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voodoo1 09-26-2006 04:38 AM

300+ & READY TO TRY AGAIN #1017(and again lol)

We are a group of individuals who weigh or have weighed 300+, or near there. This group was formed to provide a place for others like us to find support and hope. We are aware of the distinct problems that come with weighing over 300 lbs.

We want to invite everyone to join us in our journey.
We share laughter and tears.
We share what works for us and what doesn't.
We often use a "Topic of the Day" for discussion.

Motivational Monday
Tuesday Tips
Wednesday Wish List .. and What you are doing to obtain it.
Thankful Thursday
FUN Friday ... don't wait until you lose your weight.
Sit-up Saturdays - any physical activity
Share your Success Sunday

These are not required topics ...just ideas to share. We often find them very helpful. We also share heartaches and fears ... joys and celebrations.

We have several extra threads going on simutaneously such as Monthly Challenges, Weekly Weigh-ins, Recipes, Bios, and more. Please feel free to check them all out.

We have found this thread to be more than just a support group...
we have found it to become a home. We invite you to join us.


I know you'll all agree that we are really thankful for the free services here at 3FC. The sisters offer all of this support and information with no charges to us. There are a couple of ways though that we can help out.

If you are thinking about buying anything at Amazon, why not help out 3FC at the same time? You can do this by clicking on the button for the Amazon "store" in the upper right hand corner of the screen on the PURPLE tool bar. A portion of your purchase price will be given to 3FC by Amazon. It doesn't increase your price at all, but it does help out 3FC. You can use any of the Amazon.com links that you see on the site in order to help contribute to the site.

Also, BTW, in case you didn't know it, you can view the message boards "ad free" for a minimal charge. I think it's like $15 for 6 months. A very small investment to be rid of the annoying ads and make your pages load quicker.

There have been some concerns expressed by the powers that be about copyright infringement. So please, if you are directly quoting someone else or printing an article in whole or in part, please give credit where credit is due!!!!

voodoo1 09-26-2006 05:00 AM

Well, I did the end post and the new post but really scre**d up the start, oops! Anyway....
Chrissy I am so sorry about what happened to you as a child,:hug: I hope that you had support/help from your family and/or professionals if you needed it. I also hope that 'letting it out' to us at 3fc helped you too.xxxxx I get the booty call thing now, :o did you feel odly complimented or weirdly insulted????lol I wouldn't have known how to feel, he could go to 'bed' with you but not go for a date/drink, oh well at least you turned him on by your looks alone, lol;) xxxxx
Kim, if you saw the pics page I'm there riding at 250/160 though actually getting on & off was much harder than it was at 180lbs!!!!:o I had to use mounting blocks rather than get up on my own or have a leg up and I was worried the horse would throw me off as I was squashing him, lol! :( And as Valerie says, riding works muscles you never knew you had, no matter how fit & flexible you are. DON'T LET SIZE/WEIGHT PUT YOU OFF THOUGH!!!! xxxxxx
Violet I love your pics, you, sis & neice all looked beautiful! :hug: I thought your hair looked gorgeous up as well. I'm with zelma(?) where's a full-length snap of your dress? Oh and your sister's too, lolxxxx
Ammi, I said it on MSN, but you are doing so:carrot: FANTASTICALLY WELL!!!:carrot: And a big BRAVO on the jeans, though if I don't get a move on diet & exercise-wise I might have to ask for them back, :( lol!!xxxxx
Nancy, I think you ought to start doing something, look for another job, think about what to do about your guy once you have a job where you are happy. If a visit to family might help, go for it, a short break might clear you head and let you focus on what is BEST FOR YOU!!!!:hug: xxxx
Annie, hope all carries on well at curves abnd you beat your hubby on the cycling race, lol.;) xxxxx
I forgot what else I had to say, oh, Misti, BAD ffm:devil: !!!lol I'm sure it will disappear as quickly as it appeared.:hug: xxxx
I have to go & exercise otherwise I won't have time,
so bye,bye,

Misti in Seattle 09-26-2006 08:26 AM

Hi everyone.... so wish I had time for personals but just never seem time to get them done.

My new weight loss support group starts tonight at church. I am looking forward to it; I have been told there were 7 or 8 at least who signed up. I am thinking of seeing if any of them would like to get together and exercise or go walking, etc.

I did have a nice NSV yesterday. Our front desk receptionist at work called me over and said the woman who delivers the mail had mentioned me to her and that she sees me out walking so much, and commented on how much weight I had lost and how great I look! That was an encouragement coming from a stranger.

Well have to rush out to work. Happy Tuesday everyone!

mechell81 09-26-2006 09:51 AM

Hey everyone~

Just a quick check in. I am starting to get a routine started which will help me a lot in getting exercise in. I need to go do my walking but I am so sore! I for sure will go do it I just hate how much my legs and back hurt. I really hope over time as I build strength and get used to it will get better!

Real quick...

Lillion~So sorry about your nephew! I hope things will be ok for him!

Nancy~Glad to hear you had a talk with your b/f. I hope things work out hun!

And to all of you struggling I hope you have a great day and stay OP!

Congrats to all NSVs and losses!

I will post more later!

Have a good day!


Misti in Seattle 09-26-2006 10:04 AM

Well, I ended up staying home from work with this nasty head stuff I haven't been able to shake.

So thought I would share this funny "bra" story that I don't think I told before... well it is funny NOW! At the time I was fuming. :rofl:

I like to buy a bra in one size down from what I am wearing to have at home as my "goal" to get into it. Well I am wearing the smallest band size I have in any of my stuff here -- and am VERY happy to finally have these babies into a 42 DDD. I have never been able to "match" in cup and band size but finally have one that fits nicely.... but the plus size store where I buy bras doesn't carry anything under 42 so YAY I can't shop there any longer!!

Well... I decided to buy a 40 DDD to have here... and I was walking around an outlet mall in Marysville WA and saw a Maidenform store so decided may as well check it out. I walked in.. the clerk came to help and I just asked if they carried DDD size. She said yes and asked what band size -- I said 40. Note I had NOT even told her I was shopping for myself. :)

I headed back to the racks to look and she immediately came over... had grabbed her tape measure and tried to throw it around my chest! Without asking!! I backed away from her and she said "You're more than a DDD." Now THOSE are fighting words after how hard I worked to GET them this size LOL.

BUT here is another point. My size 1X women's blouses are getting a bit big on me... and at the time I was wearing a MEN'S size 5X T-shirt!! (We do things like that on Saturday in Seattle.) :) There was NO WAY on earth she could have really seen how big I was AND if she HAD measured me there would have been several inches of T-shirt included unless she planned to rip it off of me right there in the store, which would not have surprised me at that point LOL!!

I told her that in the first place, I was not LOOKING for something I can wear NOW and that I am losing weight and want to have one for when I lose a few more pounds. Which was really none of her business!

This woman didn't stop there! She said "I have been measuring for bras for 30 years." I wished I had said "Then you should have sense enough to ASK women WHO they are shopping for AND if they WANT you to measure them before you just start throwing your tape measure around their chests!! AND if I want to buy a bra that is 17 sizes too small it is MY business and not hers. And if I want to try to WEAR it out of the store it is also my business, as long as I pay for it first. :) LOL or that I had told her I have been WEARING them for 45 years!!!

Finally I turned around and headed out of the store... she obviously knew I was fuming at her! THEN she actually tried to "save the sale" and grabbed up a bra and... from the back of the store when I was in the front... said loudly "This is the one I recommend." Ha! Like I would have bought ANYTHING from her at that point!

I have no idea how the sizes of Maidenform bras run... perhaps they run smaller than what I was wearing; however... as I clearly informed her... I was WEARING a size 42 DDD and I LIKE the way it fits! And it would be fine if she nicely asked people if they would like her to measure them and help them find a nice fit... but to just bluntly tell me I was "more" than that size... especially without asking if it was for me... how did she know I was not shopping for my 12 year old granddaughter? -- I thought was extremely rude.

