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Method to the Madness
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Valerie, I never understood why we forget how good it feels to get in a good workout. Each time I came home drenched in sweat after walking on the treadmill and lifting weights, I felt probably the best I'd felt in a long while. Yet, it's still a challenge to get my butt in gear to get the exercise done. You'd think that we wouldn't have such a problem being motivated to do the things that make us feel good. Go figure.

Nancy, I'm sorry that the yoga instructor made you feel that way. I think Valerie pretty much summed it up. As far as the 3 point turn goes, they taught it to me in driver's ed, so I think that makes it a common knowledge type thing.

Meta, great job on fitting into those clothes! An ever expanding wardrobe is always welcome in my book. Also, despite its many health benefits (haha, I have no idea) I don't think I'll be dining on squirrel anytime soon.

Losingjusme, congratulations on your great success with your lap band!! Whenever the going gets tough, the ladies (and gent!) here will get you going. I know they've been a great motivation to me.

Debbie, I think you're right about giving into your cravings every so often. I think that if we don't allow ourselves to have a small portion now and again, it'll eventually catch up to us and we'll end up doing something crazy like eating an entire cheesecake. The key is, like you said, getting right back on track!

Catherine, the only kind of dirt I think I've ever craved is the kind made of crushed Oreo cookies! Good luck with getting all of that sorted out.

Brandnewme, you certainly are in a tough situation with your parents and their food preferences. I don't really have any advice on that, because I know it's almost impossible to try and convert some people over to the healthy side (or The Dark Side as some probably think of it). Best of luck in figuring out something that works for you!

Today was a pretty uneventful day. With my eating, well, I did what I could. I didn't overeat or go over my calories, but some choices that were out of my control weren't what I'd want them to be. I didn't really feel like eating breakfast today, but I forced myself because I figured I'd be pretty hungry by the time lunch rolled around, and it's a good thing I did. I remembered that I needed to visit the Student Activities Fair today, which left me with all of 10 minutes for eating. Not enough time for a real sit down meal, so I opted for an Odwalla Soy Chai drink. Pretty high in sugar, but at least it had some good fats and protein along with it.

I don't think I mentioned it, but I had a wonderful NSV yesterday. For those of you that have ever been in any sort of lecture hall, you'll know what I'm talking about... you know those writing surfaces that fold out of the arms of the chairs? Well, I could never ever use those before I started my weight loss journey. They simply would not lay flat. It wasn't a matter of them cutting into me... it just wasn't going to work. Well, yesterday, after carefully observing the person next to me, I decided that I'd give it a try and.... I FIT! It sat perfectly flat and didn't cut into my stomach at all! It's so nice to not have to be hunched over while taking notes and not to have to worry about what I'll do come test day.

I also experienced an "unfortunate" side effect of my weight loss the first day of school. I have these shoes that fit perfectly about 40 lbs ago and were very comfortable. I didn't wear them too often because they didn't go with much, but I decided to pull them out Monday. Very soon after starting my trek from the parking lot to the main campus, I realized that the shoe was sliding on my foot and was going to rub several blisters. I didn't have time to go back home and change, so I just went on and tried to ignore the pain. By the time the day ended, I had a trail of blood leading from the open wound on the back of my ankle (popped the blister and went straight for rubbing it completely raw) into my shoe. If people looked at my feet, they must have thought something was incredibly wrong with me. I also have those types of wounds on both of my big toes and the sides of my feet, so needless to say I've been riding the shuttle until it heals up. I'm usually the only one actually going to the parking lot (the shuttle also goes to off campus student apartment complexes), so I'm sure people think that I'm just horribly lazy...

Well, it's getting late and I should hop in the shower and get to bed! Here's wishing everyone a wonderful Friday!

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Trying Intuitive Eating
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Catherine, I forgot you mentioned your hankering for dirt. Have you ever been checked for iron deficiency anemia? That will cause all sorts of weird cravings. A couple of years ago I couldn't stop chewing ice. It was a weird, weird compulsion. I googled it, thinking "as if I'm going to find anything", but sure enough it was a common symptom of moderate to severe iron deficiency. I had it checked, and both my iron and hemoglobin counts were very low. I was prescribed iron supplements and my whole sense of physical and mental well being improved dramatically, and the crazy ice chewing compulsion disappeared.

