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On the road to health
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Talking New Kid On The Block

Hi all,

My name is Michelle and I'm new to the site. I'm 5'4 and 353 pounds. Hopefully, over time I will be able to lose 200 pounds. I have a question for you all. How many of you are 350+ and trying to lose weight through eating right and exercise(without surgery) and how successful have you been with it so far? I've been thinking about surgery, but not very fond of the idea of being cut open, so I'm just making some positive lifestyle changes instead. If you've started where I am currently, how long did it take to get to your goal weight?


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I also started at 353. Please feel free to jump right into the 300 + . . . # threads.

People can tell you about their own journeys, but there are several ladies here that have lost lots of weight without surgery - Zelma and Catherine to name a few. There was a thread a little while ago you might want to check out:
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On the road to health
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Hiya Nancy,

Thanks for the welcome I'll check out that link. WTG on your weight loss!

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Hey Michelle,

I was considering surgery as well at my highest weight, cos all I could forsee in my future was a lifetime of gaining. But, something eventually 'clicked' for me and diet and exercise started to really work for me. It is possible to do this without surgery. Surgery is a very frightening process and I, personally, would try to avoid it at all costs.

BTW, I have lost 92 lbs now over the course of 17mos.
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South Beach Life Style
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Hello and welcome to the group! I've been following the Weight Watcher's plan since Feb 18, 2005 and have lost 80 pounds! No surgery for this girl! Even with surgery - you must make the lifestyle change or you will gain it back! That's something no one ever thinks about. If you have to change your eating habits anyway, why not just do it and lose weight the non-surgical way? You'll get lots of support at this or other boards on the 3fc site, whichever you choose!
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Welcome, Michelle. I am only at the start of the journey too. I never considered surgery because #1 I cannot afford it and even if I did I will still try my very best to do it with diet and exercise.
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Hello and Michelle!! Personally, I'm following the South Beach Diet...I've been on Phase One for almost 2 months....yeah...hehe...and Ive lost 37 pounds so far! I'm also trying my hardest to fit in even 10 minutes a day of exercise. Good luck, and hope to see you on the threads!
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trying again!
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Hi Michelle

I started out at 401 on July 22,05. I am sure I was closer to 415 or so at one point. I am doing this purely by sensible eating and exercise with a WHOLE lot of help from the rest of these girls! They are a wonderful inspiration! I too thought of surgery but once I researched it and talked with my doctor, I realized that it wasnt for me. Good luck with your journey and know that we are all here for you as well. Welcome to 3FC ~ 300+!!!

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On the road to health
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Hey all!

Thanks for the welcome MsCrockett - I'm just trying to eat fewer carbs and more protein and veggies. I'm sticking with the higher complex carbs(ie., whole wheat, brown rice ect..) Lilion - exactly, which is why I'm going to eliminate the middle man (surgeon) and just change my lifestyle and exercise.
FS72 - I agree totally, which is why I'm trying to make the changes that I can stick with for a lifetime.

I keep a food log on Fitday just to see how much of everything I am getting in, and to have some sort of visual guideline, but I'm not following it totally to the letter. I'm trying to do at least 5 to 6 small meals a day and some days I don't eat that much, depending on how I feel. I'm also trying to find an exercise program that I can stick with at my current fitness level and so far I'm doing Sit N Be Fit. The changes will be slow, but I'm getting there and I'm in this for the long haul. WTG on successfully releasing your weight ladies, may we all have continued success!
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Learning to love myself.
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Michelle, I am SO glad that you are trying to do this without surgery. It can certainly be done, and I am living proof of that. I would never say that I have any more will power than the next person, but I just decided one day that it wasn't a choice any more and I haven't looked back since. I have heard of a number of people who have had to have repeated surgeries, or have gained back the weight despite the surgery, and I think it all boils down to what someone else said - you have to make the lifestyle changes anyway, so you may as well try it without the risk, pain and cost of surgery.

In just over two years I have lost 188lbs. I started out at 353lbs as well and am now getting SO close to my target weight that I can taste it. As I mentioned in another post... that tastes WAY better than any chocolate ever did!

I have written some notes on my journey and what I am currently doing to lose the weight. If you are interested, I can email them to you, but it is too large a document to post here. I may have to add it to my pics page perhaps to make it more easily accessible. If you want it, just PM me and I'll send it. I would also be happy to answer any questions you may have either on here or through email. You may regret ever asking though, as I tend to go on and on about things. Weight loss and nutrition are my two favourite topics at the moment. I am doing a LOT of research on nutrition as I want to know how foods work and why my body doesn't 'like' some foods. I have a feeling that this research will go a long way to helping me maintain a healthy weight. I can't see myself going back to my old eating habits after learning so much about nutrition.

I look forward to reading many of your posts and following you on this fantastic journey.

Take care,

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