And I CAN'T wear a 40 DDD... I wasn't TRYING to... but if I WANTED to try I WOULD. I wished I had asked her if her measuring expertise could help her magically know what size I would wear when I have lost another 10 or 15 pounds. I think I have a pretty good clue as to what will fit me but I doubt if SHE does and don't care.

Oh well... now it is good for a laugh. Maybe when I get into my 40 DDD I will go back into the store, wait until there is no one else there, and lift up my blouse and say "See... told you I could wear it." :)

Tee hee I could not resist... I just sent a copy of this to Maidenform. :) It never ceases to amaze me how rude store clerks can be.

toofatforu 09-26-2006 10:34 AM

what a laugh! she was just a bit too eager to measure you dont you think lol!

dogpal 09-26-2006 10:38 AM

:ebike: Good Morning Ladies,

Newsnerd: For you :dust:

Zelma: First off, :yikes: $2.50 for one banana is so outrageous. Bananas are one of the cheapest fruits here like 30 cents a pound or less at times. 2nd and most importantly, I am so proud of you for craving something good for you and not something that is unhealthy. I hope when your procedure is finished you get to eat a sandwhich and all the carotts and apples your heart desires.:D

Sharon: So glad to see you my friend. I missed you.:hug:

Misti: Your story about the bra is a good one that I can relate to about buying a swim suit the same kind of thing happened to me. I wanted to buy one a bit smaller than the one I had and the helpful lady told me it was way to small. I had my sister with me and she was trying on swim suits and the "helpful" lady actually opened the curtain to the dressing room univited to peak to see if my sister needed help. LOL :o Also, great NSV about the strangers noticing your weight loss. Enjoy your new support group at church. I am starting a New Bible study this morning and am looking forward to it so much.

To all of my chickies who are in need, :hug: and :dust: have a blessed and op day full of good exercises.

dogpal 09-26-2006 10:39 AM

Hi Patty,

We must have been posting at the same time. lol

mechell81 09-26-2006 11:22 AM

Funny story Misti! I would have proably freaked out if someone right there in the store tried to measure me! I would have ran out the store! lol Thanks for the laugh!


keeperofthehome4 09-26-2006 11:23 AM

Hi everyone no time for personal reponses we we're out of town all weekend. SoI'm just now reading post. It was nice we went to my husband's family reouin and then to my family to visit. I got nice comments from my grandma and Aunt they said I look good and like I've lost lots of weight :carrot: . It's a shock cause they never are that nice to me and are always on me about my weight even if I'm losing. Not much to do here some light cleaning and then Bible study tonight. I'm sore Mike started me on crunches, push ups and weights last night. Gotta love husbands.

toofatforu 09-26-2006 11:31 AM

hey dogpal glad to see you back!

Misti in Seattle 09-26-2006 11:40 AM

Glad my bra story could give some of you a laugh. :) LOL where else but at 3FC could we share that kind of thing and have people really understand!!! :) I guess (with your sister's story) I was fortunate the woman at least let me keep my clothes on. :) It will be interesting to hear if I get a response from Maidenform! :yes:

Dogpal, can't wait to hear about your new Bible study... what are you studying?

AmmiUK 09-26-2006 11:44 AM

Hello All,

I decided that today was going to be the day that I tried my Richard Simmons Disco Sweat DVD. I tried it last year, or possibly the beginning of this year, and after even just the warm up song I was fit to drop. Anyway, I was getting bored with my other DVDs and thought I would give Richard a go again. I knew it would be hard, so decided to just do as many songs as I could and then stop. I only needed to do half an hour of it. I did the FULL HOUR :cp: I thoroughly enjoyed it, and although I did sweat I found the moves easy and I didnít feel like dropping at all :cheer: My only problem was my lack of floor space. I ended up doing quite a few of the moves on the spot instead of Ďtravellingí because I would have ended up up on the sofa or in the TV or fire place :lol: I know I have said it before, but I canít help saying it again: I love to see those numbers drop on the scales, but there is nothing like a good NSV, and being able to do the whole hour of Disco Sweat today gave me a huge buzz. I even did some Ďcrunchesí at the end, shhh donít tell my doctor. I am fed up of this huge belly and lack of ab muscles. Since my surgery when they had to cut through them all and then telling me I am not allowed to do any abs exercises, well you can imagine how useless they are to me now. So I bit the bullet, said stuff a hernia :lol: and did a few this morning as well. Yay me :)

Patti Ė Thanks for the praise, it always helps a lot to hear people are proud of me. I donít feel so bad about feeling proud of myself then :lol:

I hope you are keeping away from that DSM :devil: until Friday :lol:

Missy Ė oh my goodness, just talking about your tickers and how many weeks to Halloween and then Christmas really brought it home how close the latter is. Wow, where has this year gone :yikes: By the way, yes your Halloween Ticker is great, I think I am going to have to check out TickerFactory and see what they have on offer :D

Hurry up and go buy a new tape measure, I want you to see officially that you have indeed lost lots of inches from your body. Sometimes you seem a bit deflated about your weight loss slowing down, and I think you need the buzz the tape measure results will bring you :hug:

Annie Ė funny how you said that you bought those 1 point bars and are fighting with yourself not to eat them all. Itís amazing isnít it that there are low fat snacks out there that are so delicious that you just donít want to stop at one!! A great example of this is a WW fruited malt loaf I like to buy. Itís 1 point per slice and itís pre sliced. Boy oh boy is it hard for me to stop at just 2 slices. It is delicious. It is so delicious that I am seriously considering buying some of it to have instead of Christmas Cake at Christmas!!

Yes I am thrilled that I finally have been told there is no need to go back for check ups etc at the hospital. Each time I have had to go they have had to some embarrassing examinations for me, and I thank the Lord that the only person who gets to see my Ďbitsí in future will be my hubby :D

Oh and I have some motivation for you to get that spare bedroom sorted out :lol: I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE, I have a credit card, I could just turn up TOMORROW :lol: Ok you know I seriously wouldnít turn up uninvited :lol: But somebody might, so get that room done :lol:

Brenda Ė they are going to deliver it without payment?? As in not at all, or just not a delivery charge or something? Either way, you are definitely right that being a B***h certainly got things moving. Shame it had to come to that though isnít it.

Trixie Ė ok you would have eaten that soup. You obviously werenít meant to though were you! You saw that ham and that was it, no naughty soup. Still be proud of yourself. I mean you could have ordered something else that was a lot naughtier than the vegetarian chilli you ended up getting :hug:

Sue Ė Nope, no way, nil, nada, no way you could have gained 5 lbs. Itís just a silly fluid fluctuation, it canít be fat and thatís what you have to remind yourself. Donít feel bad, you are doing ALL the right things. You havenít gained weight in the true sense of the word and I am sure the next time you weigh some of those lbs will already have gone :hug:

Thanks for sharing the story about the bra fitter from ****. I am glad you sent a copy of it to Maidenform, I will be interested in hearing what they have to say. I also agree with Patti, that woman was WAY too keen to get her hands on youÖÖperhaps she was a trifle gay :D

Lilion Ė I am SO sorry to hear about your husbandís nephew. Somebody else said it beautifully by saying ĎThatís an incredible price to pay for a dumb mistakeí I pray that the surgeons will be able to save his other hand, that he will get better and that he will be able to come to terms with what has happened and carry on living his life. Itís awful and no comfort to relatives like yourselves, but hopefully one good thing will come from this dreadful accident, and that will be that other youngsters wonít try to make those home made bombs any more.

I am proud of you for even trying to eat well at the hospital, so what that you pigged out later in the truck stop. We ALL would have done the same I am sure :hug: Sometimes dieting is the last thing we can think of in times like you are going through.

Amy Ė thanks for the congrats :D You know you are one of a few people who have said that it wonít be long until those jeans are too big for me. That will definitely be a very special NSV. But I do hope to get some good wear from them first :D

Yes itís a big relief to be done with doctors and hospitals. Itís like I can finally get on with my life, albeit with the ostomy, but at least I have no more horrid examinations to face, and no more sitting ages in waiting rooms waiting to be seen. Yay.