Lindsey, that's wonderful about the lecture hall desks! Those are the kinds of things we just shouldn't have to worry about in life, and now you don't. Happy writing!

I forgot to mention yesterday that I had a tuna sandwich with salsa mixed in the tuna. I forget who gave me the tuna/salsa suggestion, but thanks again because it was great!

I'm making myself laugh today because I'm clonking around work in heels for the first time in years. I figure I've lost enough to try and learn how to walk like a girl again. It's fun, but my feet hurt.

I have a new toy! I got a new cell phone yesterday to replace one stolen out of my car in the wee hours of Monday morning (like 3:00 am). I *hate* theives. Reason would eventually take hold, but I'm someone who could seriously contemplate giving the go ahead to have their hands cut off at the elbows.

I feel like I'm forgeting something, or someone. I'll probably be back.

Have a great day all!

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Lindsey -- The desk NSV is a very helpful one. I teach at a college and was getting to the point where I really couldn't fit in those desks (there are times profs need to sit in them). Now I slide in and out with ease!
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wow, thank you so much for your welcome ... **smile** i truly appreciate it.

meta - great idea about tuna and salsa ... sounds great!! about how much salsa do you use?
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Trying Intuitive Eating
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Hi losing! I used a generous tablespoon along with the Miracle Whip I usually use. It gave it a nice subtle salsa flavour and made it a really pretty colour.

The suggestion originally came from another poster, so that person (who I can't remember) may have another method.

There are a lot of great salsa suggestions on last weeks thread if you want to dig 'em up.
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The Story Re-Written
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Hi All~

Been a little while since I posted here. Not much to tell everyone. I have an appointment with my WLSurgeon on Tuesday the 4th. At which time I will have my second fill of my band. Not really looking forward to it, as I realize when I have to go back to liquids for a couple of days, I miss food with some substance. *giggles* Anyway, it has been a month since my last fill and I have found that I can no longer eat beef patties that have been manufactured for fast food resturaunts. Seems they are so compacted that no matter how small the bite or how much I chew, it takes forever and a day to go down and I tend to be stuck on my bathroom floor just in case it doesn't make it down but comes back up. Bah! I have also found that I can still eat pasta, but it makes me really uncomfortable (see the above problem with beef patties). So I have stayed away from both of those.

I have also hit yet another stall with the weight loss. I tend to do that after every 10lbs. that I do manage to lose. Doesn't matter how much I exercise or what I eat, I start gaining and losing the same darned pound over and over again. While that has made me mad in the past, it's more a source of frustration now. I am also thinking that my bow-tie shaped menace (my thyroid) could also be playing a factor in this, as it has for the last 16 months of my life. I am still two weeks away, as of today, before I need to go and have it rechecked, so we shall see when that rolls around if my hormone levels are low, high or *gasp* right where they should be.

I hope everyone is doing well. And if you aren't, as always, you are in my prayers.

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Hi everyone,

Last evening's girls nite was fun, and the offerings ended up being very healthy. I didn't overdo it at all, yet still left feeling stuffed.

Today I am feeling PMS-y and *didn't* want to exercise, but I went for my walk and felt great for doing it. It's not helping my PMS mood today, though! Today I am feeling crabby about how slow my weight loss is, when it is still early enough in the process that the pounds should be coming off a lot quicker. The enormity of the task ahead is seeming overwhelming and almost undoable. Ah well, TOM is due Monday, and I anticipate feeling better in a week.

This weekend I've got a mix of play, relaxation and chores ahead. I'm planning on a couple of long hikes to help me feel better and burn off calories. There are so many hiking trails and different types of spectacular scenery within short driving distance that the options are endless. Even though it's a major metropolitan area, some of the park and beach trails feel a thousand miles away from civilization. I'm lucky to have this available to me.

Great NSV Lindsey, and excellent boost to kick off your school year. You must be proud of yourself.

