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"When I have an eating dream, I usually have trouble the next day, so I really try to bulk up a breakfast after one to cut it off at the pass."

Catherine: you nailed it. I had a terrible eating day today. Just terrible.

I am anxiously awaiting more news about your, ah...situation. oh my
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Good Morning,
Well ladies and gent...I am in pain. For some reason it hurts to lay in bed anymore. For the last two nights I haven't been able to sleep at all. Either my hips hurt or my back hurts. I just don't get it. So we are going to change mattresses with the guest bed and see if that helps. So needless to say, I'm moving even less than I did before but I plan on doing a walk today to see if that will loosen things up.
Thanks to all for congratulating me on my 3lb loss and being so close to 40 lbs. I actually weighed this morning and am down to 309. Not to sound gross or anything, but I didn't have a bowel movement for a few days and I think that has alot to do with the weight loss. I'm so irregular! More fiber I guess.

Annie, hope all is going well for you!!

Catherine, I think it's great that you have to get rid of clothes. It's a blessing two-fold. One that you are getting smaller and more healthy so you'll be around longer, and two, you have the gift to give clothing to someone less fortunate. You rock!!

Welcome Beckee and Lindsay!!

Ratkity, I'm buying myself a bike for my birthday. I've been promising myself one for about 2 years now....this time I'm gonna do it!!! Also congrats on the 9.3 miles....WoW!!!!

To those of you I didn't mention, I hope your doing well, and to those of you who are struggling, you can do this. Think of what got you started.
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742,000 calories burned
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Debbie-When I started losing weight, I also started having trouble sleeping. I’ve lost on top quicker, and I was always a pear anyway. I have to sleep with a couple of pillows in the small of my back. I also keep them there when I sleep on my side otherwise my spine doesn’t have a chance of staying straight while I sleep. No bed in the world can compensate for a 15 inch difference between hips and waist.

It’s noon here, and I was finally able to get my breakfast down. I’m sure it’s just a stomach virus or something. One that has made my bust size go up an inch in the last week.
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Debbie: I've had trouble sleeping, but it seems to be settling down a bit. I also went through a short spell of my hips and back hurting, but that passed, too. I hope the same for you.

I had a very bad day yesterday. It is not a good idea to start cooking a big batch of food to freeze when I am fighting off serious urges to binge. I ate an enormous quantity of turkey balls, and woke up sick to my stomach and sweating this morning. Today is going much better, though.
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trying again!
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hey guys
Happpy to say that I think I am finally back on track. I have to get serious! The past 2 days have been decent and I spent the whole evening preparing the meals for the next couple of days. We are heading out to the campground finally for some R & R until Saturday so I popped on to say hello and let you know what is going on. Hope you have a great remainder of the week!!!! Stay OP Ladies and gents!
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Method to the Madness
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Hey everyone!

Just popping in real quick before I get a shower and go to bed. Tomorrow's my early day (hey, 9:30 is early for me) and I need my beauty sleep. Apparently it's been doing me some good because today two really really cute guys (one was particularly gorgeous) struck conversation with me on the shuttle. I don't think they were flirting or anything like that, but as I'm sure a lot of you have experienced, good looking regular sized people sometimes are reluctant to talk to overweight people. It's really shallow, yeah, but it happens. I just felt more "normal" today I guess is what I'm getting at.

Classes were great, although I think for my Nature vs. Nurture Debate class they should have had some sort of biology prerequisite, because there are some people who are very confused about pretty basic concepts concerning cell division, etc. I'm really excited about my calculus lab tomorrow because we're going to be using Maple, which is a computer program that does very complex calculations (like having the ultimate graphing calculator in a way).

I don't have time for personals today, but I hope everyone is having a great OP day!
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learning to live
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Hi everyone. Just checking in. I've been having a pity party since Saturday. Today the pity party is catching up on me 'cause I feel sick to my stomach. I have to get back on track.

On the CHF side of things, I'm actually losing a lot of fluid finally. My leg looks almost normal in the mornings. Of course by night it swells up some, but not nearly as bad. I weighed in and my scale is giving me the dreaded ERR so I guess I haven't lost as much as I'd hoped. I'll get there though.

Many blessings and good wishes for all of you! Annie, you're definitely in my thoughts tonight!
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Happy Thursday all!

Annie, you have a bizillion thoughts and prayers sent your way and mine is one of them!! I'm so excited for you!! Be patient and allow yourself time to heal.

Battle, I've been one bite away from blowing it all this past week. I keep thinking about the consequences. Every action has a consequence. It doesn't always work, but it helps.

Welcome Beckee! Post often! Swimming works great and it's not too bad getting out of the pool, especially if you go to the shallow end steps (depending on the type of pool). I love swimming. My "girls" are built-in life preservers.. I'd never drown!! hehe.

Valerie, keep up the good work!!

Hiya Linsay, you are doing fabbo! Yes, I know the Eastern Shore. I hope you settle in soon to your new digs.

