weekend and Maggie was still nauseous, and needed over there ASAP. I did take the time to run back home to grab my lunch, and got over there to discover Maggie was lying on the couch watching cartoons and feeling just fine. So after she had her lunch I took her to school. She didn't complain as she knows I meant business, and was bouncy and full of smiles when I picked the girls up afterwards. Then it was a mad dash to drop off Maggie at piano and speed like a maniac to get Audrey to cotillion on time (they're not allowed to be late), rush back to get Maggie, and rush back in time to get Audrey. I made it without a minute to spare, but it was nuts. Then we get back to discover Cindy forgot to tell me she had a meeting and needed me to stay until Richard got home.

I'm hoping today goes smoother. I have to hang around here this morning to wait for FedEX to drop off Jake's new cellphone, so I guess I'll spiffy up the place while I'm waiting. Then I have to pick up some organizers for Cindy before heading over there to take down her tree and lug everything up to the attic. She said she'd be there to help me, but I'm not counting on it. I don't think there's anything scheduled for after school today, so I should make it home by a decent hour. At least my eating has been right on, since I've been too busy to eat!
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Come on Spring!
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Good morning. My dog alarm has finally decided that we don't need to get up at 5 AM! I hope it lasts.

Debbie, what a nice post to start us off today. You are very inspiring. Yes we do have lots of new Beachers and I'm afraid I've missed welcoming some of them. Chickies. Maybe it's time to start another Phase One Help thread?

Cottage, much as I like your Cindy, I could just shake her sometimes. It sounds like you survived another chaotic day. I hope the driving was fine.

Twynn, you will love your new kitchen. Mine stayed the same size when it was renovated but I thoroughly enjoy it - my favourite room in the house.

Cyndi, it sounds like you are back at it full speed. I hope your office is warmer today. Mine used to be cold on Monday's too and hot in the summer. They turned down the machines for the weekend to save money but gained a lot of complaints.

Heidi, good for you to work in your exercise after school. I tried snowshoeing once - it sure is a workout!

Mmclellan, glad you found us. Isn't Lexxis (Debbie) a great motivator? I'm with you on how hard it is to get on track after the holiday orgy.

Yesterday was an active day, full of niggles and giggles - the giggles when Claire came over for a fitting. I didn't make any progress on stashing away Christmas but did stay on plan and do what I said I'd do. The problem about living alone is that nobody knows what you really do. Some days I have to do the thumb in the bum routine to get me going.

Right after breakfast, I'll do treadmill and then some deck shovelling as the snow drifts are closing in. If I don't tackle them now, they'll be in the house by February! We're off to do pet therapy this afternoon.

Have a great Tuesday. Is today the "pipers piping" day? I hope they do it quietly.
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Cottage, fortunately for us "virtual" coffee never runs out. Wow! What a day you had yesterday! I hope Cindy appreciates your flexibility as it certainly makes her days run smoother. I think Maggie must have had the "Idontwanttogobacktoschool" flu. I hope your day is more predictable and not quite as long.

Mmckellen, for motivation, however an hour or day at a time is a great tool for a successful P1. Thanks for joining us!

Cyndi, I hope the heat is back on at work. BTW I'm sure noticing how you've been so consistent with your exercise!

Heidi, taking your snowshoes to work is a great idea! Have a great day!

Back to knitting...
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Good Morning Chicks.
to all of our new chickies.

Lexxiss- Way to go on saying no to the cookie. Yeah you.

Twynn- Glad to hear your treadmill is fixed. Hope DS tooth is ok and he does not need a trip to the dentist. Have a great day.

Heidi- Have fun with your snowshoes. I have always wanted to try. May have to add that to my bucket list.

Cyndi- Good for you staying away from the last of the holiday treats. Keep up the good work. Have a wonderful tuesday.

Mmckellen- It is so easy to get ahead of ourselves and forget to take it day by day. I must remember that myself, have a great day.

Cottage- My goodness I am tired just reading your post. WOW, hope your day is a little slower paced today. Have a great one.

