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Default Tuesday Beach Chat 11/30

Morning! Actually I've been up all night working but I have hope that I might get to bed before 4 AM. Of course since I have to be up at 6AM - it will be a short night. I won't meet my exercise goal this month since I've been working for the last 10 hours (since I got home from work) and I have a Cub Scout Pack meeting tonight but I tried and that is all I can do.

Have a good morning and I'll check back in later!
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Good morning, Chickies~~

Let's whisper very quietly so Barb can get some shut eye.

Nothing new to report here. I'm not weighing or measuring today b/c TOM will be visiting within the next 48-72 hours. UGH!!

Most of you know about this sock knitting thing I got myself into. Well, somehow, an entire ball of my precious handspun yarn has gone missing. Janice, one of my knitting buds has explained that an eddy in the space-time continuum has swirled through my house and swept said yarn away. I only needed to announce to the universe that I was making more yarn and the missing stuff would be returned.

I did as she suggested. The only missing thing that showed back up was a jar of honey that had been missing for about 9 months. Another fibery friend said that some household imps had taken the yarn to play with and would likely return it on or about December 20. The socks need to be completed by December 19th.

Anyway. I had to go out and BUY yarn for these blasted socks. So, I've been knitting like a fiend the last couple of days. Blech!! Knitting is supposed to be fun...dammit!

Ok, time to take a shower. Hope you all have a great day on the Beach!

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Barb... are you up again? You poor dear... what a night!
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Good Morning All!
Barb... what an exhausting job! Hope they cut your day short so you can go home and rest!
Mamacita... Poor thing done lost your ball of yarn! Well I hope you find it soon.
Ellis... Good Morning!
Me.. Nothing new happenin around here! I did borrow my MIL exercise bike to see how it feels with my knee. I rode .5 mile yesterday morning and .5 mile last night and my knee is sore this morning and was hurtin last night but I am still goin to try and start ridin if it is only .5 mile. Baby steps! teehee She has joined curves and was not usin it so....I thought I would try! Well I'll try to check on y'all chicks later. Have a good day all!
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Mornin ladies

Well I had my 1st cheat in 4 weeks on this diet. Last night I gave in and ate two yup two! halloween chocolate bars. Oh well back on that horse then.

Still holding at a 10 pound loss. TOM is due and I haven't gone up so that is good.

We had WW spaghetti with low fat alfredo sauce with shrimp, asparagus and mushrooms last night and everyone liked the pasta - I only had the allowable 1 cup so I have leftovers tonight too

Here's to a terrific Tuesday!

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oop! Not finished my message.

What a crock about the yarn, Mamacita. You must be royally ticked.

I'm getting ready for a protest I'm participating in today. This is not a political statement... just letting you know what I'm up to today.

The kitchen is coming along. DH got the electrical done for the dishwasher, plus some more plumbing (including repairing a pipe that mysteriously sprung a leak ), and I installed some drywall and two kitchen cabinets. We're getting there!

Have a wonderful day, girls!

Oh! I do believe sweet Laurie is back! Welcome back, darling!!
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Hi Bamie and Kim! I missed your posts...

Bamie, I'll bet if you continue with some gentle biking, it'll actually help your knee.
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Ellis... that is what I am hoping for! I was gonna ask if anyone knew when she was gonna be back!
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Bad start this morning with sour milk in my latte! Yick! However, that will probably be the worst thing to happen today as it's a great and glorious morning out there.

I am searching for Hersh's dog coat and may find Mamacita's ball of yarn. Poor Hersh has lost too much fur and will be very chilly if we are out walking too long this morning. Poor baby!

Ellis, do NOT get your picture in the paper, puh-leez! Sounds like the kitchen really IS coming together and your marriage has survived!

Bamie, put ice on your sore knee for ten minutes after you ride and you'll find it helps a lot. It will do it good. I'm considering getting a bike myself for my darn knee.

Barb, isn't working in IT delightful! I must say, I do not miss those all-nighters! I don't know how you manage it with kids' activities too!

Is Beachgal back or popping in from a cyber cafe in Europe? Laurie, we want a full report.

Bups, that is certainly a forgiveable cheat - especially after four weeks! Why on earth do you still have Halloween candy around? Some of us have alreadys started cheating on Christmas stuiff!

I had coffee with Lurker Lorraine yesterday morning and a nice visit. L. gave us a lovely goodie basket which included some yummy shortbread. Note: past tense of include! She is off to Florida when their new trailer is ready and, when she gets back, it'll be Greenhouse time again!