Catherine, you are sooo talented to sew cool things. I love the saris and indian dress. They are always so colorful and comfy looking. Your, um, cravings are scary. The pillows strategically placed are a must when losing weight. There's just too much discrepancy between my top and bottom. I've put off getting a new mattress set for a bit because it might aggravate my back more (old one is wayyyyy dipped in the middle.. hehe).

Debbie, I'd LOVE for you to virtually ride with me!!! My alter-ego, BikerChick, needs a partner in crime for cycling. It's not leather she wears.. but SPANDEX! hehe. Able to avoid acorns and faster than a flying squirrel.. it's BIKERCHICK!

Hiya Brenda! I'm glad you are back preparing and planning. Have a GREAT time camping.

BigJohn.. I'm thinking of you. Check in so I don't worry!!

Brandnew, Sorry you are sick to your tummy. I'm glad your swelling is decreasing. Just think, those pityparties used to last a whole lot longer!! Hang in there!

Luv to all,
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aka Valerie
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WTG DEBBIE! 309: You’re so darned close to breaking that double 00! I hope that mattress change helps.

CATHERINE, I hope your feeling better today! As for my how much hay can a hayburner burn? Well, with the weather all screwy and the price of corn/ethanol rising, hay and grains are (supposedly) in shorter supply and the prices are going up rapidly. In my area there was a draught earlier this year (before all the flooding started) and hay is in short supply at any price. On average they eat about 15 bales a month @ $2.50-$3.00 bale, plus $35-$50 a month for grain - more for a 'hard keeper.' Then there's hoof care; vet care for shots, colic, dental care or boo-boos; THEN we can start on tack, and who couldn't use a new saddle pad, new clipper blades, brushes...? Oh, and then there's horse treats! I buy the 25 pound bag - you can't have too many horse treats! <BG>

C’MON, BRENDA! So today you’re on day 3. On track. Great that you’re planning ahead. That’s a number one key for me. All my determination goes out the window when I open the fridge and there’s nothing OP. Which reminds me, I better do a little shopping today.

BATTLEAX, I hope yesterday was better – no more OD’ing on turkey balls… or anything else. Cooking ahead IS a good idea, tho.

LINDSEY, sounds like a very interesting, but pretty heavy duty class schedule. Don’t worry about personals – just get that homework done! But don’t leave us! We wanna see you break out of the 3’s… and you’re SO close!

BRANDNEWME, I hope you’re having a better day, back on track. My legs don’t swell like they used to, but I remember clearly how painful and uncomfortable it is. I hope yours continue to improve.

Well, today is Day 7 for me. One full week living within guidelines that will take me to better health, more confidence, greater fulfillment, the ability to reach my dreams and goals, and a longer life. Just one week into a long and vital journey, but perhaps the most important week. Without that first week, there can be no others. It’s the week where I prove to myself (again) that I have the ability, the power, the focus to take control of my life. It’s the week where I relearn how to plan my eating, offering myself opportunities to succeed, not just frustrating denials of various “treats” (also spelled p-o-i-s-o-n-s.) And I suppose it’s the week where I have to refocus on my activity level, too.

Exercise. Now there’s a concept. I’m not a couch potato, but as active as I am at the barn, cleaning stalls and messing with the horses, I find I have to really get a grip on my inner lazy self, and find a way to sweat. Gotta get the heart rate up more than I normally do. I’ve seen in the past how dramatic the difference is in my weight loss with even 10 minutes a day of brisk walking. I know that once I get going it starts feeling so good I look forward to it. Alas, that is NOT where I’m at, at this moment. But WYLLENN is here, and she’s got a big boot, and she knows how to use it, so I better get with the program – any program, of my own design even.

ONE other GOOD THING. I work with a wonderful lady who is struggling with her own weight issues. She’s lost a little weight this past year and is trying to work on it, but exercise is difficult and challenging for her, too. We agreed that I’d come upstairs to her office and walk with her – just one lap around the outside of the lounge to start, maybe twice a day. It gives me another reason to take the stairs a few more times a day, and may help her too. She’s a sweet, generous, fun person. I would be so happy for her if she could set aside her cane and move easier.

Off to job hunt… and maybe take the dogs walking in the park.

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Val -- That's right. I have a boot, and I know how to use it! Beware!!
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aka Valerie
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HEATHER - Oooo, you're scary quick! LOL. Michigan isn't that far away - I better not make you come down here, right!?

A couple of you have mentioned that you like hayburners, too. Be careful asking about them - I'm like a new granny with a picture album and a lot of time! My 'boys' are my pride and joy! Gabriel is a friesian, and he's the one I waited 15-20 years for. He's 5 now, and since I don't ride like I did when I was younger and lighter, he isn't trained yet. It's a long story that includes successes, set-backs and a broken arm (not mine), but ultimately I'm sending him out to a trainer with the physical ability that I've lost. In the meantime, I put a friend, 'K' up on him in the stall yesterday. He skittered just a bit at first because we set her up a bit too far back, but then settled and ate. 'K' has a very broad, big Quarter Horse type mare, with maybe a bit of draft horse in her, too. Even she was impressed sitting up on him with his breadth and power. He's so cool, breathtaking actually, if I do say so myself. I thanked her for getting on him for me, and to my surprise, she thanked me for LETTING her. SHE was the one doing ME the favor!