As for your gain on the scales, like I said to Misti, if you are doing all the right things, which I know you are, then any weight gain you have canít be fat, it just canít be. You gain fat from overeating and not exercising enough, and you are dieting AND exercising plenty. Donít let it get you down. Any loss on your ticker is something to be proud of, donít think it looks measly, think of it as a great step and one step further on your weight loss journey :hug: Have faith in yourself, donít wonder if you can make it to 15 lbs lost, or 30 lbs lost. Take it one lb a a time and soon you will surprise yourself when you see your ticker has crept up and has passed 30 lbs lost. Donít focus on the big picture, it makes a huge difference :)

I loved all the wedding pictures you posted, and your hair was so beautiful. I bet you felt like a princess. You certainly looked like one, all that was missing was the tiara :)

Valerie Ė thank you very much for what you had to say about not only my NSVs and weight loss, but the fact that itís been consistent. I honestly donít know why I am so committed this time, or why I have gotten to nearly 6 months of dieting and havenít had one Ďblow outí. I donít know why, but am so thankful that so far I havenít had a plateau. I think when it happens now I will be able to cope with it far better than if it had happened early on in my diet. Of course I donít want it to happen, but am ready for it when it does :)

Wow you are soooo close to fitting perfectly in those clothes you mentioned, I hope you will put a pic on the photo page when you are wearing the new clothes comfortably. I promise to do the same when I can look good in those jeans :) So what did you wear to your interview if the skirt isnít Ďjust rightí yet? I am happy to hear that the interview went well, have you heard back from the yet :crossed: :goodluck:

Nancy Ė I think you are doing the right thing giving him one last chance, but be strong, and make sure it IS the last chance. If he messes up again it should show you that no matter how much he loves you, and I am sure he does, he just canít get his spending and finances under control. I really do hope he can pull it together, itís hard to see a couple in love split up because of I guess an uncontrollable addiction :)

Newsnerd - :kickbutt: there you go, thereís the kick in the butt you need to get some willpower and get back on track :D Hope it helps :hug:

Zelma Ė I hope the tests werenít as bad as you thought they would be. Hmmmph I am jealous now :lol: we only get tea and biscuits over here after our test. Not a sandwich in sight :D Oh well, I canít have those tests again, so no point putting a complaint in now :lol: :lol: WOW :yikes: that is a LOT of money for one banana. Iíd be hard pushed to pay that for chocolate if I wasnít dieting!! I love bananas too, but they turn too ripe too quickly and I canít stand them when they get too mushy.

Luan Ė I havenít gone back to look at the photos I put on here to see how far I have come, but I canít help but know it when I work out in the day. I have 3 wedding photos, and a couple of other older photos on the wall and every time I see them, especially the wedding pics where I had a steroid induced moon face, I just canít believe that I have lost the weight I have. Today I DID go back and look at old pics I have posted here and I just wish I had smiled in them. I know I didnít in my first ones because I wasnít happy, I wasnít going to smile even for a photo when I felt so fat and ugly. The second lot of pics I didnít smile in just because I didnít in my first :lol: But I should have because I was feeling much happier after losing enough weight for it to be a bit noticeable :D Thanks for asking the question, I enjoyed going back to see the photos :hug:

Oh and is it deliberate or just are you forgetting that a few of us born romantics here have asked whatís happening with the Ďguyí the one you said that LOVES you :D Come on fess up :)

Sharon Ė When I had the chance of going nightclubbing after my divorce I discovered that the men there just wanted one night stands. Not quite a booty call as such, but I felt insulted. It was no compliment for me that I might have spent half the night dancing with a guy without so much of an offer of them buying me a drink, not that that would have made any difference, and yet at the end of the night and after a smoochy dance they expected me to invite them home with me. I guess they thought I was sad and desperate. I was neither, so needless to say nobody got the invite :lol: I think I spent 6 months going to nightclubs on the weekends Beth wasnít home, and by the end of it I was so fed up of the scene. I knew I would never meet a decent man at one, and just gave up :lol: Thank God for the Internet I say :D :D

By the way, NO you are not getting those jeans back :D You are not going to gain any weight back, you are going to keep on losing. When those jeans are too big for me I will give them to charity if they havenít been worn out because I love them so much :lol: You arenít getting them back EVER :D You wonít need them EVER :hug

Michelle Ė I am sure that as the weight comes off and you get fitter your legs and back wonít hurt at all when you exercise. When I started this diet my back KILLED me, I couldnít walk from my front door to the gate without being in severe pain. Thatís gone now, and the only time I get a spasm of pain is sometimes when I am exercising. Hopefully that will go over time too. So believe me, with every lb you lose your back and legs will get better :hug:

Keeperofthehome - glad you had a nice weekend and you enjoyed your hubby's family reunion. Great too that you got so many compliments from your aunt and grandma. I bet that gave you a buzz for the whole day :D

Ok well I think I have caught up with everybody now. So time to see whoís around for a chat.

Take care all and bye for now,

Ammi :grouphug:

Misti in Seattle 09-26-2006 11:51 AM

Ammi, LOL, yes I have to admit I wondered about that woman's motives in trying to get her hands on me. :) I do tend to think she was just a bit overzealous though but who knows. BUT if she has been doing that for 30 years as she said, wouldn't you think by NOW she would have learned to be a bit more subtle? :) Yah, I will let you know if I hear from Maidenform. I DID say in the email that I had posted it on my weight loss support forum (no name mentioned). :rofl: And I sent the email exactly as I posted here except took out the top line/s which applied specifically to greetings to 3FC people. :)

One thing I thought interesting too... if she thought I was buying a bra too small for me, why didn't she assume I might be buying it for someone else? :)

You know... what is really funny... is that when I left I almost felt like a liar trying to pretend to be that size... but LOL I WAS wearing a 42 DDD. :) She almost had me convinced I wasn't... I admit to a little insecurity still in that department. :rofl:

Two of my extra five pounds went away this morning. I really don't understand where they appeared from; it is just so easy to "panic" and think oh no! the weight loss is over. :) But I won't LET it be... LOL I will go after those poundies. This is WAR!!

Wow Ammi, that FFM is really being good to you lately. Way to go!!!

Lilion 09-26-2006 01:05 PM

AARRGGH! What else!
Okay, here's a learning experience!

I got a eBay email saying there had been suspicious activity on my account and that someone had tried to log into my account and the account had been suspended and I needed to log in so they could reinstate the account. It gave a link for convenience and I clicked it and went to what LOOKED like the eBay sign-in screen. Of course, when I put in my password, it wouldn't work.


So now someone out there has my ebay account password! I changed it immediately! I realized what had happened when I went to just eBay.com to ask why I couldn't log in and realized I already WAS and there was a section on recognizing spam emails...mine was classic! So I changed that password and my email password...

I'm WAY more worried about my PayPal account and I'm trying to get them to close it immediatly! I sent them an email and they said the email wasn't about them and there was nothing they could do. All I want is to CLOSE the ACCOUNT!

I've also put a fraud alert in at the Credit Bureaus and reported the email to the Federal Trade Commission.

I feel like SUCH an IDIOT!

Thanks for all the prayers for my nephew! They are working to save his thumb and two fingers on his right hand. It's a truely horrible injury. So sad and so STUPID!

Please forgive the lack of replies....been a little busy today, as you might imagine!

Misti in Seattle 09-26-2006 01:15 PM

Oh yikes, Lilion! Sorry this happened to you. Please everyone... this is one of the biggest scams around... you are likely to get a LOT of the same from sites professing to be PayPal! Never, ever click on them or give out information!

Actually it is a good idea from ANY site to type in the URL yourself rather than clicking on a link.

Lilion, so sorry to hear about your nephew. He is in my prayers also.