Debbie, I think giving in to the craving is usually a good idea. Now you're satisfied and can move on.

Meta, I have a picture in my mind of you walking around tentatively in your heels, like a girl trying her first pair out. It's great that you're reclaiming a lost bit of girliness.

I know I missed a lot of you, but that is all I can do for now. Have a great OP day.
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I havenít mentioned the saga that has been unfolding over my weekend plans, but basically I agreed to help my ex move out of the place we shared together into his new place. He helped me move, and though I did help him move his computer stuff (which was no small task) I felt like I needed to help with the actual move too. Add to that the fact that I am still waiting on my half of the deposit back and I want to make sure the place is as clean as possible so we donít get anything deducted.

When we were first planning this he had two other friends set up to help on Saturday. As it turns out, they both ended up backing out. One of them is going over there tonight to help move as much of the heavy stuff downstairs as possible, but for the main part of the move we are on our own. I am SO not pleased with this. He now has a possible other person lined up for Sunday if we donít finish, but I really hope it doesnít bleed too far into Sunday. I donít want to spend my entire weekend on this! I asked him to look into hiring moving helpers, but he didnít want to do this.

Of course it will be great exercise, but I need to be careful not to hurt myself or burn myself out. Luckily there is an elevator at the new place so we wonít have to be taking really heavy things up the stairs (assuming everything fits in the elevator!) This is really not what I want to be doing for the next few days and I have been a bit edgy because of it. At least I decided to take Tuesday off so that I would have a few days to myself as well.
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742,000 calories burned
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Brandnew-Thanks. I hope youíre starting to feel better. I had my test this morning, and he could find nothing wrong with my heart at all. When I had my angina attack in 2001, I was too large to take a stress test, and my leg was too large for them to insert the catheter to do the die test. They basically sent me home to die. I decided I wanted to live instead. So as of today, the cardiologist has certified that I am free from the angina, and is taking me off the time-release nitro glycerin. I wanted to tell you that especially, because I want you to know that your heart can heal too. Youíre a lot younger now than I was, and you can bounce back and reclaim your life. Just donít give up.

Heather-Can I count the time I was on the treadmill towards my minutes? I was on it a really long time, and they finally told me I could stop because they had everything they needed and someone else was waiting.

Lindsey-Well, Iíve given up trying to figure it out. I actually ate dry cheerios with BBQ sauce on them for dinner last night. I didnít go over calories, but please! Iím starting to wonder if I have taken on a strange tape worm. Donít get me started on lecture halls. The only thing worse is the pull down tables on airplanes. How can you eat a tray of food at a 45-60 degree angle.

Meta-Iíve been checked for anemia. I get plenty of iron. Iíve heard about that chewing ice thing and anemia, but couldnít figure out why it would happen. I told the doctor about the dirt thing today, and he told me to take a pregnancy test. Well Duh.

Nancy-Iíve moved in a small elevator, and the key is turning things like mattresses up on their end. Elevators are actually quite tall. When you donít have horizontal, go vertical. You can also rent appliance dollies at Uhaul really cheap. Worth their weight in gold.

I was just filled with tears today when the cardiologist told me that my heart was fine. I have long feared the damage I might have permanently done to it when I was at my heaviest. I felt like my heart forgave me for all the bad things I did to it. When I get to take that heart medicine out of my weekly medicine minder, I am going to celebrate. I am so blessed to have been given a second chance at life.
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Just a quickie flyby....

Catherine.. that is WONDERFUL news about your heart!!!!!!!!!! You are indeed a miracle and inspiration.

PS.. I think I found all the cheers and w00h00 smilies!!

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Catherine: I am sure that when someone screams at you "Eat Dirt!" they are not expecting you to smack your lips in hungry anticipation in return! Oh, maybe I'm the only one to have this screamed at me. For the record, I haven't actually tried dirt, but I don't think I would like it. Kind of like I know in advance that I don't like my aunt's bright red turkey stuffing.