This morning, the Girls and I will try a long walk. Then I plan to do some outdoor FlyLady stuff; covering the a/c, moving some boards to behind the barn, dumping the last of the plant pots. I will probably be dumping tulip bulbs too as I think the ground is now frozen.

I'm outta here as it's after eight and Harry still needs t0o be organized for the day. Catch you later.
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Gee Ellis, whatever could you be protesting today? You go girl!!!
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Mamacita's ball of yarn is next to my heart rate monitor. I took it off by the sofa 3 weeks agoa nd have not seen it since.

Have not posted in a while was at my MIL for the holiday. I would like to say I got on the scale and I have not gained anything. Planning does work for the holidays. My official weigh in is Wed so I'll see what I am then.

I hope everyone had a nice holidya. My Holiday parties start tonight. I have ten to attend before Monday morning. I will spend sometime this afternoon coming up with stratigies. First achohol.

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Good Morning!

Wow you guys have been chatty this morning.

Mama - Your ball of yarn is by the 200 cans of tuna fish that I have somewhere. Everytime I go to make tuna I can't find any so when I go shopping I buy more and then one falls on my toe when I'm putting the new stuff away.

Ruth - I just read an article last night about what to do with bulbs that don't make it into the ground. They said something about putting them in a paper bag in the fridge until you are ready. Then put some pebbles in a bowl with water and place the bulbs on the pebbles and they sprout and grow and you can have indoor flowers all winter. I can look up the specific directions if you want me too. I just read it last night.

Bami - I use a recumbent (looks like you are laying down) bike for the bulk of my cardio workout. I too have a bum knee. Just work up slowly and when completed with a workout - ice for 15 min and then heat for 15 minutes. Works wonders girl.

Ellis - do be careful - mob mentality can take over and the next thing you know someone is running you over or poking your eye out with a stick!

Kim- I'm jealous. I accidently ate a mini M & M in my girl scout trail mix can and it was wonderful. I do miss candy. I didn't realize how much until I made the low fat/low carb cheese cake for thanksgiving. Even though it was made with Splenda it still triggered my sugar monster and I've been crabby ever since I ate the last piece on Sunday. I finally broke down and made the overnight slaw so I could get that sweet taste.

Have a great day chickies!
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Yes, Ellis, I was up again at 6. And my son came in after wetting the bed at 6:15 so I couldn't have slept late if I had wanted to. What was really frustrating though was that my cat would not stop crying at 4:30 in the morning so I put her outside in the cold and misting rain. I have no sympathy after being up all night. But, I work in IT and I still have a job so it is hard to complain to much with major layoffs coming.

I did make it in to the office today (it is sleeting and raining) but I'm going to try to head home early. At least I have more energy than before I went on South Beach but I'm still to old for all nighters!

Time to go to a meeting. Be back later.
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Good morning everyone. There are so many of you up early this morning and rarein' to go, and so chatty. I'm barely awake yet. Just need that cup of coffee, I guess.

Barb - Get some sleep, girl. Make sure you look after yourself and don't get too stressed with the work. You can't be sick during Christmas - that would be a disaster. Take care.

Mama - Goods news on the Christmas shopping. What a winfall. I never win anything (nor does DH), so we just suck it up and pay the price. Hope you find that yarn. Maybe you should look for something else that is will never find that, but might stumble upon the yarn. The rule, though, is that you can't be thinking about the yarn when you are looking for something else. If you think about it, you won't find it.

Bamiegurl - It's great that you are on the bike. Take it slowly and you will build up the strength in your knee. No sense trying too much and reinjuring it. Good luck.

Ruth - I had to find dog coats, too for the pets. We are going to the 'Light up the City' tomorrow night and will take them. But it will be too cold if I don't find those flippin' coats. I can see myself at the store buying new ones - again. Have a great day...not too much rushin' around.

Kim - Don't worry about the cheat. Remember, the occassional indiscretion is allowed on this program - just make sure that you get back OP following. I really try to plan when I will be off program, so that I don't harbour guilt feelings afterward. When I plan, then I can still tell myself that I followed my plan and everything is still OK.

ellis - Sounds like the kitchen is coming along really well. Will you be done by Christmas? Hope so, but if not, hope you are not responsible for Christmas dinner...

cac - Good luck on the parties. Do go with a plan for partying, but don't make the plan so rigid that you will not stick with it. Plan some indiscretions, but just make sure that you don't overdo. I find that, if I plan to stay completely OP, when I get to the party I succumb to the temptations and then feel guilty afterward. If I plan to have a coulple of off program foods while there and then stop, I don't feel so bad about myself and it is easier to get back on track since I haven't felt off track to start with.

anchor - It's funny how just a little sugar can trigger the crabbiness. I wouldn't have thought that just 2 M&Ms would do that, but I guess we are all different. But, now you know how that affects you and I guess that is part of the journet that we are all on. Getting to know how our bodies react with different foods and keeping the unhealthy foods to a minimum. Keep it up.

lc - If you are looking for candy recipes, look on the Eagle Brand web site. They have all kinds of recipes for fudge that are easy and no bake. I find the texture of them more smooth than the fudge candy, also.