NoLifeWithoutHorses 09-26-2006 01:15 PM

NANCY, Glad you’ve got more guts than me and are dealing with your issues up front. Our latest issue is that supposedly the engine on the truck is going and it will be a $10,000 overhaul to keep the pig running. AND I just got 2 more “No Go on the loan – Too many hits on your credit in the last year” notices. Fortunately they were both on his credit, not mine, but he brought up the bit about me signing on the loans again… which I gutlessly ignored. I’m not signing, and I don’t wanna talk about it. He sounds so bummed out and depressed. He said something this morning about driving the stupid truck off a cliff and going with it. It wasn’t a threat, just an indication of being pretty down about the money mess. The end is still the same – he’s not really willing to do what it takes to get out of this. I’m not sure I’m ready for either, but I’m NOT going back on that truck, and I’m NOT getting rid of Gabriel. I just wish I wasn’t legally tied to the problem. Stick to your guns, girl! Don’t follow my lead on this!


DOGPAL! 29 pounds?! Holy smoke!! OK, I feel SO encouraged. An instructor there told me that the highest she’d seen anyone lose on the 6-wk plan was 19, so I’m shooting for 20. WOW! If you knocked of 29 then I should be able to actually make that 20. I’m going for it anyway! When I was on that doctor’s plan a few years ago, he said that ½ pound a day or 7 pounds every 2 weeks was the most that was reasonable and healthy for me to lose, and that’s what I was losing back then – WITHOUT Exercising very much. Since I even have the exercise in high gear right now, I should be able to keep up the ½ pound a day thing for that long if I stay as religiously OP as I was yesterday and today. Ya never know when the FFM might take a break and ya hit a plateau, but I’m gonna shoot for it! *** I LUV your virtual bike race! What a fun and encouraging idea!

ZELMA - $2.50 a banana!?! OUCH! And to think I was annoyed yesterday that it was up to $.50 a pound. At least there are a few free ones for you- :cb: :cb: :cb: -but I suspect they’re lower in potassium.

MICHELLE – Keep going!! It will get better, SO much better. I promise!! GREAT JOB!!! :cheer:

MISTI – what an absolutely WRETCHED sales person! :mad: I’m so glad you let her know she’d lost the sale. Good that you let maidenform know, too. How rude! I didn’t know whether to be annoyed or amused when a clerk at LB’s measured me (asking first) and then told me I took a mega size that would have had me flapping in the breeze, but at least she didn’t argue and wasn’t rude. That was inexcusable the way she acted with you. *** On the bright side, AWESOME NSV from the mail lady! :D That had to feel great! You’re doing such an inspirational job!!

ALLY – You can do Push-Ups???? :o Wow! I love the crunches and weights, especially after it’s over –lol. I kind of like that little bit of sore the next day that says “Yea, girl! You done good!” BRAVO to you on that hard work!!

AMMI – I’m with you – I don’t know exactly what’s different now, but this time it’s for real. I’ve never been so committed to the exercise (there’s definitely a satisfaction in sweating) and the changed eating routine. Yes, I slip. Sometimes I totally screw up. But that’s what I consider it – a blip on the screen of my life’s routine. If I’m off plan for a couple days, or even sliding around for much longer, it’s still NOT the story of my life anymore; not the day in, day out, “I’m just a fat person, what-the-heck” mentality. The goal is still out there, not lost or abandoned, EVER. Even with those months of depression we have both suffered from this year, we didn't give up. We did what we needed to do to change it. Somehow we have changed, inside. Now we believe in that change, and we're COMMITTED to it.

Seeing people like Catherine, Zelma, Heather, Kenya, you and others succeeding makes it clear that change is possible – that LIFE is possible beyond the way I was or am. 3FC has been a life-changing blessing for me. I’m not alone. I have leaders, partners, cheerleaders and boosters that are precious, and almost impossible to come by in the 3D world. But with the start I have here, I find more courage to face the 3D world with pride in myself, and now I find that there IS support out there too. There really are people rooting for us to succeed, but that’s not who we’re doing it for, is it? Funny how even though we’re making this change for ourselves & our health, as humans it’s so important to us to be part of a group, to have someone listen and understand us. But here we are – lovin’ 3FC and gettin’ the job done!!!

I have to confess :^: that I copped out :sorry: of exercise class this morning after 10 minutes. The regular leader was out and the woman who fills in did an old routine that everybody but me knew. I was so totally out of place and clumsy. By the time I got a single move, they’d all moved on to something else. In 10 minutes I was so frustrated that I could have cried. I quit and went down the block to the high school track and did 9 laps instead. Not quite as good, but still acceptable as exercise. I have to go into Curves to night for my 6-week Challenge Class, so I’ll go in early & get some strength training in then.

In the meantime, my scale is budging downwards a hair. :yes: Good thing if it wants to survive. Off now to brew up some lunch. :stir:
Wishing you all blessing, smiles and a little bit of sweat today!

toofatforu 09-26-2006 01:38 PM

Ammi yes i am staying away from scales .. bit worried about friday but time will tell i guess.

nelie 09-26-2006 02:41 PM

Hello all,

I apologize for not posting much lately. I've been kind of in a funk. I am trying to dig myself out of that funk. Today at work, they had body fat testing through a machine that I've never seen before. It was quite interesting. I know they aren't the most accurate means to measure body fat but it does give you a good idea.

Anyway, according to the machine, I am at 37.4% body fat. My lean mass is at 164.6 lbs. I calculated how much I would need to weigh (if I maintained muscle mass) to be at 20% body fat and that number is 205. That does amaze me. What is more amazing is that if I weighed 235, I would fall into the overweight category, rather than obese and at 220, I'd enter the high end of an ideal weight. That doesn't seem like much at all! I can lose 43 lbs! My goal is to lose 10 more lbs before my wedding but my next goal will be 235 then 220 then 205, then 199 :)

Vilandra485 09-26-2006 02:54 PM

Ammi - Oh yes, I am upset over my weight stall...still looking for the tape measure, lol, hopefully I can buy one tomorrow though.

Hi Ladies - ALERT: I'm having a "hissyfit", lol! Week 19 weigh-in today...same still!! :tantrum: Holding at 322.5 for WEEKS now!! :( I even looked up an old post of mine and it works out that I've only lost 6.5 pounds in the last 6 weeks!! This is HORRIBLE!! :tantrum: Anyways, I'm trying to get back into the swing of things...I really didn't think that a trip home would cut into my routine so much but it did...I came back and didn't want to do ANYTHING anymore...mind you I did have a cold, but still...even now I have NOT starting my strength training again! I'm so mad at myself for slacking! No wonder I've only averaged a pound a week...and nothing lost in 2 weeks!! :bomb: Okay....so enough of that....well, I have laundry that needs to be hung up...at least I got the better chore...John is washing dishes, lol! After we are done we are going to back lunch. :) Oh, and today is officially day 1 of my 5 weeks until Hallowe'en...I'm realllllllllly hoping to lose 10 pounds...get the ball rolling again. :D Hope everyone is doing well! Laundry beckons me...
Stay OP chickies!!!


VioletSwerve 09-26-2006 03:11 PM

Annie--Good job on the extra mile on the bike! Yeah!! That virtual race you and your hubby are having sounds really cool! Great idea to support each other. Nat and I are going to start walking in the evenings and being more active together once I move to KC. Yay! And you go girl on doing Curves AND the bike!! Yeah! :woops:

Thanks for the compliment on my hair. I thought about making that my avatar photo as there arent a lot of photos of me that I REALLY like like I do this one! :D

Newsnerd--:goodluck: getting back on track. I had a bad weekend too, but what counts is that we dont quit! Dang chinese food got the best of me...and Burger King and steak....:o

Zelma-- :cb: $2.50 per banana!!! :faint: Holy :censored:! I think I paid 28 cents a POUND the other day for bananas. Why are they so expensive there?? Whoa!! And I know how you feel about apples--I am in love with Jonathan apples but we only get them in the fall here :( Otherwise I love golden delicious.

