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Default 30 Something Tue Jan 15 th

Morning all...well i got a good nights sleep and feel great. I also got an extra 30 min to sleep in since i'm working at another banfield today. Its the one only a few min from my i don't have to leave as early. I'm not really looking forward to it however, this place is insane most days and the manager is sort of a tyrrant. But hopefully they won't kill me LOL.

Hope everyone has a great day.

Kar glad you had a good day yesterday.

Patricia (:
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Good morning!

GG - have a good day...the sleeping in sounds nice. DS was up early this morning...

Hi to everyone else. Not much planned here - just Wal-mart and more laundry.

More later - Delta Dawn
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Good Morning!!

Well last night was exciting night for my DH. We got a new TV. He has been dying since ours went out the first of December. I have to admit it is nice. We got a 32" flat screen HD blah blah blah. I am not sure everything that is on it. It is definately my DH's baby.

I did get to the gym yesterday which means I went two days in a row. This afternoon I plan on doing some time on my mom's ellptical when I pick up my DS.

I am off to teach my kiddos, have a good day!!

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Hi everyone! Weigh in is tonight. This is the first one in a long time that I've actually looked forward to. Although, I'm a bit worried that they're going to fuss at me....for losing too much this week. Who'da Thunk It, huh?? I'll update ticker after meeting...maybe tomorrow before I get a chance.

Bad thing is that with the remodeling we're doing, I don't know when I'll get back to they gym....I want to go, but feel bad leaving DH here doing the work with the kids while I go work out...even if I am only gone for about an hour.

Patricia, hope your day goes well. My husband is my "boss" at work (I work at the family business)....some days I feel just like you do about going to work! LOL He's never a tyrant or MIL, on the other hand, gets to me sometimes. We've even had to go to counseling (MIL and I) for our work issues--it got that bad! I definitely feel your pain!

DeltaDawn, sounds like we have similar days planned. If I don't go grocery shopping, we're going to starve (okay, so maybe I won't be starving to death anytime soon, but the rest of the family may....)

Jasmine, we're considering a new TV also. It makes me mad that they're pretty much making everyone go to HDTV...or digital....or whatever it is that's going to change next year. We watch so little tv.....we are probably the only people in the US who still have an aerial antennea!! My kids watch PBS and we sit down after they're in bed (when not remodeling!!) and catch a sitcom or two during the week. Otherwise, we hardly watch it. But I know our TV will be obselete soon....any recommendations when we go shopping??

Hi, everyone else! Hope everyone has a GREAT day!

BTW, I just visited the WW website ( I found some really positive and encouraging testimonies on there from people who've lost tremendous amounts of weight. Great if you're having a "downer" day and need some encouragement. It's certainly motivated me!

We ordered pizza out last night...I only had two pieces of cheese pizza and some green beans that I cooked earlier. I was completely satisfied. I remember when I used to sit down an eat nearly a whole medium pizza by myself....and that was w/making myself stop before I'd eaten the whole thing (didn't wanna be a total pig! ) I hope I never go back there.....
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good morning

i wanted to stop by quickly and thank everyone for their well wishes...i am doing alright...i went to the dr on tuesday they said everything was good...tuesday night, i was in the er...pain, bleeding..i had a partial miscarriage...wednesday i went to the dr they did an ultrasound and some blood work and thursday i had a d and yesterday was the first day i have felt almost normal since all this..i went and weighed to see where i am and i have gain 2 1/2 pounds...not too bad...i will take care of that hopefully by the end of this week..

im going to take a "mini" going to go to AZ to see my mom on friday..only 3 days but i cant going by myself!

someone (i think hanna or alicia) asked about wouldnt believe it...its like a different person..he is wonderful, doing wonderful!...he is getting moved this week sometime to the last phase...more independence, required to get a job within 30 days, start working on getting his drivers license, insurance, cell phone...all the daily things he will need to be successful, oh also he is enrolling in the jc by our house for some extra ed...i just cant believe it...when its all said and done im glad this happened to him...i think he is when he is 18, if he stays out of trouble, his record can be sealed and he can move on from all excited for him..thanks for asking

i better go, finally going back to work for a whole day!...gotta get the little one up

have a great day!
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Hi Diana!

