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Good morning chicks. I have no idea what's on the agenda today besides work and a walk. A little hall-decking, I guess. I think we've test-driven all the cars DH is interested in. Now he just needs to decide. Thank goodness, I hate car shopping. Yesterday he was cleaning out the Toyota so we can trade it in and found a large amount of money in the glove box. I had been taking it to the bank to deposit ... 3 months ago. I never missed it, leading me and him to believe that I'm losing my mind. I've suspected as much for a long time.
I'm happy to say that all the cookies from Sunday's cookie exchange are gone or frozen, and I've got a tub of butternut squash soup and another of refried bean soup to get me through the day. Soup is my secret weapon!

Lexxis, stay warm and feel better soon.
Ruth, it's definitely trudge trudge for me. Hope your tub guys show up!
Heidi, safe trip and enjoy your time with your dad! I hope he's okay.
Cyndi, hope you get your tires quickly so you can get on with your day!
cottage, do you get much bad stuff from TJ's? I've had to return more things there than anywhere else I shop. I love their stuff otherwise, but it's very annoying. Plus, they've made us sick twice.
lc, good luck with that list. Are they all in school for a bit? It's nice that you get a little quiet time.

ETA - have a great day Kara!
Chelby, that's a fun task to have! At work we sponsor a family every year. It's way more gratifying than just donating to Toys for Tots, where the recipient is unknown (which we also do). I'm sure there are lots of families that need help this year. The other day I saw a senior angel tree at the mall. I thought that was a great idea too.
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