Thanks for the compliment on my hair. I really like those pictures of me, I must admit. :D I need to have someone actually take a picture of Nat and I. All the pictures I have of us I have tried to take myself and, well, its kind of hard to fit the two of us in that small of frame. :lol: I do have this one picture of us that I look really bad in but I like it because his eyes are closed and he's smiling and kissing the top of my head, hee hee...:D

I didnt get any full length shots of me or my sister, but the guy that took the pics at the wedding is going to put them all on a CD so when my sis gets them back I can post some of us. Then you can see her, dress too!:queen: He took some really cute ones of us with our heads together and our bouquets up by our faces. I cant wait to see those. ;)

Oh yeah, my little bro is like the best kid ever. I always tell my mom she deserves him after all the h*ll we put her thru...and that's not far from the truth!! :o He's 14 and just an awesome kid.

Sharon--Thanks for the compliments on my hair! I was really pleased with it. I didnt get any full length pics of mine or my sis's dress, but the guy that took the pics at the wedding is going to put them on a CD, so when she gets them I'll have to post some. He took some really cute ones of us! Of course, that wont be hard with how cute we already are. :D

Misti--Your church group sounds great! That sure would be nice to have some buddies to go walking/excercise with. :running:

That is a great NSV, and from a total stranger to boot! Yeah!! :encore: And that's great to hear you are down 2 lbs this morning. That must make you feel better. Yeah, you declare war on that weight, go girl!! :kickbutt:

Dont sweat the personals--I wouldnt have near the time to do them if I didnt have internet access at work :o

Oh, I was cracking up at your bra story!! :lol3: Well, totally shocked, appalled, and cracking up at the same time :yikes: I totally agree with everything you said--how rude of her to make assumptions like that!! You know what they say happens when you "assume''...:tape: You will definitly have to share with us any response you get from them!!

I have kind of the opposite problem with it comes to bras. I only wear a C cup but my band size is between a 46 and 48. So I either wear a 48 on like the first hook and the shoulders totally tightened up, or I wear a 46 and have it be a little snug. I choose to have them a little snug. I like that snug feeling and the way a 46 fits and its not like it leaves red marks or anything. But I'm sure someone measuring me would be appauled. One of my breasts is also slightly smaller than the other so in some C cups I have to do some adjusting or I dont fill up the cup. :lol: I'm sure Miss Maidenform would be appauled at that, too :p

Michelle--You will definetly build up strength and endurance over time. And walking will help with back pain, too (as will weight loss, I'm sure). Getting a routine down sounds great!! :goodluck:

Ally--Glad to hear you had a good time at your husband's reunion. That's really cool that your grandma and aunt were supportive and gave you compliments on your weight! Cool! :cool: :cb:

Ammi--*gasp* You naughty girl! Doing crunches! :o :D That is so great that you were able to do the whole DVD! :bravo: Yay Ammi! He really works ya, I know! I used to do the Richard Simmons Blast Off videos and the disco one was always my favorite. I love his attitude and energy. My favorite was this move where he'd say "and sparkle out" at the end :lol: He is cute.

Thanks for the compliment on my hair! Yes, it was great. I didnt even tell my stylist what I wanted, she just figured it out! That's why I go to her; she's really great.

You are right about just taking it one day at a time. I know I just need to keep plugging along. I know 1 weekend of bad eating isnt what got me here so it stands to reason that 1 week of good eating isnt going to get me away from here, right? ;) I just need to stay strong and keep on it. But most of all I need to have faith that I can do this and also know that I deserve it.

Lilion--:tantrum: Stupid fraudsters! My bro-in-law got one like that too. UG that is so frustrating! I knew about those fake emails but like you are really thinking about that when you get an email saying there is suspcious activity on your acct! Sheesh! I hope you get it figure out. That makes me so mad!! :mad:

Valerie--What you said about the support and cammeraderie (sp?) here is so right on target. When I decided to start again this is actually the first place I came. I have a confession to make too--I lurked for about 2 or 3 days before I actually posted. :o

I dont blame you for copping out on excercise class. :hug: That is frustrating when you dont know the moves. That's how I get with workout videos sometimes. I feel so out of step and out of time that I just want to quit. Good for you on going down to the track and walking, though. At least you got some excercise in! Yeah! :balloons:

Nelie--That is awesome news! I have no idea how to calculate something like that, but that would be really interesting. That sounds a lot more scientific than just "this is your goal weight for your height" which I have a problem with because I think what WW thinks I should weigh is about 25 lbs too low. Yeah, you can totally lose 43 lbs! You go for it, girlie! Yeah! :twirly:

As for me, I am doing well today. I brought a turkey roll-up for lunch. It was pretty good but the meat was really salty. Just what I need after this weekend--more salt! :rolleyes: I wont buy the Carl Budding brand again. What brand of lunchmeat (turkey, chicken, etc) do you guys buy?

I need to start eating more veggies, I think. I get my 5 servings a day but I dont think that's enough. Isnt the RDA like 7-11 servings? For lunch I had no veggies or fruit. I need to go shopping but I am trying to hold out till Friday because I dont want to have to take money out of savings and I am kinda broke until pay day. ;)

I was thinking today that what I really think is important about visiting this forum everyday is keeping my eating habits/excercise in the forefront of my thinking. The support is invaluable, yes, but just keeping my plan on my mind and knowing that I am not the only one trying to do this is very important to me. You guys rock!

Well, I better go get some water before my lunch break is up. I'll be back later.

princesspuffypants 09-26-2006 03:50 PM

LOL ammi - were good. nothing new really to tell. we're going to a big halloween event in a few weeks (we go early because its cheaper and less crowded), we're probabally going to Montana in January so he can snowboard and I can see my best friend who will have just got back from Africa, and then off to disneyworld in feb. things are good. were not "dating" but i guess were not not dating either. its funny. he lives at home too and his mom just remodeled thier kitchen, and he was like, so when the kitchen is done i will invite you over and make you dinner, i laughed because i have known him for 15 years. i was like... jesus it took a new kitchen for you to make me dinner? lol.

kimpossible 09-26-2006 04:11 PM

Wow- I'm going to stress myself out if i try to catch up- and I was on yesterday evening!! Well- just a quick, I'm here, doing well. People at work keep stoping me to ask how much weight I've lost. Does that mean they know I'm dieting or that they can see it? I hope they can see it...I can, my pants are way too big- it's good except these work pants cost $50, and I really can't afford new ones right now, especially if they are just going to need replacing again.

Hopefully my car will be ready tomorrow- did i even tell yall? It was so stressful, i might not have. On tuesday I was out having a couple drinks with the girls waiting for my DF to pick me up to go to school (i know drinking before school...drinking on a diet...) and he called and said that I had to get to him right away the clutch had gone out on the car. We went and of course it is 5pm and the road has no shoulder!!! 40 minutes later we were at home, i skipped school, and now have had my car in the shop for a full week (costing me $700 to fix). It stinks because I have no independence what so ever...so I hope we will have it tomorrow...

Well- test is in an hour and 15minutes and I haven't figured out the essays so talk to you all later!

dogpal 09-26-2006 05:04 PM

Afternoon all,

Misti: I started a study on Daniel by Beth Moore. They announced today that they have a weight loss class starting on Monday the 9th in the evenings. I may go and check it out.

Ammi: Okay I will get started on that room I don't want you to show up and have to sleep in a mess. LOL Consider yourself invited to my house anytime.

Val: I know you will do well at Curves. You are such a go getter.

Everyone else, take care and blessings,

going to lose 200 09-26-2006 05:10 PM

hey guys! Had a real crappy day at work today. I left an hour early and was so stressed I broke down and cried. I can't afford to lose my job over her and have to keep telling myself that it is only for another 30 days not including weekends and days off *L* I feel better now but called a few friends and amde plans to go to the pool and work off my frustrations. If not, I'll explode tomorrow for sure.

Lilion~ Oh my gosh!! How awful!!!! I am praying for him and you!!

Valerie~ Hey guess what! Idiot got the wrong part for the oven :lol: Now they are giving up and bringing me a new one on Thursday. I win!!!! :carrot:

nancy~ Good going girl! Happy to hear that you finally blew your top! Stress isnt good for us either.

