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Learning to love myself.
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Hi Everyone,

Iím really not feeling good about myself at the moment. I mentioned that I had yelled at a couple of little girls last week about calling another little girl Ďfatí. Well, lo and behold, the little girl who was supposedly being called Ďfatí had made it up. I have NO idea why she did that, although I feel that it may have just been to get them into trouble. I am going to have to speak to that girl on Monday.

I am particularly disappointed at the parent of the supposed Ďvictimí. She is a teacher in our school and we have taught together for many years. She told me about her daughterís victimization the other day and I took her word for gospel and didnít believe the girls when they said that they hadnít said anything. I had spoken to them a couple of weeks earlier about picking on another little girl, so I just didnít give them a chance to explain this time. I feel SO awful! I should have known that something was different this time, because they didnít deny the first incident, but they vehemently denied saying anything to the teacherís daughter. I did say at the time that if I found out that they were telling me the truth then I would give them a huge apology. Well, that is certainly coming now.

I am friends with one of the girlsí parents, and the mother called me today to see how I was after being off for a few days. She also told me that the incident had been sorted out because the teacher/mother had told her that her daughter had made the story up. She (the teacher) then went and gave my two students hugs and told them that she KNEW that they wouldnít have done anything like that. But hang on!!!! SHE was the one who told me that this was JUST like them and they always did things like that. She knew about this during the week and she didnít even call me (I know that she has my home phone number) to let me know about the mistake so I could at least find some way to rectify it. Now I have to wait till Monday to sort it out with one of the girls. Hopefully we are seeing the other girl at the zoo tomorrow, so I should be able to apologise to her then.

I just feel so bad because I SHOULD have taken the time to look into it more, before taking the teacherís word for it and letting rip at the girls in my class.

I canít wait to give these two girls a huge hug and simply hope that they can find it in their hearts to forgive me for not giving them the benefit of the doubt.

I also kind of gathered from the conversation with my friend that this other teacher has a Ďproblemí with the fact that we seem to have too much of a focus on exercise and nutrition in my classroom. Now, Iím not sure where that comes from. We do Daily Fitness every morning, because that is school policy. I have not had ANY nutrition lessons, but they will be starting this week with my dietician friend. The WHOLE school will be having Nutrition lessons at some stage as we got a grant to do so. Other than that, we have only been discussing food as part of our Winter Olympics and Commonwealth Games programs when we talked about what athletes would have to eat. Iím not sure where she got the impression that we are doing too much on these things. She has a weight problem herself and I am wondering whether her problem is with ME, seeing as I have lost weight, and I am VERY conscious of my food and exercise, and she feels that this is having some kind of effect in the classroom. Obviously I need to talk with her, but that will have to wait until Monday too. I donít want to call her over the weekend in case I say something that I might regret. I think I need to cool down first.

Oh wellÖ that is my news for the day. I didnít really need this after the week Iíve had. I know that my friend just wanted me to know that things were OK with the girls now, and I donít think she wanted to make me feel bad, but I still do. I havenít been happy about yelling at them since the moment it happened, but I have been consoling myself with the fact that they deserved it. Now I canít console myself with much, except the fact that at the time, I BELIEVED that they deserved it. That doesnít help those two 7 year old girls much though.

Iíll get onto the individuals a little later when I have had time to cool down and can gather my thoughts.

Take care,

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Zelma, you are WAY to hard on yourself!!!!! It seems the other teacher has some real issues and needs a SHOUTING at!!!! the words JEALOUSY, JEALOUSY and ENVY spring to mind, she is jealous of your weight-loss, popularity with students & envious of your lovely figure and healthy lifestyle. I don't know what you should do though, but cooling off, as you said, is a really good idea.
I am now officially 18st 12 lbs!!! 7 lbs down!!!!See my tracker, woohoo, I have to lose & exercise lots this week as TOM rears its hideous head next week-end. We are visiting my parents again as there's another bank holiday on the Monday. WHY does TOM arrive every time we visit my parents????!!! It's the only time we get to go out at night on our own and with taking the boys out for the day I'm often too tired to go out at night. TOM always takes it out of me and causes food cravings AND water-weight/swelling.
Oh well, off to tidy up and have a late breakfast.
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Please Don't Post Here Anymore
Instead Join us on 300+ and Ready to Try Again #912
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Originally Posted by princesspuffypants
i also went on vacation to Idaho, Montana and Washington. there really isnt anything that isnt deep fried to eat there... lol they even asked if i wanted deep fried hash browns.
Well I don't know where on earth you were in Washington but that is certainly NOT typical of Western Washington, at least. That sounds really strange to me as there is not a big emphasis at all on deep fried stuff. Sorry you found the "worst" places here.
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Default new to site

i am new to this site. Just came across it searching through the internet. I weigh over 300 pounds, can't believe it but i do. I would love any help or encouragement that anyone can give. I know that i have a long road ahead of me. I am a single mom of a terrific 10 year old. She is thin, active, and beautiful...thank God. I on the otherhand need help.
I have been on a hundred diets, once even getting down to 185, that is the lowest that i can remember. I am 36 years old and for the first time really see myself as a fat person. That is depressing. Well the scale can only go down from here..i hope anyway.
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