I know about the starving thing for the rest of the family. I need to get diapers, juice and milk really that's it. It is still below zero this a.m. so I am thinking about postpoing the trip until this afternoon. I hope that your weighin goes well tonight. Good for you on the pizza - it is used to be easy for me to eat a lot of it when we ordered it too. Then we lived in small MT town where they did not deliver - that helped!!

Hi Jasmine - hope that day goes well with the kids...I think the TV is a guy thing, too. DH's best friend had a party to watch Monday Night Football on his NEW flat screen!! He needed to show it off. It is much nicer than ours - so now DH is looking at other TV's - good grief!
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Hi Christina...glad to hear that you get a mini vacation after last week. Where in AZ does your mom live? My MIL lives in Tucson... Have a good full day back at work. Delta Dawn
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Good morning all,

It is cold here this morning. I think the news said it was like 6 degrees. Daughter wants to go outside and I keep telling her later when it warms up. I had school yesterday so it was a busy day. Then son had after school activities so I got home just in time to make dinner. I did well at dinner. Got on the treadmill for 45 minutes while husband lifted weights. He has decided he is to fat and doesn't want to go buy more clothes. I was good all day on the snacking until right before bedtime, after my workout. I ate a low fat granola bar, some low fat cheese crackers and some beef jerky. I hate when I do that. I am never going to get this weight off doing that. I am scared to death of the scale and don't want to get on it and check my weight. I just feel like a fat lump no matter what I do. I have been good and not eaten any of the cookies I made for the kids the other night. They are tucked away. Out of sight out of mind. Well gotta get going. Talk to you all soon.
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Strong to the finish!
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What a day. I have so much to do I can't even stick around to read everybody's posts. But I wanted to say hi and hang in there to you all! Anybody wanna trade places for today? I cuold use a good session at the gym!
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Good morning everybody,

Well my day yesterday did not go as I thought it would, suffice it to say that I basically wasted an entire day of my life. DS wasn't too thrilled either and he got to miss a day of school, so ya know he had to be upset. Got home just in time to get to oldest DD's b-ball game, they won, but was starving.
The house was trashed from the other kids being home after school without me being here so I was in a tizzy. Drank 3 margaritas, normally my body can only deal with 1. Needless to say, I have a headache this morning and I still have lots of housecleaning to do and my workout. Ate at the University yesterday, they fed us as part of the selling points. Didn't work, the food was horrible and the whole time I was thinking how that food was going to go straight to my waistline. Didn't get a workout in yesterday either, that would've helped to calm me down some but ran out of time, had to drink my 3 margaritas you know. At least we know where he's not going to school.

Someone ask what kind of church I sing at, I sing on the praise team in a nondenominational Christian Church. I sing in front of the congregation and also for the junior high and high school ministries classes. Myself and a couple of other ladies sing and provide a worship service to the ladies incarcerated in our local county jail. It's a blessing to us as well as them.

Shelbysmom, Slirpee, SupahStar, & Chelavon, happy that you're here!

Joan, yes my oldest is a Senior, he's got a few scholarship offers to go run we're just trying to check everything out, it's my first time at this rodeo and I'm very confused.

Pam, saw your cake pictures, you're fantastic!

Jasmine, good for you on the scrapbooking, I'm so far behind its ridiculous. My MIL started books for the oldest kids about 3 year ago and gave them as X-mas gifts , I'm sure with the understanding that I would maintain them. Hello, I have 5 kids, a huge house, and something that resembles a personal life. So, I've managed to work in Kayti's some from last year but I have 3 years worth of CC clips and pics for the boys to do yet. ARGHHHH!

Alicia, I love Law & Order CI and SVU, LOVE IT!

Lisa, Wild Hogs made me laugh so hard when I saw it at the theatre with my hubby I thought he was gonna disown me.

TXangel, You Go Girl!!!!!!!!

