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Default Moms - when do you exercise?

When do you exercise?

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naptime...i do my workouts on the wii fit and since my son is home with me during the day i tend to wait until his naptime to do anything.
or i just dont workout which i am trying to stop from doing i need to workout
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My youngest child is 3. I exercise in the evening. I put on a show for them and they watch tv next to me or play in their room.

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I go when my son is at daycare of I take him with me. My gym has childcare included in the fee which I love!!!
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I get up around 5:30 am for a quick run before the kids wake up. Sometimes in the afternoon or weekend I head to the YMCA where they have childcare.
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Whenever I can! LOL My kids are older though, 13, 10, and 6. It's just me and them, so leaving them with Daddy isn't an option. Leaving all three to be watched by the eldest is not an option as they are all boys and would surely kill each either. So....that leaves either waking up early in the morn (not happening), later at night, or running circles around a park or high school track where I can see them (weekends only because we have homework/boy scouts/band/baseball most week nights.) Usually I run on the treadmill after I put the youngest to bed at 8:30-9:00.
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I go to the gym after my husband gets home from class around 9pm. I try to get cardio in at lunch or after the kids go down to bed so I can focus on strength at the gym and get home (to bed!) sooner.
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I have 4 children and I work outside the home. I have a gym where I work, so I usually workout during lunch. I also go to the gym in the evenings/on the weekend sometimes and I take the kids with me because they have onsite childcare and activities for the kids. Also, when I take the kids to cheerleading/soccer/track/football practice, I try to run or walk around the track while they practice.
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I feel for you..... I usually go at 5am but if I were you I'd hit the gym on the way home from work. If you go home you'll surely get distracted. It will make the day a bit linger but try doing it for a couple of weeks without fail. Pretty soon the new routine will feel good for everyone. Best of luck to you!
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I'm a rather new mom. I have a 7 mo old daughter. She always wants to be held and isn't very good at entertaining herself with her toys for a long period of time. I try to do workout DVDs wheny husbands at work and she'll play on the floor while I do them. Sometimes she's entertained, sometimes as cries. Even naps she wakes up right when you put her down until shes held! I'm not good at the crying it out method.
So I try to work out when my daughter is awake and happy.
Or we will take walks when it's nice out.
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I have a toddler and work out of the home as well. I'm up at 5 a.m. already and don't get home until 4:30 most days. Right now I just don't exercise, unfortunately. I just can't make it work right now.
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I'm with you Modkittn: I work FT and DH is a SAHD. I have a 5 yo, 3 yo and 18 month old. I haven't figured out when to "work out" yet. I leave at 7 AM but have trouble getting my rear out of bed by 6:30 AM. I get home at 6PM and instantly have 3 kids hanging off me, I make supper, bed times at 9 PM and if I can manage to not crash with them at 9 I might make it long enough to do a load of laundry.

The only time i've been able to work in some exercise time is either at lunch time I'll take a walk and once a week I take a horseback riding lesson after work. Saturday morning I started a Yoga DVD and the older two let me do my thing, but after 10 mintes the baby woke up and thought I would make a good climbing toy. I'm not good enough at yoga to do with a 25 lb weight climbing all over me!! LOL.

I've decided I need to get up early 5 AM? to get it done, now I just need to get the motivation to actually do it!
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I'm a single mom to a 3 year old, so I go right after work, before picking her up from daycare. Then we prep lunch for the next day and make dinner.

The only bad thing about it is that I can't figure out how to work out when I can't do it at that time (her tumbling, dance class, swimming are right after work too).
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I take my 2yr old for a walk immediately when I get home. I pick her up from daycare and off we go about 6pm. Supper is usually later - about 7:00, but then it's bath, snuggles and bed.

Just a question, if DH is a SAHD, why doesn't he cook supper? Or maybe take turns - like if you want to work out 3x a week, maybe he could cook those days? (not saying it will be edible...)

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Originally Posted by Laura G View Post
, why doesn't he cook supper? Or maybe take turns - like if you want to work out 3x a week, maybe he could cook those days?
I agree! I am a sahm and one of my challenges is getting dinner ready on time. But the nights that DH goes to work out after work, I always try extra hard to have something ready for him when he gets home so he can go to the gym and have a good work out after work. He gets home at 5pm, and works out at 6:30

My gym has childcare, so I go whenever it works for me. But when I was interning and taking classes last year, it was a real struggle. It's a challenge to work out w/ kids in the house, even if you set up an activity for them!
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