Steega is my 20 year old Quarter Horse. He just took a little girl in her first show a few weeks ago. He has 2 old injuries in one leg, but he loves kids and enjoys his work. Cody is my Morgan-Arabian cross. He's found the girl of his dreams in Miss Shelby, and they'll be showing a lot this next year I'm betting. We do english, both hunter and dressage riding, as well as western. I have one I call my little extreme cowgirl. She wants to do it all. I like to drive (carraiges) too, but don't have one right now. Gabe was born for that sort of thing, so I'll have to get one. Well, I've tried to be brief, but when I start talking horse, if you aren't in to it, well - it's good you can skip those posts. I can ramble forever.

There are 2 pics of Gabriel, plus a couple of my 'pups' on page 5 of the Pics Sticky Thread.

Best wishes everyone, for a healthy day!

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Sorry I haven’t had time for personals lately. It has been a pretty busy week for me.

I had a weird occurrence the other day that I wanted to share. I was at my gym and there is this woman who is around the same weight as I am who is just starting out. So, I had my before picture with me and I showed her. I also showed another person who has been a big cheerleader of mine and they both gushed over the changes. However, I then showed the picture to our yoga instructor. She looked and very flatly said good job, how much did you lose, etc. – but it was weird and reserved. My feeling (although I could have been wrong) was that she was disgusted by my before. Well, last night she asked me if I had gotten so large because of a glandular problem. I said no, fortunately or unfortunately there is no medical cause – I just ate too much and exercised too little. I could tell that she just couldn’t process this. It was just such an awkward interchange. It made me feel really hesitant about showing my before picture to just anyone.

I am going to “cheat” and take my weight reading from the past few days since I have been showing as being down two pounds. Today it said 264 again, but I can tell I am really retaining water today. Once again I decided to eat really salty stuff the night before weigh in – a can of vegetarian chili and some beef jerky. When will I learn?
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Trying Intuitive Eating
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Hi all...I've had a busy couple of days so I have some catching up to do!

Big congrats to Debbie, BattleAx and Catherine on shedding a few of those stubborn pounds! I know you had a bad eating day the other day Battle, but those pounds still count and I hope you're back on track.

Catherine, you're so close to the 370's and your half way mark! Are any of the pounds coming up do-overs, or will this be brand new territory on the way down? You mentioned Canadian food labelling the other day- almost everything on my typical shopping list is labelled, and when I see food that isn't I just assume they're hiding evil things and I don't buy it.

Heather, hope you're still having fun with your new muscle! I am anxious to lose enough to see if I'm getting new muscles too.

Val & Brenda, so glad to hear you are both feeling back on track. Full steam ahead.

I've enjoyed a couple of non-scale victories in recent days. A few skirts that have been hanging in my closet for years are once again part of my active wardrobe. My wardrobe had become so very, very limited when I was at and near my highest weight and so this expanding choice is wonderful. Also, though I didn't record any measurements (I wish I had!!) up until now my 5 foot measuring tape didn't fit around the widest part of my hips and abdomen. Now it does! I love that being five feet around would be a completely odd thing to celebrate everywhere but here. lol

Everybody, and I mean everybody is noticing my weight loss now at work. Because of the structure of my organization, I don't see some people for months at a time and some people literally haven't seen me in 130 pounds. I'm getting many compliments, and though that's something I'm not completely comfortable with I'm really trying to appreciate and absorb the good wishes. I guess there's no turning back now.

One more thought to Catherine - at the end of this season I'm boxing up and giving away all my summer clothes. Even the ones that fit. It will be an expression of confidence in myself and a committment to continue to seek out weight loss success with extreme prejudice. I hope you can happily part with the clothes that no longer fit you (or your new dresser) in the same spirit.

Hi to everyone else, and am missing Annie and Nancy, whose posts I enjoy so much.

P.S. I typod my "bad eating" to BattleAx as 'bat eating'. It made me laugh because when I was a dieting teenager I had a calorie book that listed "Squirrel" as a meat choice. It was about 200 calories. What the holy **** makes a 'serving of squirrell' is not in my circle of food knowledge, but the thought of it made me howl with laughter at 15. I'm sure eating squirrels is common in some regions, but I can't say that mine is one of the them. So, no bats Battle!
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Why Meta!! Ask any Cajun and they'll answer "Squirrel Sauce Picante!"

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hi everyone,
i just found this thread.

although i now reside in twoterville, i was once 402.5. i had my lap band placed almost 11 months ago and have lost 127ish pounds.

this community sounds like it's exactly what i need. i like being accountable to someone and i am sure my DH is sick of me saying "down 2 today", "up 3 today, i need to eat better", etc ...

i will be joining a few of the challenges as well.

look forward to hearing from you gals ...
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