Christina, glad you're feeling better and hope you enjoy your "mini" vacation, some recharge time is probably just what you need, I'll keep you in my prayers.

Everyone else, have a great day and I'll try to check in later and let you know if I can get my butt moving .

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Hey all!!

Just a quick post before i go pick up Dd at preschool. Didn't even have time to look trhougt yesterday's posts!! So many!! Anyway, just running errands, gotta find a cupcake tower for an order in Feb. I'm pretty excited aobut it, this lady will def. be a repeat customer, so wanna really impress her. Will probably wind up buying one online. it a Calvary? I ask because of your screen name. That's the church we go to.

patricia...YAY for you on sleeping in!!

Christina...(hugs) hope you are feeling better, honey.

Dawn, Jasmine, Alicia, Joan, Lauren Karen, Diana, Kerry, Eks, Danger, TX, everyone else...HEY!!!

Gotta run, have a great day...will try to check in later, DH has been on computer every night working on a compilation CD from his old band. He's having so much fun with it, it's nice

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Christina, enjoy your vacation, you sure do need some rest, someone to take care of you...and some fun. It's good to hear Dominic is doing well.

fightingtolose, your snack doesn't seem so bad. Especially if you did well the rest of the day. Don't be so hard on yourself.

Diane, good luck on the weigh in tonight.

Hello everyone else! I'll check back later!
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hi everyone!

Christina so good to hear from you, I am glad you are feeling better, it is great Domnic is doing so great! I could use a vacation!!! can I come too?

Wow I can't believe how busy we have been around here, it is so nice!

GG sleeping is great! I am glad you got to be able to get some rest.

Pam I remember seeing the cupcake tower somewhere if I remember soon I will let you know where I did, if I remember correctly it was at a pretty good price too. Have you checked Bed bath and beyond or just a thought~


Diana you should be so proud of yourself you did great w/the pizza last night. Working in a family business can be very stressful from what I hear, take time to yourself! what part of your home are you remodeling?

Trish can I suggest something for after drinking (alcohol) a day of rest, no just kidding, LOL. you can buy at the healthfood stores milkthisles they are very good to help your liver.

Megan have a good day today!

fighting to lose I hope you have a great day today, how great that you and DH are loosing weight at the same time! how encouraging!

Well today is just another day here, not much new to say, I am going to just take it easy, by butt is really hurting, everyone once in a while I get up in the morning and my body feels like I excersised all night, muscles are so sore, it is part of this [email protected]$id fibromyalgia. I don't like it!

I am going to take the little dudes out for a short walk, they have so much energy this morning they are running around in the hallway and they sound like 2 little buffalos are in the house, they are fighting over a toy, just like brothers, Zurg MY little dude not that Thor is not like mine anymore! he spends more time here than at his OTHER house, anyway he doesn't let him have anything, every time Thor grabs a toy, Zurg jumps on him until he takes it away form him, even is Zurg has something he is playing with, they are too funny, they sure keep me entretained, I guess it doesn't take much to entretain me,

Have a great day everyone, anyone I may had missed

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Hi All,

Just popping in quick. Mom is in the hospital...again. Had to leave work early yesterday to be with her. She's got another infection. They're looking to transfer her to the hospital where all her doctors are, the town would only take her to the closer one. Some prayers would help, if you have some time.

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Hanna, your pups sound like my two. They are very comical. Mine also sound like a couple of buffalos when they get at it. I forget, are your 2 brothers? Mine are brother and sister. They are lost without each other.

Lauren, I will def be thinking of your mom and hoping for a speedy recovery. How is the new job?

I started unpacking more boxes. I finally found my workout video. So luckily i got that in today. I have been so blah the past few days. I hope the workout will give me some energy.

Gonna go and write my lil bro a quick note before I gotta pick up DS. My brother has been in boot camp for the marines for a whole year. Its a very long story but basically he broke a few bones. I have been bad and haven't wrote to him since Nov. DS gets out of school at 2:10. However the line is so long to pick up, I don't leave my house at least until 2:20.

Have a Great day all, talk later!
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