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a work in progress...
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Talking Can I stay?

...gee...let me think....

Of COURSE you can, silly! Welcome back, j-ann!!!

Okay...who else can we lure out of hiding? :?

ANDRIA! Excellent! Congratulations!! You are on a roll, girl!

Terri...sounds like you had a full workout before you even got on the bike! Your horseback riding sounds like so much fun. What a feeling of freedom...wind in your face, thundering along...I'm still jealous!

Lucky... 'nuff said. are those eyeglasses coming along? You are one busy woman!

Barbg...your wellness coach sounds wonderful! What a nice thing to do for yourself! Are you feeling any changes?

Scooter...So? Did you get the yet? More power to you for being able to read and walk at the same time. I tried once at the gym and quickly realized I am seriously UNABLE to do that!

Angie...Hi! Welcome! Come join us more often!

2cute...okay...the thread is filling up, so what's new with you????

Barb...I'm sure you're not feeling up to posting...just know how much you are loved. Come see us whenever you feel up to it...rant, rave, do whatever you need to. We're here for you, sweetie.

I believe that's everyone on this thread...

Have a great day and a happy weekend!

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a work in progress...
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Scooter...I'm sorry about your troubles. Have you spoken with your friend about the checks? Sounds like she's gonna need more than a friend...she might need a new job. Good luck with this messy situation!
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You and Me in 2003
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I need a shoulder to cry on.
My son called this morning from the coast. He is in jail. something to do with his girl friend. He wants me to bail him out but I don't have the $1000. to do it. They also impounded his car. I know he got himself into this mess and he will have to get himself out but the mother in me wants to protect my baby (even though he is 33). He'll probably have to saty in jail all week-end before going before a judge.

Sorry to bring everybody down.
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Michigan Old-Timer
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Do Not Post Here. Follow us to "300+ And Ready To Try Again.....#546".

See you there!
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Hang In There
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Interesting day today. DH #2 son & I took my mom to the horseraces today. She had never been (my dad wouldn't let her when he was alive) and has been wanting to go. This was the last weekend here, so we took her. Interesting was the only word to describe it. The only thing that really made it fun is that I have a uncle (mothers BIL, her sister died about a month before my dad did, and they have keep in pretty close touch) owns a race horse so he goes quite often and when he found out we were going, he decided to go too. He has a regular box and we bought box seats so were were pretty close to his box. He would keep sending messages or we would go over to his box and he would give us "tips" as to which horses to bet on. Then sometimes he would make bets for mother and send the tickets for her to redeem. Of course she and I were betting 2.00 tickets and he was betting anywhere from 5.00 to 50.00. Mother ended collecting about 200.00 from the tickets he sent to her. She said that of her own money she ended up spending about 7.00 and I thought I did really good by only spending about 40.00 I wouldn't dream of asking DH or #2son what THEY spent. But I do have to say I kept thinking of you Terri, The horses were beautiful. I've never rode horses, or even been around them very much, but after today I can imagine how you must enjoy Ginger, and whatever the other one's name is. They are really beautiful animals.

We will not talk about what all I ate today. They have a buffett at the track and it was set up directly behind our seats, so every time we got up we saw the food, and they kept changing out the desserts, when one was gone, instead of replacing it with the same thing, they would bring out something different. Of course I had to "try" more than one of them!

But tomorrow is a new day, and I will do better tomorrow.
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