Misti~ Sorry about the 5 lbs. I am up ugh, nine now this week. I think it must be stress since I havent eaten anything extreme. Hope you had a great night at your new meeting group.

Annie~ Way to go on the bike. I think that would be a cool race idea. Does the winner get anything special?? Other than being SO much healthier!!

Ammi~ :clap: for you for doing the richard simmons DVD!!!! :lol: ya know what I did! I had sucha crappy day at work that I forgot to drop in and pick up my machine :lol: oh well!

Melissa~ Dont give up girl!! :hug:

Nelie~ Sorry to hear you are still in your funk. Anything we can help with?? :hug:

ok... I have to go and do dishes before pool time. Talk to you all tonight when I get home!

Brenda :wave:

AmmiUK 09-26-2006 06:04 PM

Sue – glad that two of those five lbs have already gone. I am sure the other three won’t be far behind, and I bet they will take another couple with them :D

Lilion – I am really sorry you were caught out by that email scam. Why people get such a buzz from catching people out like that I don’t know. I keep getting emails to my yahoo email address saying that my bank needs confirmation of my details because there is a problem with my account. For one thing I have NEVER given that address to my bank, and for another, I know they wouldn’t ask for those details. It really sucks how these rotten people try to scam people, or send viruses etc. Shoot them all I say.

As for PayPal. I use them, but when problems have occurred in the past they have been NO help at all. So I am not surprised that they were less than helpful when you asked to have your account closed. I hope you manage to do it though and you don’t have any repercussions from clicking on that link :hug:

Any news on your nephew, did the doctors manage to save his thumb and two of the fingers on his hand? Poor boy, he has such a lot to face now hasn’t he :(

Valerie – ouch $10,000 to get the truck sorted. No wonder hubby is feeling so down about it all. I don’t blame you in the slightest for not wanting to sign for any loans. I don’t know what it will take for him to get things sorted, but I hope he can figure something out and that he won’t say anything more about driving the truck off a cliff and going with it :(

You said “Even with those months of depression we have both suffered from this year, we didn't give up. We did what we needed to do to change it. Somehow we have changed, inside. Now we believe in that change, and we're COMMITTED to it” very very well said my friend :cp:

I totally agree with you too about what you said about 3FC and the people here. You should be a writer, you have such a wonderful way of putting feelings into words.

Patti – I won’t say don’t worry about your WI on Friday because I worry every time I am due to step on those scales, I hate the things. Try to stay confident though, you are doing so well and it’s time for the FFM to pay you a friendly visit.

Nelie – sorry to hear you have been in a bit of a funk lately, I hope that your post here is a sign that things are looking up :hug:

I like the sound of all of your mini goals, they are all very reachable goals and you will feel so proud of yourself as you reach each one.

Missy – if I remember correctly you lost a LOT of weight really quickly didn’t you? I am sorry you have had a stall, but perhaps when the lbs start shifting again you will have another burst of good weight loss. Hang in there, you will lose those 10 lbs before Halloween :hug:

Amy – oh yeah Richard is a real funny guy, I had quite a few giggles doing some of the moves today. He even made me feel a bit emotional when he was doing the cool down. He kept saying stuff like you’re worth it, you can do this for you, you are a wonderful person etc etc. I know he was speaking generally not to me personally, but it still got me a bit teary eyed, daft aren’t I, :lol:

You said “I know 1 weekend of bad eating isnt what got me here so it stands to reason that 1 week of good eating isnt going to get me away from here”. That is so very true. When I think of how much weight I have lost and how I still need to lose the same again I sometimes feel a bit frustrated at how long it will take. BUT then I think similarly to what you said, about how long it took me to get this big and that in retrospect it’s only going to take a fraction of the time to lose it, even it that’s a couple of years. I can do this, you can do this, and we will do this :D

Glad to hear you are having a great day today :hug:

Luan - :lol: too funny about your invite to your guy’s place once the kitchen is done. After 15 years of waiting I hope it’s going to be the best meal you have ever eaten :lol:

Ok so no major romance just yet, not dating, but not not dating :D I just hope one day he works up the nerve to grab you and give you the most passionate kiss you have ever had :D

Kimberly – oh boy I hear you on the cost of clothes and how you don’t really want to fork out on new stuff that won’t fit you in a few months time! As I think I said in my last post, it’s darn expensive to lose weight, but very worth it :D

Ouch that’s expensive $700 to get your car fixed. It sounds like you can’t be without it though, so it’s definitely money you need to spend. I hope you do get it back tomorrow.

Annie – ok I have my invite, but I still promise not to just turn up. Can you imagine it, every time somebody knocks at your door you might think it’s me :lol: Nah, if and when I make it to your neck of the woods I will ring you and say, directions please, I am at the nearest airport :lol:

[COLOR="Magenta"]Brenda – so sorry you had such a horrible day in work :( Good for you saying you will take your frustrations out by going swimming. Much better than pigging out :cp:

Oh boy, you must have been stressed out to have forgotten to go pick up the machine. Once you do get it are you going to start using it that night, or are you having to build yourself up to getting started on it. It will be lovely if as the weight comes off you won’t have to use the machine anymore :hug:

Katt – are you ok? I hope you are reading posts even if you don’t have time to write any. Have you ever watched the Disco Sweat DVD right to the end, and seen where all the people that take part dance up an aisle of people and you get to see their name and how much weight loss they have had. I was so happy when I saw them, especially the big ones dancing their way along the aisle looking so proud of themselves and happy. I was talking to Sharon earlier and she said that the guy who has lost the most weight, the 155 lb loss, has actually gained back ALL the weight. He even seriously considered taking his own life because of it. Such a shame :(

Xena – haven’t heard from you in a few days, are you ok? Let us know how you are doing when you get the chance :hug:

Ok I better make a move, the series finale of Lost is about to start and I have to concentrate on what’s going on :lol: Take care all and bye bye until tomorrow,


Ammi :grouphug:

trixiepixie 09-26-2006 06:16 PM

Sharon- I hope you had a great work out today!

Misti- Awesome NSV! Doesn’t it feel great when other people notice your successes? Enjoy the support group at church.

Michelle- Just sticke with it- over time you’ll building up some amazing strength.

Brenda- I’m sorry to hear about your frustrating day at work, but look at your success! You are working off your stress in the pool! YAY!

Ally- Congratulations on the comments from your grandma and aunt. I bet that had to feel great.

Ammi- Awesome job with the workout today. How motivating!

Lilion- I’m sorry to hear about the ebay experience. I hope it all works out. I’ll also keep your nephew in my prayers.

Valerie- Good Luck with the Curves 6 week challenge. I love your motivation! I’m sure you will hit your 20 lb mark!

Nelie- I love that you are setting realistic goals. Good luck with the 10lbs for the wedding!

Melissa- Good luck with the Halloween goal. Just remember, holding at a weight isn’t always a bad thing! It’s better than the weight coming back to hang out with you for awhile.

Amy- I agree, this forum is motivating. Even if I don’t have time to post, I do try to read. I really need to join the exercise thread to get a kick in the pants with that!

Kim- I’m sorry to hear about your car. I do hope your test went well!

