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Checking in...
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Just a quick check in this morning as my friend is supposed to arrive today......maybe. But the house is cleaned, I'm getting to head into town to get groceries and should be able to get the other chores on my list done by the time he arrives. Still no sparks, Ubee! This also means that I'll probably only be posting every once in a while for the next few days? weeks? hopefully not months? as his leaving seems to be somewhat undefined. This is a stopping point on his way to Alaska.

Ubee You OK? Hope so, but also understand the check in and the jumping off. Especially the jumping off!
Fi Loved, loved, loved your description of interacting with your great niece. To me that's one of the gifts of getting more "mature" is that we get to share some of what we've learned and love with the younger generations in our families. Definitely make plans to go to the national gallery. If I lived near DC, I think I'd be in there at least once a month.
Sam Hope you're feeling better this morning and am glad that your friend got to come for a visit after all.
Time4Me Have a safe trip home and enjoy your summer with your family. Please do check in with us!

My eating has been all over the place lately, but at least I've stopped gaining. I get really busy and don't eat anything until about 3 in the afternoon. But then I'm having a lot of junk food because I'm too tired to fix something good. Of course, I should sit down and eat an apple with some PB or some fruit or even raw veggies. But instead I've been overcome with a need for chips and cookies and ice cream. All the forbiddens. Now, if I can just get to eating once a day and make it a good meal, some of this weight will finally come off and I can get back in a losing cycle. Off to the grocery store. Have a great day.
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Ugh—I'm BERP-ed out. The weekend's time off wasn't long enough. And yet I can't stop BERP-ing: every room I happen to walk through I get hung up on sorting things into recycle, trash,'s driving me nuts. I need a complete break from this house!!

Fortunately, an opportunity for such a break has arisen. There's gonna be a gathering of Bob's family—his mom, his sis, our niece Margaret, I don't know who else—at Full Circle Farm (FCF) in south-central Pennsylvania over the 4th of July weekend. And Bob says we can leave early, perhaps tomorrow, and have a few days up there alone—yippee!

FCF is not a working farm anymore: it's been turned into a nature preserve by Bob's mom, and she's deeded the property to the two of us. The pleasant & tidy 19th-century (restored) farmhouse is nestled in a tiny valley where all the land from the wooded ridgeline down to the stream, up to the other wooded ridgeline, belongs to us. I've been trying to get Bob to go with me up to the farm (it's just 3-4 hrs away) for months & months, in fact years, but his agoraphobia has stood in the way. He's better now, enough better to be willing to go up there, so I'm jumping at the chance to enter a totally different headspace for a while: very rural, utterly quiet, no internet, nobody calling, hammock on the wide porch, walks in the get the picture. Maybe I'll only take French-language books with me, just to make things truly alternative. I could do some iPad painting...

Oh, and I made a collage I think y'all will like: it's called "a certain delicacy of intent". =smile=
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Good Evening!

Ubee Hope you're doing ok. I'm really trying hard to check in even if I can be busy at times. Miss you

Betsy Sounds like you have a pretty big day with the friend coming to town. Good luck and hopefully he doesn't out stay his welcome...Even if you can get excited for someone to be visiting, I know how it can easily get out of hand.

Fi Love the new collage!! The farm you and Bob own sounds awesome!! It sounds like you guys will be having a great little vacation coming this weekend. I hope you enjoy it!!

I am feeling a bit better today. Still have the UTI, but it is on it's way out I think. I did manage to do some leg exercises this evening...I looked at my calendar and it looks like on days that I had set aside to do my leg exercises for the past few weeks something has happened and I never did them...I didn't even try to purposefully skip them! Or DH wanted to go hiking so I would just use that as my reasoning since you have to use your legs to hike :P But today doing all the squats and lunges my body could definitely feel that I haven't been doing them lately. I need to make sure I do them on a weekly basis now even if it isn't for the full time I would like to so that I don't lose the muscle I've built up. I wanted to do my weighted leg lifts but my legs feel shot so I skipped it after I did my 30 min Lower Body Turbo Jam. I even tried doing a new type of lunge where you hold two light weights and put one leg back on a chair and lunge forward but either the chair was way too high or I just don't have the muscle to successfully do one yet lol...So maybe next time.

DH is at band practice so I'm going to enjoy a bowl of crock pot turkey chili we made yesterday and maybe play some video games hehehe...It's been awhile since I've just laid back and relaxed...DH and I really have been spending all of our free time outside, or running errands, or doing something...We aren't in the house much other than to sleep or cook these days...Which reminds me I need to thaw out some chicken!! Ack!! My mind is getting the best of me these days.

This weekend was good. My friend was able to come visit and we had a nice awkward time at my friend's grand opening. We're both kind of introverts with strangers so it was weird and we only stayed about an hour, but it was only a 3 hour event so I didn't feel so bad for cutting out early. The salon is so beautiful and I really can't wait to get an opportunity to come and do someone's makeup in that salon sometime! We ended up spending the rest of the evening making pork tenderloin green chili and catching up. I had a huge trash bag full of clothes for her to go through and take that are too big for me. I was hoping she'd walk off with the whole bag, but only took a grocery bag full of clothes. I'm going to go through my closet sometime this week hopefully and gather any other clothes I can't wear anymore and take them to good will. No use in holding on to anything anymore because I'm losing this weight and it's never coming back!!!!

I have a short work week this week...Getting off at 12 on Thursday and have the 4th off!! DH and I were thinking about getting some bison and grilling bison burgers at the state park and enjoying the scenery...They're also doing a sea turtle watch type thing early in the morning this Friday. We found out that they're doing it every Friday where while it's sea turtle season here. We are going to try and see if we can go to it. We're not sure exactly what they do, I think maybe just check the eggs or if there's hatch lings try to help get them to the water without getting hurt by a seagull. It sounds like it could be something really cool.

Hope everyone has a great evening!!

PS: I got on the scale when I got home and my weight went back down to normal, so I'm think I may have lost a pound or two since I usually weigh in the morning
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Betsy ~ Yeah I love sleeping, I agree getting enough sleep is just as important as getting exercise

Fiona ~ Yes I've been able to get my walks the early morning hours and the early evening hours.
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STOP! June is over.
Please join us in the July, 2014 thread.
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