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Default how often do you weigh yourself?

Just curious how often everyone weighs themselves...

I've gained so much weight, I stopped doing it all together. I even started telling the nurse to stop telling me how much I weigh, until the new Dr. told me all about myself.

I know its easy to get discouraged when you don't see progress, so I'm hesitant to weigh myself for the first time.

Please share what you're doing.
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I weigh myself every morning. I have a sheet on the wall in the bathroom (right above my scale) where I input my weight each morning. The sheet lasts 1 month. I do this so I can see the different fluctuation throughout the month. For example, every month ONE WEEK before my period, I go up about 2-4 pounds. This used to discourage me immensely, but after I started tracking I realized that the following week but weight would be back down to where it should be.

I refuse to weigh myself twice a day (morning and night) like some people do as I will ALWAYS be heavier at night due to food intake, and then I end up going to bed feeling horrible even tho I know by morning I will be back down. I have found my happy medium just weighing in the mornings.
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Before I started losing weight, for the last two years beforee that I decide to face the Scale. I decided no morer hiding from it and guess what.... It stopped going up even though I wasn't trying to control the numbers.

Now with dieting, I weight twice a day, once before going to bed so that I can have an idea of what to expect in the morning.... Mentally preparing myself for good or bad news. I sleep better that way. Then, first thing in the morning, after I pee and before taking my thyroid meds in the nude. That is my official weigh in number.

At night I will weigh 1.5 to 2 pounds more than I will the next morning unless I'm a bit dehydrated. So, like last night I got on the scale and weighed 178.2. I knew the lightest I would be this morning would be 176.2. And it was 176.6.

Eta: the best is when you step on the scale at night and it's lower than what you weighed in the morning. When that happens you know you are going to see a big loss the next morning. Of course, those nights I sleep less well because I'm excited about what I'm going to see on the scale in the morning.... Hmmm.. A trifle neurotic about the scale you think? I don't let it affect my mood throughout though... It's kind for a fun game I have... Charting every day on MyNetDiary app too. Well, some days it affects me like yesterday and today, but most of the time I don't battle the scale woes. As I understand the fluctuations.

Eta again: like now I just weighed myself and weighed 176.8. I know I'll see a significant loss for my official weigh in tomorrow now.

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I weigh myself every morning as a part of my daily routine. Weighing everyday isn't for everyone but for me it works well because it lets me see my weight as a fluctuating flow instead of feeling the pressure of a 'weekly' weigh in.

While I weigh and record my weight every morning, I pay attention to the overall trend of my weight over time and don't get hung up (or try not to) on the daily ups and downs.
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I weigh myself everyday. It's almost a compulsion. I feel incomplete if I dont.
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Getting smaller everyday
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I weigh myself everyday. It's easier now in the beginning when I'm seeing a constant loss, but when the scale stalls or shows a gain, I probably won't want to weigh everyday. I weigh in the morning before my walk after I pee and all that good junk.
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I weigh myself once a week, on the same day, at the same time- right out of bed. I find weighing every day or multiple times a day to be a bit pointless and honestly, when I would do such things years ago, it would be so self-defeating! I don't think it's a great idea to obsess over "the number".

I did a hot yoga challenge in November- practiced every day for 30 days, and ate really, really well. All vegan, green smoothies, high in raw food, lots of fibre and water, nothing processed, etc., I think I had the same 3 lbs go up and down through the month. But! I took my measurements before and after the challenge, and had lost 15 inches all over, so I was pleased. (Additionally felt like a million bucks and looked healthy & vibrant!)

So yeah. I am a really big believer that the number on the scale is not worth obsessing over- especially if you're working out and building muscle mass, where you'll likely gain before you lose. I remember the last time I successfully stuck to a diet & workout routine, I went up about 5-6lbs with light weight training, treadmill & swimming before then seeing my weight go down.
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I weigh myself in the evenings only on days I went to workout. Never on Sundays or break days. That gives me 4-5 weigh-ins per week. I use live to watch fluctuations and to monitor trends in gaining or loss.

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is super awesome.
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I weigh myself every morning, after I pee, naked, lol... Seeing my weight often takes the power away from the number, IMO.
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I weigh myself every morning, if I happen to have gone up a little it is my motivation to work harder, if I have gone down I do a little happy dance and work harder... LOL!!!
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I do weight watchers, so I only weigh once a week. I tried to do a pre-emptive weigh in to gauge what my number would be at the meeting, but the number just scared me and wasn't the same as the one the next day at the meeting. So I decided, why bother when only that weigh in counts.
The only other time I weigh in is at the doctor's office.
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In the morning and at night after I shower.

I know my weight can flux up to 3 lbs in a day so I'm glad to see confirmation of that and that I'm not crazy. Undiagnosed PCOS and hypothyroid caused a HUGE gain before I knew what was causing it and could get a dx. Now that I have the dx I want to know ASAP if something is getting funky. Then I know to get labs to check the meds asap!

If it's TOM time, I know it will veer up for a few days and the day is WHOOSHES off? Period's about to hit.

Food log tells me if I overdid the sodium.

I guess I like checking often and knowing what it is from. I don't need sneaky PCOS surprises. I have enough to lose as it is. LOL.
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I weigh-in once per week. I find that I get really upset with fluctuations during the week so it is better for me, personally, to weigh-in once per week. Plus it's more exciting that way!
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I weigh everyday for 20 years regardless of diet or not so I'm pretty used to the normal flunctuations and it doesn't throw me off course. It's like my diet journaling. I like seeing the data. Like a previous poster said, I don't feel complete for my morning routine until I do it. I rarely weigh at night but sometimes that is interesting too.

Many find scale weighing discouraging because of the flunctuations. I find it interesting. It's like a big logic puzzle and sometimes it does stump me.
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Default Glad I am not the only one

I weight twice a day once when I am about ready to walk out the door before I am dressed.Then right when I get home from work. I know if I weight the same I will see a lose the next moring if I weigh a little more then my weight will be about the same. Its the only way to keep me accountable.
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