Today has been a decent day. I’ve done good with my eating. I think I am going to spend tonight with my kitten. Maybe take her out for a walk. Tomorrow she goes to the vet to get spayed. I’m not sure what I’m going to do for supper. I actually need to swing by the grocery store to pick up some more bagged salad. I have been going through it like crazy lately. Not that it is a bad thing, but I’m not sure why… but I have been craving salad lately. I want the freshness of it- which keeps me from wanting dressing on it. Like I said… not a bad thing at all.

toofatforu 09-26-2006 07:12 PM

Ammi i hope you are right but i seem to be in a rut with my weight. but got to just keep on keeping on~

Xena2005 09-26-2006 08:45 PM

Lillion - I gasped out loud when I read the story about your nephew. What a tragedy for him to lose a hand. I really hope the docs can save his other one. Gosh, it's just so sad that the foolish mistake of a young person resulted in such a high price paid. Please keep us posted on how he is doing. :hug:

Ammi - Here I am! :) I am doing OK, thank you for asking. I still can't seem to get totally OP for more than a couple of days at a time. I am trying to be patient with myself but it is hard. I know I am holding onto bad behaviors for comfort or protection so it's going to take some time to get past that. On a positive note, I did get up early before work this morning and do my Richard Simmons Blast & Tone DVD. Back when I was exercising consistently I always did it before work. That just works better for me because I get it done and out of the way before anything else in life can interfere with my plans. But due to working long hours, etc, I had fallen out of my routine of going to bed early so that I could get up at 5:00 to exercise. Since I have slowly been setting some better boundaries at work I am finally just starting to make it home consistently by around 6:00 each night and am finding it easier to get to bed earlier. I am really hoping that reclaiming my life from work will bring the balance that I need to spend time taking care of myself....sleeping, exercising, shopping for healthy food, cooking, etc. Oh, and congrats to you being down another pound and doing your Disco DVD. I have that one too and I feel like a big clumsy oaf trying to do it.

Nancy - I am sorry you are having BF struggles. I can completely empathize with your situation as I went through it with my ex-hubby. I think you are wise to set your limit. The thing is is that it is HARD for people to change. And I think (just my opinion here) that people do not change unless THEY want to change. They may try to change because someone else wants them to (my hubby did) but unless the drive for change comes from within they usually fall back to their old habits. You can even compare spending problems to eating problems. Just think how difficult it is for you, and all of us, to overcome our old habits. How much harder would it be if you were trying to change simply because your BF wanted you to? I would venture a guess that the reason for your success is because of your own internal desire to change, not because someone else is pressing you to. Just something to think about. You deserve to be with someone whose goals are aligned with yours, who adds happiness, security, and trust to your life. If it's what you want, then I hope your current BF will find it within himself to make the changes he needs to. But if he can't or won't, I hope you are able to make the decision that is best for you. Life is too short to spend it trying to deal with that kind of self-imposed financial stress....or any other kind of self-imposed stress for that matter. Hang in there girl.

Not much news to report for me. I am trying to decide whether or not to keep my membership to the Y. I rarely go so I am basically flushing $26/month down the toilet each month. If I do drop the membership I will either just continue to exercise on my own by walking and doing DVD's in my living room until I feel more up to a "real" gym. I am also considering rejoining Curves. I actually did Curves for about a month a while back. I had ambivalent feeling about Curves so I would need to ponder that some more before I decided for sure. Anyway, off to watch Dancing with the Stars now. Go Emmitt!!!!! ;)

rkrs6673 09-26-2006 09:01 PM

Hello... just a quick hello I will be back later after I get the kids to bed. I also need to take some updated pictures.

NoLifeWithoutHorses 09-26-2006 09:09 PM

AMMI, I forgot to say what a cool NSV you had knocking out that Richard Simmons tape! I remember the first time I walked for even 30 minutes, then eventually 40 etc. It's wonderful to feel that endurance building! Thanks, too, for your kind words about my writing. You guys here inspire me I guess.

NELIE, I'm sorry you've been in a funk. You're a member of our elite 100+ club AND you got that fat meter to read 37.5%! Dwell on that if you can. You've done SO well! I'm ecstatic because this week is the first time I got the stupid fat meter to read at all - 50.0% - before it's always just said "ERROR".... and we thought MISTI's bra lady was rude!! I hope you can feel just a little of the joy I feel FOR you! Have a beautiful Wednesday!!

MELISSA, I think we should all unite to send the FFM to your house to break that plateau! Hang in there - You KNOW it has to give up those pounds soon! Maybe a few days or a week of higher intake would kick up your metabolism so you could get back to burning again. Sounds like you might be in starvation mode? Good luck!

AMY, I eat as little lunch meat as possible. It seems they're all really high sodium! I try to keep cooked chicken or burger on hand and just dip it in a bit of mayo or ketchup. ** I totally agree with you on the importance of coming to this forum. It does the same for me - keeps me focused on what's at stake and what I need to do. ** On getting enough veggies, I like them, but have realize in the last couple days that I don't get nearly enough. Even when I journal food normally, the emphasis is on the calorie count and I barely jot down WHAT I ate. Now that I'm on this Challenge thing, I have the whole day laid out for me, meals and snacks, and then I can make substitutions or changes. Now I have to THINK about balancing everything, and I've noticed how much effort it takes to get all the F & V in. Obviously I wasn't getting enough before.

BRENDA - HaHaHa! Good deal on the new oven! Now that you're cooking again, just let us know when dinner is served. ** Sorry you have so much grief at work. Good that you can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Is there any way that you can just smile at her and say "Just a few more days of your crap. Then I'll be gone, but you'll be an idiot forever."?

TRIXIE - Thanks for the support. I always appreciate it!! It sounds like you're doing great too!!! ** Poor kitten! I just had my pup snipped & I was all in a dither about it. By the end of the first day he seemed to have put the whole thing behind him. I hope your kitten fairs as well.

Hang in there PATTI! It has to budge eventually. Hope you're out of that rut soon!

Everybody, thanks for your support. It's wonderful to see the perseverence, determination and commitment from so many who are struggling right now. It's inspiring to see the success of those who have struggled and are winning this battle for better life. Thanks for sharing it all!

I'm on a roll at the moment, and oh so proud of myself tonight for even getting out and doing some strength training and crunches tonight in addition to my walking & stuff this morning. Before I worked out I felt like I couldn't eat another thing, even tho my cals for the day were way too low - under 900. But by the time I got home I was starving. Some lean meat, spinach & 1/2 of a protein shake took me right up to where I needed to be.

So, have we decided if we agree with the nation's school systems? I mean, does ketchup really count as a vegetable??

Heather 09-26-2006 09:18 PM

Misti -- Your story had me laughing! I'm sorry you had to go through this. Like you, I tried to buy bras one size down, but I started going down cup sizes as well as band sizes... so you might want to wait, cause I had a bunch of bras that never really fit... first too small, then too big, but in a different place... :) Now I wait till I fit into the bra, though now that I'm finally in a cup/band combo I can actually FIND, I hope I don't lose another cup size...

Ammi -- That is an AWESOME NSV! I know what you mean about those being so important!! I am really proud of you!

Ammi and Valerie -- I GET what you mean about this being "for real" I still can't believe I lost 100 pounds, I mean I haven't been extreme! But I HAVE been committed to this endeavor! And it works! Who knew!

And man, if *I* can inspire others, then that just tickles me to death!! Cause I have been so inspired here!

Valerie -- Sorry about that Curves experience, but look you went ahead and worked out anyway.

You posted on the exercise thread the other day that you had missed a couple of days of exercise in a row... but I don't know if you saw that I pointed out how it was the 25th and you had kept exercising all month!! It's changes like that where we find our progress...

Melissa -- 6.5 pounds in 6 weeks is still FINE progress! You cannot have a fit and let the stupid scale WIN. That's what it WANTS! It is :devil:, you know!!

Heather 09-26-2006 09:20 PM

OMG, it took me so long to write that post, 5 people posted while I was working on it! :dizzy:

Heather 09-26-2006 09:23 PM

Xena -- You are sooo right that people don't change unless they want to. Didn't that happen for all of us with weight loss????

Okay, I see now you made that point in your post... I just read the start of it and didn't finish before I started writing this, and now I look really silly!

Kenya -- Welcome BACK!! Hope you had a good reunion with DH!

Valerie -- Ketchup, if used in enough quantity, simply MUST be a vegetable!! :)

rkrs6673 09-26-2006 09:25 PM


Originally Posted by wyllenn (Post 1419235)
-- I GET what you mean about this being "for real" I still can't believe I lost 100 pounds, I mean I haven't been extreme! But I HAVE been committed to this endeavor! And it works! Who knew!

I like the way you said this! It was weird for me to see that this lifestyle really works as well.