Ruth- Good Morning, be careful shovelling. We sure are getting lots of snow this winter. Glad the dogs have decided that 5:00 am is to early to get up. Have a great day.

Me- Trying to get back into normal, the kids are still off school for one more day, so things should be back to normal rountine tomorrow. I got a call back on my mamogram so I spend the whole day yesterday freaking out. I go in again tomorrow for another. It has me stressed out. I couldn't even eat so I am trying to stay more calm about it today. Other than that I am working on organizing the house and organizing my health. Well must dash as my next wee one will be here soon, he has been gone for 3 weeks to visit his grandparents for the christmas season. I am sure he will have to be retrained today.
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Hello again chickies!

A quick check in to say the run went great , and it's nice to know the exercise is done for the day (although I might do some Wii yoga later...). THe stinkin' OnDemand is on the fritz though, so I thought I did pretty good to be just surfing thru the channels....

Oh, and that black bean burritos....the filling I think would be GREAT for omelettes!!
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Wow, everyone is up early this morning. No time for me to do individuals this AM as I need to get some notes typed up and out the door in an hour but wanted to wish everyone a wonderful OP day!

I will be back later to read and catch up. Unless these flurries turn into some real snow! Then I will be scrambling to get home

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Originally Posted by Ruthxxx View Post
Yes we do have lots of new Beachers and I'm afraid I've missed welcoming some of them. Chickies. Maybe it's time to start another Phase One Help thread?
Hi Ruth. I just missed you popping in. I was hoping you hadn't lost your power with all the snow you have. I was thinking, like you, that this would be a good month for a P1 thread. It would help our new towelmates get questions answered and we could have a good place to stop and say hi. Thanks for your kind words *blush* and have a great day!

LChick, glad to hear your routine is normalizing. today as you wait on your next MG. Waiting is hard. You've been a big help getting me back on my list making. Thanks!

Jenn, have a great day! See you later and I hope the weather cooperates and makes a pleasant day for you.
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Hi ladies. I am sticking my toe in to the daily chat today. I've read them before and been amazed at how well you all seem to know each other - so hesitated to join in. But I love how welcoming and supportive you always are and would love to be part of this great group.

So, good morning! I am off the a "body sculpting" class later at the gym, then planning meals before more snow hits tomorrow. And spending too much time on here, my blog, and all the other great blogs I've discovered. First day of the semester for my high schooler.

Have a good one all!

P.S. I know we have the bio sticky, but it just doesn't tell enough!
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Good morning! It's morning for me the same as you all! We made the first flight we tried for and arrived in New Jersey last night. The flight was smooth and the kids did awesome, as usual. They are seasoned travelers. My sister picked us up from base and brought us to my parents. Everyone here seems to be doing well. Tonight we are all getting together at my grandfather's house and we're going to have a night of celebrating his life and reminiscing. My sisters decided to have foods that my grandparents always served when there were get togethers at their house, so we're having a lunch meat tray with potato rolls and Andes mints. At first I was upset. No, upset is the wrong word. Wondering frantically, maybe? Anyway, I was trying to figure out how to bring something that would be Beachy without being disrespectful to the idea of the get together. I know one meal won't throw me off, but I tend to go REALLY overboard when we're back in the States and I really want to stay on track this time. I think I'm going to get some veggies and cut them up - tomatoes and lettuce for the sandwiches and then throw some cucumber slices, peppers, mushrooms, etc. on the plate, too. I did really well on the plane and hid the candy bars the kids got in their box meals (usually I eat them - bad, I know!). I only brought snacks that were Beachy and I made a point to not eat just because I was bored. I want to keep up the good work. This morning I'm going down to the funeral home with my uncle to help choose my grandfather's clothes for the viewing. There is a viewing on Thursday and then another on Friday before the service. It's good to be back with family.

Don't have time for personals this morning because I need to get a shower and some breakfast before my uncle comes by to get me. Hi to everyone! Hopefully I'll be able to get back on later.
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