Me - I have been crazy busy. Yesterday, I started work at 7:00am and finally lifted my head at 5:45pm. I didn't get any breaks or lunch, so, of course did not get my exercise in last night. I did intend to go home and workout, but by the time I finished supper (was starving, BTW), I was too tired.

We (DH & I) finished stippling the ceiling of our bedroom on Saturday. DH took all the lights down to get ready for that, so everything is in the dark. It affects the bathroom that we are still using, so it is difficult to put makeup on, match socks (navy and black are the hardest) by candle light. He doesn't want to put the lights back up until we finish installing the hardwood floor because it makes such a mess. I guess this weekend will be flooring...I am anxious to have it done.

After supper last night, I decided that I should have a piece of brownie cake that I baked on Sunday. Yep, I did get into that one, alright. But, the good news is that I still lost weight yesterday in spite of no exercise and a piece of cake. Probably had a lot to do with not eating all day, though.

Well, gotta go. Have a meeting with an icky student in a few minutes. I am hoping to control my temper while meeting with him, but that may be difficult. Will check in later.
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Wow, so much chattiness!

Yup, I'm truly back...exhausted and very was a great trip!

Barb, I'm so sorry you are working so hard. I'm sending lots of prayers and : that your work, cat, and son all let you get some sleep!!!!

Mama, that must be so frustrating! Your ball of yarn is obviously next to Anchor's tuna, cac's heart monitor, Hershey's dog coats, and my belt. By the way, you might try a petition to St. Anthony, the patron saint of lost things. A Catholic friend of mine taught me this prayer, and she said that the best way to make it work is to call St. Anthony "Tony", which he hates. She says this makes him look faster so you'll stop calling him that. Anyways, I've done it several times, and it's usually successful, even though I'm not Catholic! Here's what you do: say, "Tony, Tony, look around, a (insert lost item here) is lost, it must be found." Then walk around your house saying it over and over, and looking until you find it. Then thank him, calling him Anthony. And don't ignore the urging to go to weird places...the first time I used this, I was looking for a birthday present for a friend. I felt this urging to go to the back room, where I KNEW the present was not, but I went anyway. Guess where I found it!

Bamie, good for you on the bike!

Ellis, so glad you are protesting. You go girl! My radio station today mentioned the visit and said that many Canadians don't agree. Of course, I thought of you, and that warmed my heart! But do beware of the crazy protesters! If Ruth can get injured in a parade, who knows what could happen at a protest! I hear those Canucks can be pretty violent, eh.

I hope everyone is having a really great day...sorry not to respond to all! I'm going nuts trying to catch up with stuff at work! 244 e-mails, voice mails, and a huge mailing to do!

The trip was absolutely fantastic, though! I didn't gain a pound, which is a miracle, because after my planned cheat, I became a sugar maniac! I did try to include lots of veggies, and I didn't eat too many sweets, but I did eat a lot of bad carbs. Still, I enjoyed every bite, and the way I felt (cravy, mean, sick, tired, cranky) reminded me how much I love SBD, and that eating that stuff is just not worth it. At all. I'm glad to be back home and back OP! I'm doing Phase 1 for a week to detox, and hoping it can help me break this month-long plateau in the low 230's!!! I did do a ton of walking in Europe...about 6 to 9 miles a day, according to my pedometer! I think that helped. And randomly, I appear to have lost some fat around the middle, as I can now fit into my size 22 jeans that I haven't been able to zip, and can zip up my skinny-slim-in-to skirt (size 14)! Very cool!

Had our final meeting for the pedometer program at work this morning. My blood pressure was up a little, but their scale (which is six pounds less than mine...I need to steal it!) showed me at 30 pounds down since mid September. My BMI went from 35.5 to 31.3, and my fat went from 39% to 35.1%. That is awesome!!!

It's good to see encouraging news after my month of plateauing. This plateau is crazy...even my TOM and overeating in Europe couldn't break it! But I'm going to keep on keeping on. This WOE really makes me feel so good!

So glad to be back...but hope to share some pictures once I get them off the camera. It was a wonderful trip. And btw, the tea at the Savoy was miraculous and so fun!
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