Heather 09-26-2006 09:26 PM

Okay, I'm a little freaked out about something. Hubby and I got back from the gym and after a bit he said, "Do you feel good?"

"Yeah, I feel kind of energized."

"Me too." He said. "I think it's the gym. I hate you." [He's kidding. He hates that I've helped him eat right and exercise, but loves the results.

Is it possible I'm really starting to feel the positive effects of exercise? Am I going to learn to like it?????? 'Cause that's freaky talk...

VioletSwerve 09-26-2006 09:56 PM

Kim--I know what you mean about work pants!! Its nice to have them be too big but who can afford to buy new ones all the time? Oh well, I guess it could be worse--could be you have to buy new ones because the ones you have are too small! ;)

I'm sorry to hear about your car. That really stinks!! I know what you mean about no independence. That is so frustrating. Last year my glasses broke and it was a week before I could get new ones so my boyfriend had to drive me around! :o I was not pleased and it was kind of inconvenient for him, too. I'm glad to hear you got it fixed, but sorry you are out the $700. :halfempty

Brenda--I'm so sorry you had a crappy day at work. Is that one lady still getting to you? What is her deal? Doesnt she know you have a whole bunch of big friends here that will kick her butt??? :kickbutt: :boxing: Good for you for taking a positive approach and deciding to work it off in the pool. See, you're beating that food-soother attitude already!

Ammi--You are totally not daft! (can Americans say "daft"? :lol:) I always got a little teary eyed during the cool-down, too! And I have a theory behind that, anyway. A friend of mine that runs used to say that sometimes after a really intense run she would just break down and cry for no reason. She thought maybe it was because she needed like an emotional release to go with the physical release. Who knows? It could be true... :D

And thanks for all your encouragement. You are right, if I stick with this it will take less time for the weight to come off than it took me to put it on. I hadnt thought of it that way. :thanks:

I didnt know you are a "Lost" fan! I LOVE LOVE LOVE "Lost"!! :love: You will die when you see the season finale!! :faint: It is SOOOOO good. I cant wait for season 3 to start. I dont have any TV channels but I think my sister is going to let me watch it at her house so I dont have to wait for it to come out on DVD!! :hyper:

Trixie--Yes, I intend to join the excercise thread for October, too. I think it will help to keep me accountable. I know the weekly goal forum has helped a lot. Today I had such a bad sinus headache I was going to skip my workout, but I went ahead and did it because I didnt want to have to report that I didnt make my goal again this week! :o

Good to hear you had a good day and are staying OP with your eating. You keep it up eating that salad, girl! My kingdom to actually crave salad!! :D

Xena--You only pay $26/mo for the Y??? :yikes: When I had a Y membership it was like $46 for just 1 person and $70 for a family!! I always thought that was a total rip off that it was only $24/mo more for a family.:mad: That is strange that there is that much of a difference in price regionally. And I love Curves. I use my Curves membership much more than I ever used my Y membership.

As for me, I think I decided that I am going to have to give up my cat. :cry: See, I am actually allergic to cats so I have to take allergy medicine every day. But even with it I still have symptoms. :tired: And like right now when my allergies are bad anyway its just about unbearable. Plus, I am moving at the end of next month and all the places in KC want between $200-$400 for a pet deposit (sometimes non-refundable) in addition to the regular deposit for the apt.:stress: Plus he has bladder infections constantly. I am not exaggerating. Its not like he takes meds and they go away, its like it never goes away. The pee problems have been going on since December and I just cant do it anymore. Just in the last 6 weeks I have taken him to the vet twice and spent almost $300 on vet bills. :faint:

I just really have a lot of guilt over this. :halfempty I've had him for over 2 years (since he was a baby) and all he's ever known is me. I feel like when I decided to take him I took responsibility for him, like I took an oath to always be there for him and take care of him. This may sound really stupid to a lot of you, but its like he's my kid. :(

He's extremely charming and very cute. He has his own little personality, like most cats do. That's what makes this even harder. :cry:

Plus, I feel like a total hypocrite. I always talk about how people are so terrible to take thier cat/dog to the pound when they move just because thier new place wont take pets. If you have a pet then you move somewhere that does take pets.

But I will not take him to the pound. I know what will happen to him if I do that. He is a black cat and is not declawed--two strikes against him already for getting adopted.:no: Plus I've heard of people adopting black cats around halloween and doing terrible things to them as pranks. :eek: I will not let that happen to him. He has been too good of a companion and deserves better than that. I am going to put an ad in the newspaper and also ask around at work. :shrug: Its also possible that Nat will take him, but that wouldnt be the best solution because they have a black lab and that probably wouldnt work out too well. I would still be able to see him if I did that, but I am trying to do what is best for him, not me.

Well, other than my kitty-mommy guilt I am doing ok. I had chicken alfredo for dinner, all OP. It was really good. I could only have like 1/4 cup alfredo sauce but that was really all I needed. I also ate an entire green pepper so I could get my veggie servings in. :yes:

My sister gave me her old knife block and knives because she got a new one as a wedding present. As I was cutting the green pepper I was thinking "Wow, these are still pretty sharp". At just that moment I sliced right thru my thumb. :fr: It hurt so bad it took my breath away for a moment and I couldnt even curse! :lol: I ran it under water but it kept bleeding. Without thinking I shook my hand to get the water off and droplets of blood sprayed all over the counter and my clean dishes! :barf: I actually was going to take a picture of it because it was kind of like a scene from Psycho. :s: Anyway, it hurt so bad I called my sis to come look at it (she lives in the apt above me) to make sure it wasnt going to need stiches. The damn thing wouldnt quit bleeding! But it ended up ok. She bandaged it up and listened to me whine. :stress: You cant buy service like that. :D

Heather 09-26-2006 10:29 PM

Amy -- OUCH on the thumb! Those sharp knives! At least when they're sharp it's a cleaner cut... so "they" say...

VioletSwerve 09-26-2006 10:31 PM

Oh, I weighed myself today and I was down 1 lb. So I'm back to where I was last Monday. I'll take it.

I changed my ticker to be a 10 lb goal ticker. I used to think I didnt need mini goals--the weight has to be lost one way or another. But I saw on someone else's sig on the forum "I cant lose 100 lbs but I can lose 10 lbs 10 times!" and that kind of hit home for me. So I decided to change it. Besides, I have my SW/CW/GW under my avatar so you can do the math to see how much total I need to lose, anyway, so I dont need a ticker for that.

Goodnight everyone!!

NoLifeWithoutHorses 09-26-2006 11:39 PM


Is it possible I'm really starting to feel the positive effects of exercise? Am I going to learn to like it????? 'Cause that's freaky talk...

This totally quacked me up!! :lol3:
Actually HEATHER, the problem this morning was at my areobics/kick boxing class, not Curves. I felt bad leaving because I really like the lady who was filling in for our regular instructor, & I know she felt bad that I left. But NOT exercising just wasn't an option. As a matter of fact, I intended to do 8 laps, but as I finished the 8th lap I realized that my feet were still on the track headed around the corner again instead of taking me to my car. My head decided it had nowhere else more important to be, so it let the rest of my body make a 9th lap. ...I should have done 10. In any case, I've done more exercising this month than I think I had for every month this year COMBINED! I LOVE being home I LOVE being home I LOVE being home....

AMY, I'm so sorry about your kitty. I feel the same way aobut commitment to an animal, but I understand your predicament. I hope Nat & his Lab can work it out. My boys know that when it comes down to it, a cat is always the boss, but if the cat will run they're more than happy to chase. Good luck with your baby.

Watched a good movie tonight - the one with the snotty figure skater and the ex-hockey player. Plenty of time for leg lifts, lying on the floor watching the tube. My right cheek especially will probably be complaining tomorrow! * OH, and TOM has come for a visit - YIPPEE!!! The scale had already gone down a smidge before that hit, so by my first official 'Challenge WI' I should have even some more help bumping that reading down. The timing is so good, it's almost like cheating!:D

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