Many, many congratulations on your test results. You are a true testament to the healing power we have within ourselves (aided by divine assistance, for those of us who have that belief). When I think I can't go on another minute with this eating plan, I think of you and others here who have overcome much more than I have.
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Catherine, I'm so glad your test turned out so well. Yes, it is a blessing that we get a second chance at life. I too sleep at the other end of the bed and for some reason, it does work! Dirt huh? Now that's one for the books not to mention the cheerios and BBQ sauce...ewwww

Nancy, good luck on moving your ex. That's gotta be tough...but then again..think of the exercise value.

Battle, just hang in''ll get thru this!

TheStory, good to see u again. Sorry you're having so many problems with the ol thyroid. I think I need to get mine checked again too...seems I'm doing the same thing with the same pounds.

losingjusme, hi and welcome!!

Lindsay, what a great NSV!!! Doesn't it just feel great to fit somewhere you recently didn't? Congrats to ya!!

Brandnewme, o my gosh! That must be so hard to have all that good cookin' just hangin around. Hopefully maybe you can start changing everyone's eating habits to more healthy ones like yours. Good luck

Ratkity, You just better lay off of the bad choices!!! Come on...all that work you do on the bike and then you want to eat poorly. All kidding aside, I hope you can get yourself back on track's just so darn hard.

Friday was a big surprise. My son and dil with her family in tow, came with a moving truck and moved out. I guess they have been hacking into my computer and reading all of my IMs. And yes, I'll admit I said some not so nice things about my dil, but I have a right to vent to whoever I want. I didn't take it out on her. So they have got my son completely turned against me now and he won't talk to me or even tell me where they are living now. My hubby and I knew it was going to come to this because she has been trying to get us, his friends and the rest of the family out of his life for the last 3 years. So she succeeded. The storys I could tell you about her family and how they've treated her would astound you, and I was always there for her. They were living here for the last month, hacking, while playing cards with us, eating meals I fixed for them, and acting like nothing was wrong. I'm totally shocked that they can forgive her parents for the awful things they've said to her and my son. When they got married they even went as far as to tell her to wear a tent because that's all that would fit her, and if she didn't lose weight, they would disown her. Anyhow, that's just a small sampling. Sorry to bring this up here.
Eating wise....I didn't binge....matter of fact I'm not eating much at all because I feel like I could be sick if I do.
One NSV I had today is when I went to the doc to give blood and the nurse looked at me and told me how nice I looked because of my weight loss. It felt so good to hear that from someone I havent seen probably in 6 months.

Hope everyone is doing well and OP, drinking water and moving....O btw, I got my Leslie Sasone DVDs today. Can't wait to start using them!!
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Hi Everyone,

Well, I'm back from surgery and awake right now. I just wanted to hop on here real quick and say hi to you all. Hope you guys are doing well. I have set my goal for exercise for September for 300 minutes since I will only be walking as I can and as I'm able to. I think it will be a slow month for me. I am in a daze most of the time still since my surgery on Wednesday. I think from the anestesthia (sp) working it's way out of my body. Sorry that I haven't read anyone's posts for awhile. It does me in just being on line for a minute.

Blessings to everyone,
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Catherine -- Great news about your heart. And yes, I think you can count those treadmill minutes!!

Debbie -- I"m really sorry to hear about your son and dil. Hopefully time will bring him back to you.

Annie -- Glad to hear you're doing okay. keep us posted!
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Thanks Rat

I'm here been rough for me. I couldn't stop eating chocolate and BK chicken sandwiches(grilled)

I think I OD on dark chocolate cause I can't stand the taste of it now. Humidty kickin my butt. work kickin my butt. Its not that I'm overly busy I just can't get a ryhm. an I just feel exhuasted when I get home. I've constantly felt thrist this week too. No matter how much I drink tho I don't think its been enough. I just don't feel like I can do anything right.

An then tonight I some how got tangled up in a cord that snared both my feet at the same time and feel face first onto the concret. I couldn't even get my arms out to cushion my fall. So my knees, elbows,and palms are sore, My chin was red but nothing else. I should have 2 really good bruises on my palms by morning.

I'm still positive but I feel like my world is squishing me right now. Blah.

Hi all enjoy the weekend. I'll be working.
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